Are You Living in a Fantasy World Created by Your Mind?

Are You Living in a Fantasy World Created by Your Mind?

Unless you are one of the minority in our society living a life of full physical engagement, you are most likely living a life of false reality inside your own mind. This was a discovery I had made recently and it was a throughly disturbing and humbling experience. And with that, I no longer want to be trapped in a fantasy world.

You are susceptible to living in your head if you are introverted and spend a lot of time by yourself. With such lifestyle, you create your own world based on information and judgements rather than through direct experience. While perceiving the world with knowledge and concepts allows you to have worldly visions and insights, it also leaves you prone to biases and distorted view of the world where you only see things you want to see and expect to see.

When your feedback from the world is limited to selected facts you filter with your ego, you begin to develop a false sense of your identity. Perhaps you start to think you are smarter, stronger, and more courageous than you actually are when you don’t interact with the world enough to reflect the reality of who you are. Perhaps you’ve been protecting your ego for so long that it can’t handle even the slightest pressure from the real world. I experienced this myself when my arrogant self thought I was far too important to do certain things when, in fact, I had been making excuses not to do them out of fear. When I finally decided to step out of my fantasy world and make things happen in the real world, I was gripped by anxiety with my body trembling. I was fragile because I had been sheltering my ego—my false world—for so long. And now, that ego needs to be destroyed.

In our antiphysical culture, we feed our fantasies all the time with all that is fictional and fake. We read or watch things that enrage us or fuel our confidence. We deliberately seek drama and lock ourselves in the Us vs. Them paradigm. We use books, television, and the Internet to develop a false world where we can feel engaged and relevant. But what are we really in the real world? Think about it. What do you do with your time? Are you living in the real world or are you merely living to maintain your fantasy world? How many people work in jobs they don’t like so that they can make enough money to support their fantasy life of electronic entertainment, philosophical reading, Internet tribalism, and so on? What kind of life is that? How many people are nobodies in the real world while pretending to be someone else in their own imagination? Our society is littered with this type of individuals.

Also, thinking “One day…” is a trap. You may not necessarily use those two words, but you probably think it in one form or the other through your daydreams. But it is a trap nonetheless that has been created by your mind to keep you locked up. While you cycle through your routines and daily habits, all you do is develop your fantasy future in your head. Time will pass without mercy until you realize the folly of life. All men must learn to distinguish between engaging in wishful thinking and having an actionable plan to dedicate themselves to. The two are completely antithetical to one another.

If you are still not sure what I’m talking about, see if any of the following apply to you:

  • You worry about what other people think about you.
  • You tend to categorize people and judge them before you even get to know to them.
  • You engage in media and entertainment for much of your free time.
  • You think about fucking or having a relationship with women without actually doing anything to get there.
  • You like to think of yourself as an intellectual and engage in lot of reading and thinking.
  • You spend too much time thinking about owning an object or possessing a certain ability.
  • You frequently imagine yourself achieving success, power, and happiness in the undefined future.
  • You daydream about ways you can make your world better because you can’t do them in the real world.
  • You constantly rationalize your own limited life and make excuses for not doing things.
  • You define yourself based on something that is given, such as your race, culture, nation, and so on.
  • You base your identity on a concept or an ideology rather than who you are in reality.
  • You have an online alter-ego that you dedicate your time, money, and energy to.
  • You are a pride leech who spends more time following what’s happening around the world than actually doing anything to participate in it.
  • You have an “enemy” based on their social, political, racial, or religious identity.
  • You habitually use the Internet to read things that reinforce your established worldview. And not only that, you feel the need to argue and attack anyone who contradicts your perspective.
  • You constantly preach about what should be done or shouldn’t be done in this world even though it matters not how many people agree with you if all they do is sit in front of their computer.
  • You waste time discussing your political observations and opinions with people who already have similar views as you. This is what is referred to as circle-jerking.

As you can see, all of these habits and mental states require a powerful sense of self-awareness to even realize that they exist. Even those who become aware of them will reject the whole notion to protect their ego they’ve been nurturing all their lives. This is why most people will continue to drift through life in their made-up world without ever waking up to the reality.

Some may argue that they are based on reality, and therefore, that they are engaging in the real world. But you must remember that no matter how much of reality your fantasies are based on, you are still living amongst illusions if your life and actions are disconnected from what is real. The only way to live is to be physically engaged with the world—it’s all that matters.

To conclude, I hope this little piece has offered you a chance to realize just how deeply entrenched you might be in your inner world. I don’t think I described it as well I hoped, but it is a difficult concept that has a different meaning for each and every individual. No matter how impossible the world may seem, we must all strive to thrive in the reality we’ve been given. We want concrete and tangible power.

To learn how to escape the false reality and engage in our world with a sense of mission, read Man’s Fight for Existence‘.

4 thoughts on “Are You Living in a Fantasy World Created by Your Mind?

  1. Getting out into raw nature is a great way to detach from fantasy. The sounds, smells and feeling out there can really make you feel alive and remind you how insignificant we are compared to nature. I do a yearly solo trip out into the wilderness and hike my ass off into more remote areas-it’s pretty exhilarating.

    • Exactly right. One of my goals in life is to live (and survive) in the woods or in the desert for an extended period of time so that I can cleanse myself of modern degeneracy.

    • Doing this once a year is still not frequent enough in my humble opinion. We are meant to be outside 24/7.

  2. Many people also live in a fantasy world of what they think is expected of them, despite an ability to achieve it. This is a typical fantasy: Go to college and get a degree. Marry after college and get a good job and have a boy, first and then a girl child. Work about 20 to 25 years at the same job and retire. That isn’t even a reality for many people, but society places these expectations upon us, or something must be wrong with us. The reality is that we should go out there and do what is right for us (not expected of us) as long as we are not harming ourselves or anyone else.

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