How Women View Men

How Women View Men

There is one basic truth about women that all men need to know. The truth is that women don’t (or can’t) view men the same way that men think they do.

Inexperienced and naive men project their desires for love and affection onto women and falsely believe that they want the same thing. Whereas a man sees a woman as an object for love and sex—sometimes even going as far as putting her on a pedestal—a woman sees a man differently. She sees a man in terms of what he can do for her and what value he holds for her. Men are but a tool or a utility to be used for her purposes.

Whereas a man devotes himself to a woman by offering her his love, support, and protection, a woman is not capable of reciprocating in kind. This is apparent by the fact that men are willing to sacrifice themselves to save women while the reverse almost never happens. Women are only capable of extending such generosity towards their own children.

Women see men in terms of what he can offer her. He is a means to an end. When a man loves a woman, he is committed to her; when a woman loves a man, she is merely expressing her dependence for the value he provides. For this reason, woman will readily leave a man once he is no longer able to provide value for her or if she is able to secure a man of higher value.

Women view and judge men according to the different areas of value which they are capable of providing for. The list below is by no means exhaustive, but it summarizes the major areas of value that modern women expect to derive from men. Most men are usually capable of providing for more than one type of value as these roles are not always mutually exclusive. Men are also easily capable of gaining or losing their ability to provide these specific values. They are ordered from the most to least valuable with the first four creating attraction and the last two representing values that are derived from low status men.

1) Resource Provider

First, women value men for the material support they can provide for her. She is, essentially, biologically hard-wired to select a man who is best able to obtain resources for her and her children. For a woman, attracting a man and getting him to commit to her is the same as securing and extracting resources—it’s an act of investment.

Although this is the most important value that a man can provide for a woman, if a woman is able to provide for herself, her attraction for men in general will wane while further affluence will raise her standards to heights that will leave her perpetually dissatisfied.

In spite of being the area of primary importance for women, marriage based solely on a man’s ability to provide materially and financially is a house built on sand. These marriages lead to unhappiness for both man and woman, and unsurprisingly, will start to cause conflict that often end with divorce.

2) Anchor

Women value men in terms of how dependable and strong they are for her to lean on. This is probably the closest a woman will get to what many men think is her capacity for love. Woman longs to depend on a strong man who will act as an anchor and be a stabilizing force in her life. She wants to be led and guided by a man with a mission of his own. This is a man who is in control of himself and his environment. Many women, in fact, consciously and unconsciously crave to be dominated by a strong man who will control her. It is for this reason alone that women are repulsed by supplicating men who try to reverse the role by placing the woman above him to be his anchor—a role that he should be in charge of. Why should she be the one to provide value for him?

This also explains why women are attracted to men who exhibit the dark triad traits of being narcissistic, manipulative, and psychopathic even though they lack the stability that women claim to desire. This is because they are attracted to these men’s self-centered egotism and pursuit of power, which they know won’t be swayed by an external force—such as the woman herself.

3) Entertainment

Women value men for their entertainment value. This entertainment value comes in two forms: fun and thrill. With fun, she is the queen and he is the jester for her amusement. He is the playful monkey that occupies her attention to stave off boredom. If he manages to be more entertaining than her smartphone, then he is considered to have an attractive personality to her. Other men who refuse to play the clown are appalled by how receptive women become to those who do, but their envy is a testament of how effective the clown game is.

With thrill, the man merely needs to live a life of adventure and excitement. It’s not necessary for him to directly provide the woman with the experience of thrill, since she merely needs to be in his presence to feel it. Thrill also comes in the form of a physically attractive man who excites the female senses. These men provide sexual entertainment for her that most other men can’t.

4) Status

Women see high value man as a status symbol. We already know that women love to surround themselves with objects that embellish their looks and status to feed their vanity. Women spend large amounts of their time and money on cosmetics, designer clothes, jewelries, and other luxury items to flaunt their status. For the same reason, they like to have a high status man with the above mentioned traits to be their partner. A highly prized man that inspires envy in other women is the ultimate symbol of status for her. That being said, the man doesn’t necessarily have to possess any real value to achieve the status of being desired by women, being famous alone is enough to attract women through social proofing. This is how actors, athletes, musicians, and even serial killers are able to court attention from their female admirers.

