Friendship with Women is Unnatural

Friendship with women is an abnormal phenomenon that is witnessed only in our modern, androgynous culture. It had been a completely foreign concept throughout our history and it was only in very recent times that it became normalized.

Children who have not yet reached puberty may be more open to playing with members of the opposite sex, but even they show a clear distinction between boy behaviour and girl behaviour and tend to associate with members of their own sex. (This is, of course, assuming that the parents of these children are not deranged and are trying to raise them ‘gender-neutral‘.)

With few exceptions, most children are crammed into educational systems that forces the two sexes to mingle with one another. The two different sexes are standardized (by gynocentric standards) and are taught to behave the same, starting the long-drawn process of systemic androgynization for the young and impressionable youth.

But when in human existence—besides our degenerate modern society—has the two sexes ever been socialized together with same and equal standards? In all cultures of past times, boys had always been raised to become men and girls had always been raised to become women. By violating the natural sexual development of both males and females, we emasculate men while women lose their femininity. The two sexes also ironically become antagonized. No one benefits from such arrangement besides the System.

In addition to the systemic androgynization, men today suffer from a critical lack of exclusive male groups. In the primal times, male groups were a necessity for hunting and warfare that ensured the survival of the tribe. Today, without such masculine order, men have no group to identify themselves with. Men become weak without a group that upholds their standard of masculinity.

The result of this social engineering is today’s emergence of ‘friendship’ between men and women.

This so-called ‘friendship’ is only possible when a woman feels that the man is sufficiently devoid of masculinity, and therefore devoid of sexual attraction towards her. She wants him to be the harmless and sexless being that she can trust as her social utility. He is expected to provide her with all her social needs and validation that she craves. But should he cross the line and demand more than her friendship, she is more than willing to cut him loose. These men don’t realize just how quickly and easily a woman is willing to sever their ‘friendship’ without any remorse. So a game of charade is played where the woman pretends to value the man’s friendship while the man pretends that he is the one for her to rely on—while secretly hoping that she would eventually fall for him. Men and women just can’t be friends because men will always have a hidden desire for their ‘friend’.

And even if it were possible, even if there was no secret want of love or sex, why would any self-respecting man desire to have female friends? Do they not know how unreliable and fickle women are? Do they not understand the true nature of women? I myself have fallen for women’s kindness, caring, and empathy to a point where I thought they were truly my friends. It was a huge mistake on my part. I forgot that they are only kind, caring, and empathetic when they choose to and when it is convenient for them. I forgot that they sometimes fake such affects to maintain their facade. But most of all, I forgot that they have no pity what-so-ever for weak men. I was a fool.

Men must polarize their relationship with the two sexes. Other men must be sought for friendship that is secured through honour and loyalty while association with women should be limited for sexual and romantic relationships. It is a grave error to mix up the two. I understand that it is not easy to find reliable men to be friends with and it is also difficult to form relationship with women whom you are not acquainted with first, but that is the lot us men have been given and what we must deal with.

11 thoughts on “Friendship with Women is Unnatural

  1. Just discovered you blog. Very interesting perspectives and ideas. I also agree, males and females cannot be real friends. It is a feminist illusion and feminist plan. First make men thirsty, then you can control them just like any other hungry animal.

  2. Sometimes a man might not feel any sexual attraction to a female. Is it possible to be friends? Why polarize relationships as either women you want to fuck or enemies?

    • Only if they are: ugly and kind, or close family. Whether you like it or not the great distance between men and women lives and experiences will make any real friendship almost impossible. Alliances can be made but most women (99%) will only be acquaintances at best.

  3. And where Oh Primal Man is that barefoot and pregnant woman who will wait for you while you play with the boys? Did you find one so insecure that she does not require your full love and affection, and yes friendship?

  4. I am going to speak only for myself. I will disagree on your belief that men cannot be friends with women. I have male friends and their sexuality did not get in the way of status as friends. I did not lure them through kindness or caring gestures. It is just that some personalities click and can be good friends regardless of sex, age or gender preferences.

  5. The problem with female friendship for men is if you exclude sexual chances, they are are of no value to men.The way women grow up with primary purpose of beautifying themselves to lure men into carrying them on their shoulders to cross this river called world or life, they never learn the crude, cunning, aggressive, physical labour and hardship demanding world of men… so they dont ve any interest or a clue about how the men’s world work and therefore utterly useless as men’s friend . they are only useful as dumping pit for testosterone or maids who can cook or wash cloths or other household chores…

  6. I have a female friend. There can be value in it. She knows a lot about my interests, and often informs me of things I missed, like one of my favorite bands coming to town, etc. She’s good at recommending books, movies, shows, and music that I end up enjoying. She’s good at critically reviewing my ideas, and has supplied input that has led to improvements in my writing, and other work.

    More subtly, when I’m out with her, in part because she’s shockingly beautiful, I get better service from strangers, and everything goes a lot smoother than when I try to do anything on my own, or with my significant other (who is anti-social, and always seems to make being out in public even more stressful).

    If I want to throw a party, I just have to make sure to invite her. As soon as it is known that she’ll be there, *everyone* including people I’d never be able to convince on my own, magically shows up, and we all have a blast.

    There are benefits. They are calculable. But I have no illusions that we’ll ever be anything more than friends…and neither of us are single anyway.

    Do I wish that there could be more? Of course I do! But it’s a matter of being realistic, constantly weighing the pros and cons, and making sure you don’t delude yourself. I’ve managed this, and I have a woman I’ve considered a friend for years. We’ve provided something of value to each other for all that time, and it’s not something I’d write off just because is shouldn’t be possible.

    • I will give you one thing brother, you admit “Do I wish there could be more…”

      For guys like this, they let every other “perceived” benefit from being “friends” with a beautiful woman cloud the truth…deep down he wants to have something more with her (even though he is not single) lol. This woman has this guy under her spell and he’s making excuses as to why he enjoys being “just friends”

      For anyone reading the answer as to why these people are friends is quite obvious. He is attracted to her, deep down wishes there was something more, she gets social utility by exploiting his desires. If she was ugly this guy wouldn’t put in half the work he does now.

      This is a text book example of why you can’t be friends with women, because, as the author of the article states (as do many time and time again), there is always a motive….whether you admit it or not.

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