The Flaws and Future of the Manosphere

The Flaws and Future of the Manosphere

The manosphere has stormed the internet during the past few years with its ideas and views spreading like wildfire. Men, who have thus far been marginalized and lost, decided to put their fate into their own hands by creating online communities where they can share their ideas and experiences together. All the self-improvement have helped many thousands of men who have thus been neglected by our society, but the manosphere does possess its own problems and limitations.

First, the manosphere’s greatest strength is also its weakness. Because of its grass-root nature, the manosphere is not a single organized entity, but a loose collection of different groups with their own prevailing philosophies. And for this exact reason, the manosphere is plagued with internal strife based on petty rivalries and meaningless insults, which of course does nothing to advance the sphere as a whole. Although it would not be practical nor realistic to expect the manosphere to become a unified organization under a single ideology any time soon, all parties would benefit from spending less time attacking one another.

The second problem with the manosphere is that there is far too much anger and bitterness. Anger in itself is not a flaw and it can be used as a motivation towards self-actualization, and I admit that I too was motivated primarily by anger towards my own failings when I had first divulged myself into the realm of manosphere. But anger is not something to be maintained. Anger alone cannot be the fuel that drives a man’s passion. Either out of sheer frustration combined with the belief that things cannot improve or by an all-consuming hatred, there are many men who use the manosphere purely as an outlet to vent out their repressed rage; there are webpages and websites full of men engaging in pity parties and grievance circle-jerk to validate their emotional experiences. While I’m sympathetic to the difficulties that these men face today, they must learn to sublimate their anger as the first step towards their journey through self-improvement. Anger is a stage that must be passed through, not a place for a refuge.

Third, because of its understandably penchant focus on men’s challenges, the manosphere has alienated many potential female supporters. One thing I will give grudging credit to the feminist movement for is how they were able to amass the support of large number of men who will jump to their defense like well-trained dogs. These men act as pawns for spreading the feminist dogma onto other men, while being oblivious to the fact that they are being used as patsies. You can dismiss these men as pitiful simps who are desperate for female validation, but that should not be an excuse for manosphere to neglect the potential female support which at the moment is but a trickle.

I can see that many men would deem support from women as being unnecessary and worthless, but I disagree. By alienating women, the manosphere will only continue on existing with the same old negative reputation of being an underground misogynist group. Without female support, the manosphere will only accomplish maintaining the animosity between the sexes instead of pushing for a normalization of relationship that has been severely damaged by feminism. Should we not be promoting harmonious relationships that will benefit all? And this leads to my fourth point:

The manosphere is in danger of facing stagnation. Unless the manosphere reinvents itself into a new kind of organization and a movement, it is bound to go nowhere. Right now, most men of manosphere are only interested in advancing the interest of their own lives and have little to no concern for the world around them (although the Men’s Rights Movement could be considered as exceptions). Perhaps the sphere will continue to mushroom within the confines of the net, but eventually it will have to start spilling out onto the open reality.

Maybe the manosphere was never meant to be a movement of sorts. From its origin, it has always been just about men getting together to talk about the personal and social issues they are facing today—no, it was not meant to be a movement. But it is not possible to ignore the momentum any longer: there is a force of will that wants to be let out. This much energy cannot simply be contained without an actual social outlet. And I believe that there is a real possibility for a new movement to arise from the seeds sown by the manosphere: the current social conditions and the uncertainty of future demands it. A time will soon come when a man will no longer be able to ignore the passage of the world and will be forced to make stand. Men will eventually realize that their individual goals can only be achieved through collective mobilization. And once that happens, the support from women will be necessary. I don’t expect these changes to happen in the near future, but it will become an eventuality when the situation in the Western societies reach a boiling point. And the man who seizes the rein at that opportune moment will be the undisputed leader.

For the time being, I believe that the manosphere in general is doing the best it can under the current circumstances. Men are reacting rationally under an irrational situation they’ve been forced upon. Whatever path a man chooses, whether he be engaging in activism, self-improvement, complete disengagement from relationships and society as a whole, or lashing out in anger, he is doing so based on his own life story—he is doing what he believes is right. Confusion and contradictions will continue to ensue, but all the men of manosphere are united under the single belief: that something is terribly wrong with men’s place in the world and that something must be done about it.

Let us not be held down by pettiness and misguided passions, let us march forward.

7 thoughts on “The Flaws and Future of the Manosphere

  1. Thanks for your thoughts. This i an important discussion. “. A time will soon come when a man will no longer be able to ignore the passage of the world and will be forced to make stand. Men will eventually realize that their individual goals can only be achieved through collective mobilization. And once that happens, the support from women will be necessary.”
    If that any time soon you are referring to is the coming chaotic civil war in Europe, then some, not all women will join us (men who are fighting) because they will find no other (preferred) protection.

    The article has a red and blue pill as an illustration photo. By manosphere are you referring to MGTOW, or.something else. If it is MGTOW I have to say that my 33 year long marriage has become even better after introducing alot of that into it. I’ve always been anti-feminist lifestyle with her, but she and her friends are THRILLED in their little girlie brains about how I have changed. But they SAID the opposite to begin with. Women never have liked me much. Now they smile and are really courteous because I don’t give them attention. If you are not talking about redpillers, then I’ll try to remember to come back and check it out and add to my explanation.

  2. I´m going to tell you why manosphere it´s closer to fairy tales than to a real deal.

    1) To much thinking not much action. 98% of the articles/blogs/research are about pointing and spotting problems of todays men, thats cool, but where are the solutions??? I´ve been waiting for ages how to fight back, but instead of that kind of contents, everyday it´s a new rant bitching about feminists,gay, SJW, etc. i ALREADY NOW THE PROBLEMS, I WANT SOLUTIONS.

    2) To much wishful thinkig. According to manosphere i have to find a virgin, with a high SMV, willing to be a house wife and bearing kids, then i have to be a super sucessful men, expert in game, with an MMA body and skills and rich… (super easy), option B it´s to have a midget asian wife with an oversized head from filipines and have kids who will look like in the feature like the gardener´s not mine.

    3) Take the red pill and unplugged from the matrix, cool, but do you remember that people unplugged from the matrix looked like bums who lived undergroud in dinky rooms, eating shit. Note the most intelligent caracter in the movie was the french like data dealer.

    • There are no immediate solutions and waiting with patience is something we must do for the time being. And I say this as one of the more impatient person around.

      As for the rest of your concerns: this struggle is not going to be pretty, so you might as well get used it.

      • I read a post recently where the guy said that MGTOW was “the enforcement arm of the MRM”. I had to agree. Men have adapted all we can and now there is no where left to retreat. We are so legislatively outgunned that fighting is like trying to take down an elephant with a pea shooter. MGTOW is the only answer for it deprives females of the resources they use against men. Only when the female collective really begins to suffer will things change. Meanwhile keep your dick in your pants, your wallet in your pocket, make a drink, kick back, and enjoy the show. Cheers.

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