5) Validation

Women use men as a source of self-validation. Young women today use social media to court attention from vast number of men to feel like a celebrity without having to accomplish anything. They love to feed on men’s adulation not because they are interested in pursuing relationship with them, but because they like to have their sense of self-importance inflated beyond their real value. For a woman, any man who provides validation for her is of low status. She understands well that only a man who has nothing else to offer her will resort to showering her with attention, compliments, and presumptuous assistance to attract her. She will simply take what is offered and slip away. She wants to avoid giving any false hopes to these men in fear of having them pester her for something more.

6) Friend

Women see men they associate with, but have no intention of having romantic or sexual relations as ‘friends’. Male friends can provide a woman with emotional support, attention, and validation without her having to give anything away. They are the ‘nice guys’ who offer women thankless services. By their nature, men who readily befriend women are weak, emasculated, and supplicant. The male friend often seeks to gradually improve his status to become her romantic partner, but it is far too late for him. As soon as a woman categorizes a man as a friend, his chance of becoming anything more is quite slim, that is, unless he is able to transform himself into a completely different man with high status while her value drops with age. Because male friends are reliable source of her many needs, but not valuable enough to be her lover, the woman must ensure that none of these men try to crawl out of the so-called friendzone and make things complicated for her. If they should fail to provide value or if they start to demand something in return, these male friends can be easily discarded by women for women have no sense of loyalty.


Women see all other men that do not belong in the above categories as being worthless. They provide no value for the woman, so they may as well not exist. They are the invisible non-entities that drift around her while she goes about living her life. These men only become visible for a brief moment when they are needed to provide a simple service for her. Many of these weak men who constantly seek female approval will be more than glad to step in to be the knight in shining armour. He secretly hopes that he can become someone to be cherished by her, but she simply does not care. To a woman, once this man has completed his services, he belongs back in the ‘worthless’ category. In spite of this, these men continue to behave the same way as before and provide services for women to enjoy the minuscule pleasure of being visible for a brief moment. When not being of service, these men are nothing but nuisance with their desperate attempts to become visible to women. Women simply do not want to be bothered into acknowledging that these men even exist. They just shoo these types of men away like they would with flies. Women prefer that these men remain invisible and out of their lives. Any man who fails to do so can easily be shamed and controlled into withdrawing by labelling him as a “creep.”

Here, a vital truth is revealed: Women do not care about…

How deeply a man is in love with her.

How intelligent and cultured he is.

How nice and polite of a gentleman he is.

How sensitive and caring he is.

How much effort he makes to show his devotion to her.

How much he values and respects her.

How much he has done for her in the past.

How much sacrifice he is willing to make for her in the future.

And so on.

If anything, many of these characteristics are bound to repulse women as it demonstrates signs of weakness and neediness.

There are also demographic variations you should be aware of. Women of traditional and Eastern cultures tend to be more drawn towards men’s ability to provide resources than their Western counterparts. Younger Western women are mainly drawn to the entertainment value in men until they become old and start looking for a high-status man to marry. Much of the popular axioms regarding modern relationships (e.g. gold diggers, assholes get all the girls, nice guys finish last, being friendzoned, alpha fucks and beta bucks, etc.) make sense without contradictions when you consider all the social and demographic factors and the different areas of attraction that women have for men.

Much of the misguided men’s failures to attract women comes down to the discrepancy between what these men think women want and what women actually want. Men must throw away all the outdated and childish notions of love they saw on television and films as boys. They must come to terms with the realities of modern sex relations as a first step towards leading a healthier and more successful relationship with women.

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56 thoughts on “How Women View Men

  1. I do find it sad that most will not agree that women view men as disposable resources and utilities.
    Only recently did point 5 hit home to me. Long time “friends” of mine cut off ties with me after I got a gf. I never ever realized I was merely a validation horse in their stable of men. I thought we were friends, but they just wanted me for whatever utility they could get. And if they can’t get resources from me any longer then I am disposable.

  2. There is a lot of truth in your article — but I think it relates more to modern western women. The women who have difficult upbringings – maybe from poor or war torn countries, – and women with religious back grounds and especially women who had good healthy relations with their Fathers, tend to be more balanced.

