7 Traits Men Find Attractive in Women

7 Traits Men Find Attractive in Women

I’ve been asked by women what traits men find attractive in the female sex. Beyond youth and physical attractiveness, which both sexes agree is the most important feature in determining the attractiveness of a woman, there are seven personality traits that are crucial in shaping a woman’s nature and her value for a man.

1) Happiness

Men are attracted to women who are happy and content with life. A woman’s happiness radiates with warmth and it is powerful enough to uplift the moods of all those around her. Men love to share joys of life with women who know how to enjoy and appreciate his sense of humour.

In reverse, men don’t want to be around women who exude misery and hatred. Irritable women who complain and nag for attention are poison to man’s soul. Just as with her happiness, her toxic attitude and throes is infectious and brings about negativity to all men who come in contact with her.

2) Kindness

Kindness is the conscious focus of a woman’s happiness. Woman who offers the gift of kindness out of her heart blesses a man with her touch. So profound is woman’s grace that it can be strong enough to make a man fall in love with her in an instant, which is why women are careful with their show of gentleness.

Men, on the other hand, are wary of acts of kindness that are not real. Many modern women today flaunt their supposed niceness by volunteering to help those in need, not even knowing that they’re just doing it for their own image. They want to feel important, they want to signal their virtue to the world, they want to feel like they’re making a difference, but their kindness is but a facade and they’re unable to achieve any real sense of altruism.

3) Modesty

Men want women who are modest. Women of modesty shy away from arrogance and vanity, they repudiate from using their beauty to feed their own egos, and they refrain from corrupting themselves by keeping themselves prudent and chaste. Modesty is a social value and the most important trait a man should look for in a woman whom he chooses to marry.

The majority today’s Western women have completely abandoned any and all notion of modesty. Our culture teaches them to be hedonistic without responsibility and be self-centered without care for anyone or anything else. Men should avoid conceited women like a disease—these sort of women don’t hesitate to take advantage of men.

4) Understanding

Men want women who are supportive of him through her understanding. An intimate relationship between the sexes can only work when a certain level of acceptance is achieved between the two. A woman who truly understands a man will forgive him for his mistakes and flaws, and support him in his endeavours or misfortunes.

A woman who lacks understanding will betray and abandon a man at the first sign of trouble. In fact, many women today will drop a man as soon as he opens up in vulnerability. She has no reason for loyalty and she is afraid of emotional connection. Most women also feel repellent to men’s weakness and will never forgive a man for his lack of strength and courage. Men must be careful not to trust a woman to be understanding just because she happens to be a female.

5) Authenticity

For the deepest of connection to be made in a relationship, man must know that he can trust a woman to be honest and genuine. A relationship based on play-acting and veneer of love will never be profound and will not last long. Man and woman who open up to one another through trust enjoy the most authentic and loving relationship possible. The two will form a spiritual union that is inseparable.

Authenticity is a great problem today as both men and women struggle to find a compatible member of the opposite sex who is both authentic and trustworthy. Due to the gender antagonism that prevails today, both sexes are either fearful in their approach to the opposite sex or find it necessary to adopt a superficial identity to be manipulative in their interactions. Superficiality is a rampant trait among today’s men and women (but especially women) and authenticity is becoming a rare gem to find.

6) Caring

Even the strongest of men have a deep desire to be cared for by a woman. Woman’s nurturing ability is her greatest asset that is valued by all men. It is also a sign of her strength to genuinely care for a man in his times of weakness and need. In terms of evolutionary psychology, caring is also a motherly trait that men need to seek out in a woman he wants to start a family with.

Unfortunately, woman of this calibre and patience is sorely lacking in today’s increasingly atomized world. As with the other traits listed here, even women who are naturally nurturing are squeamish about showing care for men for the fear of sending the wrong message. But men, too, should be careful not to mistake women’s tenderness for her romantic attraction.

7) Femininity

A woman without femininity is like a flower without petals. Femininity is a catch-all phrase to describe a collection of traits that makes woman a suitable partner, lover, and a mother. It includes all of the traits above in addition to health, beauty, and more. Long hair, feminine fashion, and mild mannerism are some of the universal traits of femininity. This is a trait that consumes a man’s longing and completes his existence by matching up with his masculinity. As a concept, femininity is a quality that is difficult to describe in words much like the concept of beauty—it can only be perceived and felt. This trait is fragile as a flower and must be refined in a favourable environment.

Today, many women in the West (especially North America) are rejecting femininity in favour of vulgarity and aggression. Femininity has somehow been distorted in their minds to equate to weakness. These women seem to think that being boorish will gain them respect, and I suspect many more simply enjoy being disgusting and obnoxious. Our sick culture allows this to happen and more and more women are becoming worthless and toxic as a result.

By cultivating these seven traits—and not merely faking them—even an average looking woman can make herself more attractive than women who have been gifted with natural beauty. And considering how sorely they are neglected by modern women in our decadent societies, any woman with these traits will stand out and be able to attract a man who will dedicate himself to her.

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  1. How can you not think that femininity equates to weakness when it’s literally reinforced constantly that masculinity is strong and femininity is weak? Why would anyone want to be a weak fragile victim? Who the fuck wants to have to be dependant on another person and only be valued for their appearance? I guess intelligence and strength is for men and women are just supposed to sit around and look pretty and helpless

  2. Feminine Iam when it comes to Love I tell you men respect me love me do many things for me that others can’t say the same but work is another story I can’t change certain traits I defineately have more feminine than masculine in my persona . Many women and men confuse vulgar with acceptable behavior I see that also

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