Delusions of Eternal Peace and Utopia

Ever since the ancient times, people have been toying with ideas about how they could form the perfect society that endures endless peace and prosperity.

How naive and presumptuous these individuals must be to think that such thing is possible. The hubris and ignorance is palpable.

Do they not know that societies exist through cycles just as nature and life do? Are they not aware of how civilizations of the past have gone through the cycles of rise, expansion, prosperity, decadence, and collapse just as the cycles of the seasons throughout the year? Do they really expect a society to remain frozen through time in the same form against all the unpredictable forces?

Are people truly so meek as to believe that eternal peace is something attainable, let alone desirable? All peace are but temporary states, and whatever peace people today delude themselves into believing only exist because the government maintains it using the same violent force these people detest and renounce. Those who advocate peace and harmony do not realize that they live in an artificial vacuum of stagnation.

And are we to believe that men truly want peace? That they do not long for adventure to assert their masculine energy out onto the world? Men do not want unearned peace; peace is only satisfying after it has been won through grit and struggle. And what true glory can a man ever hope to achieve without competition and warfare? Glory belongs only to those who fight for it.

And if eternal peace is so desirable, why do men entertain themselves with surrogate activities that simulate violence and warfare? Aren’t the most popular video games, television shows, and films on the subject of violence and power struggle? It appears that men love to fight for peace and prosperity, but quickly become jaded when they do achieve such state of being.

Make no mistake: conflicts happen because they must. Men enjoy violence and all that it entails because they were meant to. A world without war would be as absurd and destructive as an endless day without night or an eternal blue sky without rain.

Those who dream of peace do so out of fear. And they cower in fear because they see themselves as potential victims rather than as victorious warriors. They argue that violence is unnecessary, even as they depend on it on a daily basis just to function. They fool themselves into thinking that violence could ever become outdated and be done away with.

Just as a stream that flows is fresh and alive, so is a society that continues to change. When the water stops flowing and wells up, it becomes stale and stagnant. A society that only grows without renewing itself through periodic destruction will also grow stale and decadent. It only delays what is inevitable.

Even a great power cannot maintain itself for eternity. It must pass away as a flame would after it expends itself. What exists will cease to exist.

Let time do its work. While we do our best to mold and shape the world as we see fit, we should never delude ourselves with the possibility of reaching some sort of ideal state and be able to maintain it.

Focus on the change rather than the end goal.

Nothing ever lasts. All is ephemeral.

1 thought on “Delusions of Eternal Peace and Utopia

  1. This is very true, I am a teenage male, my primary focuses in life are the pursuit of knowledge, the pursuit of beneficial, reproductory sex, and righteous violence. Men deny their true nature when they say they want eternal peace, for what is life without challenge.
    And yes, every civilization that has ever existed has been conquered from without, from within, or by a mixture of the two. No country will last forever,especially if it is an empire that incorporates a va at iety of races, religions, and cultures, or if it is a weak society that will be conquered by an empire or by barbarians. It is the individual struggles we must live with.

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