    • If I may…
      Like someone you have just met–no matter how long you get to know her: In fact, even if you are married to her for 20 years. This way there is a perpetual give and take relationship that doesn’t accrue with dependencies. I did this for 10 years of marriage and it worked just fine; and after a decade I decided she had to go when that “first feeling” was no longer felt. We separated amicably and I never saw her again. Funny, we lived in Europe for a while, traveled all over together, and had some great times; we buried parents together and were quite close. But I never got too deep and neither did she. It was thoroughly “modern,” and, as arranged, it went away without a regret…


    • I think the article reveals how men should treat women: with caution and careful observation of all their behaviours.
      DO NOT CHASE WOMEN; let them come to you.

  3. How do you know how women view men? Did you interview women? Sounds like you have had some selfish women in your life. What was your mother like?

    • Obviously from experience and observation.
      Do you believe interviewing women would result in such answers brought forth by the above article ? What was your mother like ?

  4. I came to the conclusion after my last relationship that men are seen as accessories by a lot of women. They learn to catch the highest value man they can but have no clue how to maintain and strengthen a relationship. Anything starting with one sided thinking is doomed to fail. When the accessory no longer pleases she will tire of it and look for the next one.

  5. I keep running into women who self-describe as non-orgasmic during partner sex. I find it easy to falsify that hypothesis, and by doing so become their absolutely favorite toy.

    I love how *happy* sex makes women. I can’t make them see me as a relationship possibility, but I *can* make them cum.

    Try it. *They* will like it!

    • There is a cliche that there is a ‘type’ that women will sleep with and a type they will stick with, and they are supposedly different. I think the article is about the latter and you may fit the former.

  6. I recently had a 38 yo woman tell me (46yo man) that the young guys don’t know any better (in terms of not to get married)

  7. Also women bond very closely with other women , women FAR prefer other female company over male , this article is correct , men are merely disposable utilities to women. The brave Ester Villar in the ” Manipulated Man ” warned men they were being used , a woman will NEVER love them & also stated women are not keen on sex ( obviously !! ) , sex is a tool to manipulate men , she merely grudgingly tolerates intercourse with the inferior man.

    • Women love sex with an alpha male. You know when you often get asked the question ‘where have you been all my life?’ you are doing something right. And believe me, it ain’t being a girly man that gets me asked that question. My most recent encounter resulted from only one question, concerning interest in orgasm 3 times in one night. I didn’t even ask her name until we arrived at my house. Women do follow the 5 catagories above, but they really do love being made love to the right way.

  8. It’s simple biology. As women we are adaptable to the environment. You can only be rightfully angry with the media and feminism for turning things upside down. As women we nearly worship men we respect but these days, idk if it is how we have been trained to view men or if men have really fell from grace but their isn’t much to respect about men anymore. Biology is not here to be kind and understanding. It’s here to help us procreate and etc. we can only respond accordingly. So to say a woman doesn’t deserve a man that works to become “high value” in the eyes of women, is completely incorrect. Long ago, & in other country women are still the same. They just have more to respect and they NEED more from men and this reflects in their responses and behavior towards men. It’s not that they are any better. When a woman is provided for she has the ability to cut off all outside men. However today we provide for ourselves so we may feel we don’t need relationships as much. Long ago when a man was a good provider, & a woman could trust him as a anchor of dependability and strength, she saw no other need for other men. It’s biology, don’t despise biology, despise media and the weakening of male testosterone thru certain foods being fed to the masses. As a woman, hormonally I cannot force myself to be attracted to a man with low testosterone. I probably will be somewhat repulsed and not even have a clue as to why. Also men aren’t as hard workers or physical as they use to be so they don’t secrete the same animalistic body chemistry as they use to. It’s like no yin or yang anymore. So now as women do we have to comfort men and make everything all right for them? Wouldn’t that be counter productive. Everyone now days blames women for everything. We have no choice to feel as tho we must be the leaders. & we secretly resent men for this.

