Action is the Difference

Action is the Difference

Whatever you desire in life and whatever you hope to accomplish, you must act.

Action is what delineates the physical from the antiphysical, accomplishments from nothing, and living from non-living. It all seems basic, but many today seem to have forgotten its importance. People today are drowning in excess of words, thoughts, and information in general. They talk and write about things they have no control over, as if they have control. They think about all the things they would like to accomplish and see happen, but they neglect the now. They fill their minds with never-ending flow of information which they never put to any practical use, which only hampers them from taking action and experiencing life.

Despite what many people think, your brain was not designed for the sole purpose of thinking. Your brain was created primarily for you for you to act, and to perceive, remember, calculate, visualize, and charge your body for action. You were meant to exercise your masculine trinity.

Just how many men today are rotting away by working meaningless jobs that restricts them physically? How many men are dreaming idly about doing something new or living a different life? How many men are wasting their lives on substitute reality designed to enslave their attention?

To change your life for the better, you must convert all non-action to action. Action is the difference that will set you free.

The difference between a dreamer and an achiever is that an achiever pursues his dreams day in and day out.

The difference between failure and success is that success requires you to try and try again; failure can only come with inaction.

The difference between thriving and merely getting by is the difference between engaging with the world with your physical entity and being disengaged from the world. Living is what you do with your body.

Always remember that you are more likely to regret things you didn’t do through inaction than you are to regret things you did do.

Complainers and whiners wouldn’t exist if they all took action instead. People wouldn’t be suffering from physical and mental health problems if they were more active. I am frankly disgusted with all the people who refuse to act when they have the ability to do so. Even a man born without limbs, like Nick Vujicic, is thriving in this world, others have no excuse.

So, stop fantasizing, stop talking, and start doing instead. If you want to dream about something, don’t dream about having accomplished something. Instead, dream about taking action towards that goal. If your mind is not being used to urge you into taking action, you are not using the power of your mind properly.

Life is too short for you to be thinking all the time.

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