Announcement: Major Changes Coming

To all my readers, both the faithful and those who are just visiting,

2016 was a decent year for my blog, but I must confess that I was not able to devote as much time and effort into it as I hoped—I was just too busy with my book.

The quality of my published articles are not up to the standards I had set for myself and many were mere fillers to ensure that I had consistent content for the readers. The site itself maintained an outdated design and I was unable to make any general improvements.

While few articles continue to garner many unique visits on a daily basis, I feel that overall, the site has not succeeded in any meaningful way. I am not happy with the way this site has developed.

As a result, I plan to relaunch my blog under a new domain name that better reflect my philosophy and will dedicate more time to it than I had before. I will have much better contents and higher quality writing that will help other people.

For the few that have remained loyal to the site, I thank you. And I hope that you will continue to read my work in my new domain which I hope will launch in February.

For the time being, please read my manifesto, Man’s Fight for Existence, by following the link on the right-hand side. The book has far more knowledge and insights than everything I have ever written combined. If you liked any article I’ve written, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the book many times more.

Until my new website is ready, I will not be adding additional contents to this site. But if you have any suggestions for the new website, please let me know in the comments.

Thank you, and we will continue to fight on.

11 thoughts on “Announcement: Major Changes Coming

    • I’m considering all options, but the first thing that needs to be done is to get a new domain name (I’ve grown to dislike the “the primal male”). The old articles could be re-done or archived. Quite frankly, I’m not an expert on the technical aspects of the Internet, so I’ll have to see.

  1. Corey i just finished your book and i got to say that it was really thought provoking. I really liked the fact that you covered the human nature & human societies so simplistically(without even stating examples of specific cultures or people) but yet so accurately. I was always thinking that something is really and i mean REALLY wrong with our modern societies but i couldn’t identify exactly what it was (Many many symptoms clearly visible and identifiable but an “invisible” primary cause) and especially who’s to blame for…I was always inclined to believe that the elite (the wealthiest people) are responsible for this and that the emerging new world order was their plan for the perpetuation of their power and wealth using techology as the ultimate weapon to achieve this. However, after a closer examination and further reading i came to the same conclusion as you, the elites are merely the beneficieries…We are talking about something even greater than them…Keep up the good work man!
    Greetings from Greece

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