    • Read the entire comment Sabrina and agree 1000%. The direction in relationships from the 60’s to this day has been a sinister deliberate agenda implemented by Western society. There is a young man on YouTube he calls himself Young Pharoah and he speaks on the behalf of the black race. His massages are powerful and honest he explains how western society teaches men to devalue women but especially the black woman. To understand what young Pharoah speaks about you’d probably need to watch some of the videos. Trust me it’s not a race thing it’s totally about respect and placing value in the proper hands of the woman. This world is very double standard, reversed and turned totally upside down. Biology as you said is the law of nature… GMO engineered food supply has poisoned humanity as a whole. We are now modern day zombies walking the earth without a true goal only just to get what we can out of one another but that plan is unsuccessful. Thanks for your honest comment Sabrina!

    • That is like saying we should respect sharks because they are a product of biology, which is just about the most idiotic thing I have ever heard in my life. The whole point of the article is that men seem to have the capacity to transcend biology where women do not. Even if you want to look at it from an evolutionary biology standpoint the tendency of women to regard men whose worth they are incapable of perceiving with indifference has greatly contributed to the stagnation of our species. How many great men with ideas that could have changed the world forever have been cast aside by women because these men did not drive a fancy car or meet some other exceptionally shallow criteria?!?! So yes women do seem to be driven by biology alone which is why they are stupid primal creatures with no sense of anything beyond the need to perpetuate their own bloodline. Man’s capacity to reason in an abstract manner is exactly what separates us from the animals and our female counterparts. When a man makes a great achievement he becomes more attractive to a woman even though she generally has absolutely no conception of how meaningful or far reaching this accomplishment may be. Only that such a man has elevated his social status by doing so and is therefore worthy of a greater degree of attraction. If this is really all women are capable of then WHAT THE FUCK is the point of perpetuating our species to begin with?!?! We have already lost the divine aspect of ourselves and everything that could have really mattered. It’s funny because you Sabrina wrote this comment like you are laying some profound truth on us when really all you are doing is proving the point of the initial article and showing us all how worthless your gender really is. So I will ask you a very simple question knowing I will probably never get a response. If women are incapable of unconditionally loving their men simply as a matter of one soul reaching out to another then what value can any other aspect of the relationship have?!?!? AND as a consequence of that, what good does it do us to carry on if one half of humanity is so evil that it can’t look beyond its own vanity ?

  9. Men are so whiny now days, they even whine on social media, then they go and have a pity party and indulge in porn then they create “he man women hater groups”, then they start with the “I know you are but what am I rants”, they make no real Change in society, they are afraid to fight for hanged or fight to protect their women and children, they find little value in women beside sex or being their to wipe their tears, they don’t have the emotional strength behind them to calm a woman’s emotions, they bi Ch about paying on a first date or showing chilvary, they gossip and watch reality tv, they are afraid of being head of household while resenting a woman making the most money. Western men are as bad off as western women. & if men are to be the leaders, it’s not the women’s fault. And if you despise the idea of men being in the lead then why do you want all of this kingly treatment from women. Wake the heck up guys! 🙁

    • Read the article again, it reveals why men are opting out of marriage and relationships. It has no benefit for men in general. If men treated you the way the article argues women see men, then you have part of your answer: no respect.

  10. Men want sex, respect and power. Women want to be provided for, birth children to continue society or the mans legacy. It’s actually the laws of nature but weak western men are so much more emotional than women that they cannot see the nature order of relationships and now they are crying and making MGTOW groups. Seriously guys get your testosterone levels check. American men have such extremely low levels of testosterone that it makes them cranky like women and they even lose their foresight

  11. What a load of bullsh*t. The ONLY things I care about are how much a man loves me, how good a person he is and how he treats me. Period. In my experience, men seem to LIKE awful women, and only use good women for a sexual conquest, while lying and claiming to be in love.

    • The same can be said about women. They know they have plenty of options out there and due to hypergamy, they always aim to score a better man than they already have. This has resulted in disloyalty, bastard children, and countless resources, being spent on women. You think women don’t cheat? You think that women don’t go for awful men who are bastards? Stop being a hypocrite.

      Women thrive the most when they are most desirable. They are literally like eggs surrounded by millions of spermcells, all of them desperately trying to get inside. Likewise in the real world, there are thousands of men who are competing for the same woman, and she holds all the power in granting 1 or maybe 5 or 10, depending on how hypergamous she is to enter her.

