Avoid Multitasking and Live a Focused Life

I’ve recently discovered just how devastating multitasking is to our minds. Doing so will decrease your cognitive abilities, release stress hormones, and might even cause permanent damage to your brain. And with the multitude of distractions present today through technology, this is a serious problem that will only become worse if it’s not reversed.

To counter this trend, I propose developing a habit of focusing on one task at a time no matter how mundane it may be. You are to only do one thing without letting yourself be distracted even if it feels more productive.

Whatever activity you may be engaged in, don’t let your phone or other electronic devices to sway your attention away. Complete your task to the end without letting trivial matters to disrupt your focus. Turn off all the alerts and notifications if you have to.

When you’re having a meal and have the chance to watch or listen to something at the same time, avoid it. Instead, focus solely on eating your food by engaging all your senses. Focus on every little detail to savour the experience.

Even when you’re walking outside or just sitting down to wait for something, focus on your surroundings and try to connect with them through your body. Note how you breathe your every breath, note what your posture is like, but don’t let your mind wander off and lose your touch with the present reality.

When you practice focus and awareness during the ordinary times, they become much easier to invoke when they truly matter. This is a small habit that you can start to cultivate at any moment to forge a disciplined mind that will not waver easily. This little habit with revitalize your sense of being. Your daily existence will also become more enjoyable.

Your focus is your life; when your mind is scattered all over the place, so will be your life. Guard your attention as you would with your body, and keep your physical awareness alive with all your might. All of life is but a conscious experience.

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