Are You Angry? Prove It

Are you pissed off because you’ve been wronged? Are you boiling with anger and feel like no one can understand you?

If so, I want you to prove it.

Prove it by refusing to be a victim. Victims are called victims precisely because of their inability to respond. If you are just going to complain without doing anything about it, you are being pathetic.

Prove it by learning from your mistakes. Mistakes can be damaging in the short-term, but you can turn it to your advantage in the long-run if you let the experience be a lesson for you.

Prove it by freeing yourself of your enemies. You’ve already been wronged once, don’t let yourself be wronged the second time by letting them take your mind.

Prove it by putting your body through hell. Train harder than you have before and push your limits. Endure discomfort—see if you still feel angry after taking a shower with ice-cold water.

Prove it by becoming better every day. Cut out negativity, and instead add more discipline, focus, and courage to your life. If you’re not going to use your energy for destructive purposes, use it constructively.

Live well and be the best that you can be.

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