      Dating a woman nowadays feels like paying a full price for a used car that’s traveled 200 000 miles, and is being sold as a new one, due to a fresh paint job, even though the car has been leased for free to 100s of men previously.

    • Too classic. Sounds like you’re still thinking about the one(s) who used you for sex and lied about being in love…

  12. Hi Corey, love your work!

    Warning this comment is rather long

    I have read this and 7 traits men find attractive, as well as almost every article about women on return of kings. When I first read all of that red-pill stuff it really hurt…but it was a necessary realisation. Most women in the west including myself have been disfigured, emotionally and spiritually, and although I am young and could still turn it around – it is painful to think about what has been lost.

    My entire life I have thought in my head that I love and treasure the men around me…yet I constantly hurt them with my reckless behaviour. My actions have almost consistently played out in a way that proves everything in your article about women’s biology.

    Despite all of this I know…I want to bless the men around me! There must be a way for women to re-wire their tendency to be endlessly self-involved – or at least master those tendencies – to become the women they are supposed to be. Women that hold their families and communities together rather than ripping them apart.

    When observing muslim culture, you can see that they get it. Their culture will most likely never die, as they have cultivated attitudes that shame female promiscuity and praise traditional femininity. Their women are trained from birth to think of their family, treasure family ties, contribute to their community, to respect their men, and take care of themselves. Although I thank my lucky stars I wasn’t born into such an oppressive culture with little freedom, I am envious of the benefits that a lot of those women enjoy due to the strong masculine rule over their society.

    I wish it was possible give complete freedom to both genders in a society and still enjoy the near perfect harmony between them that more strict cultures enjoy.

    Here are some of the ways I think women in western culture could reclaim their femininity:

    1. Realise that beauty is power. Stop being upset by men constantly expecting you to be pretty/seeing you as beautiful above everything else. If you are upset, it may be because you know you are not presenting as beautifully as you could due to your terrible lifestyle choices.

  13. Wow. Some one has mommy issues. Lol. What romance movies do young boys watch? Lies!!! Young girls only care about love. When you talk about women, you talk about hurt and ruined girls. and guess who ruined them???? Young girls don’t value money because they have parents and daddys and uncles and brothers. Young boys have no concept of love or REAL loyalty and men have even less. They actually think loyalty is returning home after cheating on their wife. Hilarious. But the wife could never cheat and come home and STILL be considered loyal. And one of your FIRST sentences said ” …men see women as objects of …”. OBJECTS! To use. People, regardless of what the relationship, serve a purpose for other people. The point is to use people positively which adds to their self value and not detracts it. There are bad women and bad men. But women, by far, are more caring and giving. Men don’t even have half of the categories of “use” for women as we do. And that says a lot! You’re either a woman he’s banging, wants to bang, won’t bang.

    • T mitch,

      You obviously underestimate the male desire for true love (as it originally was). Boys had grown up with fairy tales and Disney movies where they were taught that showing heroic traits and being a good person they would win the girl (Lion King, Alladin, Beauty and the Beast, etc.) even movies like Titanic taught that having a good heart regardless of social status would be what women desired. Feminism has indoctrinated men that women like “nice guys” and guys that “listen to them”

      Sadly, women have chosen to use these men for support and chase the “bad boy” and have sex with multiple partners in college and then settle down the nice guy and then divorce him when she gets bored. And the state will back her up 100%. So in what way are women more caring?

      And I like how you totally speak from this point of view – that humans don’t have any intrinsic value – all utility.

      The saying is…chivalry is dead BECAUSE WOMEN KILLED IT. There is no reward for hard work, honesty, integrity, – true masculine values. Women would rather get with the hot felon that just got out prison (see Jeremy Meeks). And as such men will only use them for sex because there is no future for commitment after years of riding the cock carousel

  14. As a women I can say this is totally untrue for me. I am with a guy who does not offer any of the above and yet I love him. I love him because he is kind, sensitive and has integrity…the sexiest qualities in the entire world! Perhaps shallow women are after validation and material goods. I get that for myself…don’t need anyone to provide them for me.

  15. from experience i have witnessed personaly,women only truley want a man if there being smacked around/beat up by him its really sad those are the guys that can get and keep a women around,its sad but true that nice guys will always finish last,i wish i had realized that years ago before being used and thrown away by countless females!
    id also like to add that a woman is quick to use a mans children as a weapon and wield that weapon with 0 regard for the man she once proclaimed to love or the children whose life shes shattering!women love/care for no one saveone themselves,they can say all day oh i love my children with all my being,really so thats why you use them as a weapon to destroy the lives of not only the father but the children as well,in reality females care about 1 thing only themselves and they go around talking about ohhhh ive been hurt so many times and used for sex ect what a pack of liesss,its better to always tell the truth than to spare the feelings of someone because in the long run the lies cause soo much more pain and grief than the truth ever could!

  16. The women who have experienced the power of attraction will wield it mightily until its power is depleted. Pretty girls seem to find out early how to open doors with just a smile. At first, attraction is effortless; men will swarm to youth and inexperience (or perceived same) without so much as a dab of lipstick or even a fully developed body.
    Similarly, men of material wealth or physical presence can turn away women who could potentially make them happy through a shared interest or just by being naturally agreeable.
    Everybody keeps a running score on whom they are physically attracted, gives them a rank, and likewise gives a rank to the people they meet with similar attributes.
    This is the base rank on the Y axis.
    We then keep an eye out for any hidden character attributes we find especially appealing to us (humor, kindness, tolerance for errors in judgment, etc.), and that adjusts their rank on the Z axis.
    Then, we try to ascertain their attraction to us – the X axis – the part that’s actually fun.
    This is flirting.
    If we have honestly decided we desire them – we just want to see how much they desire us.
    Unless we are rejected immediately, it’s fun and exciting, but it can be hellish if the object of our desire is not sincere. The merciful indifferent ignore us completely and euthanize our illusion of hope (see: ache of pursuing truth below).
    But, if our potential mates value us for the attributes we value in ourselves, we are ecstatic!
    Far too often, a fatal flaw in character is concealed; whether due to insecurity, fear, etc., such that the other person is giving a false representation to feed an insidious need. If revealed, it would make this person highly unattractive, causing their perceived market value to plummet. They profess their desire (which is often strong) by affirming those attributes which they do not truly value. They are lying – possibly even to themselves – but it cannot be sustained indefinitely.
    When you misrepresent yourself, whether intentionally or not, you are doing damage.
    When you fail to do the work necessary to reveal misrepresentation in others because you are too naive, lazy, or desperate to seek the truth, you are doing damage.
    You can have a varied and exciting sex life if you choose to lie and believe lies (which is a lie to yourself), but it will never become any deeper, because you will never know either yourself OR the other person.
    Live alone for a while. Find out who you are. Your bullshit detector will become finely tuned.
    The dull ache of pursuing the truth alone is insignificant compared to the deep anguish over the time and energy lost pursuing an illusion of love.

  17. LOL. My experience is women desire you more when they’re afraid you’re just going to walk away. When they tantalize you by threatening to walk away, that’s a power play. They want to make you beg and crawl and do their bidding which is exactly what you should not do. Just look up from your book and tell them to close the door quietly on their way out as you’re getting to the good bit.

    Meanwhile, prepare for a breakup… Photograph EVERY prescription they have ever had, write in a journal every time they get drunk or break something. Wheel that out if you get into a divorce and the Judge will look very poorly on them.

  18. “But women, by far, are more caring and giving…”
    This is probably the most illogical statement I have ever read in my life. Every shred of evidence points to the contrary on this one, but I will just use the main example. Estrogen produces far more narcissistic behavioural traits than testosterone. Women, by their very nature, are less caring, less sympathetic & view kindness in a man as weakness. I’m not saying its wrong, its just how nature built them

  19. I could have wrote this article 20 years ago when I woke up to reality. I was engaged at 25 to a woman who hid her student loan debts from me (80k for “art school”) in hopes I would be legally bonded to that debt upon marriage. Once I broke off the wedding upon realizing her master plan, she had a new bf in 3 days. It was the wake up call I needed to how women work & i’ve never taken it personally since then. A relationship is a “busine$$”. The whole “love” thing is a myth created by Hollywood. “Diamonds” are a girls best friend. Not Men. Once you’ve accepted this and apply it to your business mind, you are on a winning path.

    Since then, I play the game like a pro. I sweep women off their feet without having to reveal too much on a first date (the expensive sports car helps too lol) they leave the date on cloud 9 emotional ecstasy & desperate for a second date then i go a.w.o.l. and leave them stranded / stood up on the 2nd date and have to way to contact me or find me while I have a front row seat to the entertainment of their emotional break down of being rejected out of nowhere. (And i must admit it’s an absolutely amazing ego boost to watch it happen from a safe distance) 😉 Then I use that ego boost to ride me to the next date. Rinse & repeat.

    In a relationship, there is only one winner and I play to win now. I play the game wisely, cash in my chips early and leave the casino while the getting is good. 🙂 #KnowledgeIsPower #LifeIsGreat #MensHappinessIsMoreImportantThanAwomans #SorryButNotSorry

  20. Some basic clarification, I believe, is in order. As different genders, we use the same words, pronounce them the same and spell them the same. However, we don’t hold the same definitions to these same words. Words like relationship, love, communication, respect, sex, foreplay, dating, friends, emotion, like, commitment, understanding, reciprocity, etc. Example; when is a “date” not a date? For Women, having a dinner alone with a man, is not necessarily a date….from her perspective. But, a man might assume it’s a date and “proceed accordingly”. Also, how men and women perceive each other is dependent on their upbringing, culture, backgrounds and life experiences. But, from what I’ve read in these posts, there were a lot of assumptions and mindsets that were already taking their toll before the the first inkling of any male/female attraction could get a foothold. It begs the question; can men and women, nowadays, really approach each other with an open heart and mind? Or are we condemned and chained to base our outlook on each other from primal and/or historic role playing?

  21. Women will get pissed off when you point this out but It’s never hard to get them to admit it when you push a little bit on the question. Women want to be looked after. Utility always comes first and as important as other attributes may be to them they are of secondary importance. It’s what women are and it’s what they need so there’s no point being spiteful about it. However I will say this. If a person wants to make another person responsible for them then that means they must concede to them. A certain amount of authority to that person must be given in order for the relationship to not be completely parasitic. Most modern women are of an egalitarian mindset and find the concept of a man having any kind of ownership over them disgusting. This is simply Feminists trying to have their cake and eat it. MGTOW didn’t come out of nowhere. This is what starts happening when you remove all incentives for men to become providers and strip them of all legal and social authority over women. They will simply tap out because they don’t want to be humiliated. Financially, emotionally and it many different capacities. Ask most women if a woman could ever do anything so obnoxious or antisocial that it would merit a man hitting them or putting them in a scolds bridal. Most will say no because they believe women have some kind of exceptionalism that puts them above such reprimand. That’s your problem. This is a society of weak ass men and sluts that don’t respect them.

  22. I got into a conversation with a male cashier and his female friend going through his register lane at Home Hardware we are all quite a bit older and in the conversation about relationships I took a chance and said my view of woman has changed dramatically but the most significant area is pregnant women and woman with small children .

    They blame the world for everything not even their parents are safe and lord help strangers … They agreed .

    I actually get noxious just seeing them in public . Little do they know they genuinely turn me off off off I have teen children, all boys the youngest 11 years old and I am sooooooooooo grateful none of them are girls . I BELIEVE THEY WOULD BE MEAN TO MY WIFE , my wife is nothing like the bitch cunt pieces of shit of today yet even many at my wife’s age are the female version of assholes . All cops are pathetic Mangina at risk for being charged for the same things they are running to rescue women from day after day . Bitches who punch men should feel the power behind a mans punch , all Mangina should be executed in the worst way , and the reality is woman have nothing to offer men except for their smelly yeast infested holes and Mangina are nothing but male puppets who had their meals cooked by mommy all the days of their lives and the extreme ones are still suckling their mommies boobs just in adult body in fact it’s not even a conscious reaction to defend women they just do it with the belief women favor them whether that is true or not . I know my comment sounds harsh but it really is the truth .

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