It is Your Duty as a Man to Break the Society

It is Your Duty as a Man to Break the Society

The modern society needs men to be weak, powerless, and controlled. It needs men to be subdued so that they can be exploited to serve the System. The society doesn’t even hide its blanket contempt for men, especially those who desire to be in charge of their own existence. And this is why men who refuse to be slaves have an obligation to fight back.

Our society—the prison in which we were born in—wants you to feel discouraged and depressed. It wants you to accept your subjugation so that you will continue to function as a drone to keep the System running. It wants you to medicate yourself with television, Internet, movies, books, video games, alcohol, and drugs so that you remain pacified and oblivious to the world around you.

Your raw masculinity is too dangerous for the society to accept. Your aggressive will, your sexual vigour, your propensity for violence, they must all be suppressed and prohibited until men resemble sheep rather than wolves. And towards this end, they will use educational institutions, they will use harmful food products, they will use the mass media. They will use whatever tools they have to create a culture that is hostile to masculinity. Is it really any wonder that men’s testosterone level around the world has been dropping for the past few decades?

The society robbed you of your life. You were meant to live as a warrior, but it denied you of that opportunity. You now live a meaningless life of materialism and consumerism. the currency of your worth as a man is now money instead of your masculine virtues. How can our lives ever be fulfilling when the society has banned our ability to live in accordance to our primal nature?

The society has left us with no other option than to struggle against it. You either submit and degrade yourself or you fight with your life. This is a battle for our existence.

We did not start this; this calamity was brought upon us. It is the society that declared war on us, so we are merely responding to a threat.

In this struggle, you must fight for yourself because no one else will. There will be no saviour, no justice, no divine intervention. It is just you against the world that hates you.

Rise up. Rise up and fight this degenerate oppression. Destroy all that try to crush you. Life will not forgive you for your unwillingness to fight.

The war is here and now.

5 thoughts on “It is Your Duty as a Man to Break the Society

  1. I do not wish to destroy those that wish to destroy me; that is their job. I merely seek to rob them of their ability to harm me. It is far more satisfying to see an enemy’s anguish and despair by denying him any productive attack. Remember the scene in “The Matrix” when Neo discovers his ability to fend off attackers slows down and becomes effortless, while the attackers become exhausted and frustrated? That is how I want to bend away from their assault, merely denying them any offense and showing them how little effort on my part is required to do so.
    Mock their threats. Force errors on their part. Don’t be there when the punch arrives.
    If they manage to score a hit, deny them the satisfaction of feedback, and they will move to another area. You must maintain control of yourself long enough to allow enemies to lose control of themselves.
    Most importantly, when you win, deny any effort. Rob your enemy of his righteous battle. He may rise up occasionally, so keep his ass in check. Disarming your enemy and forcing him to live with his dishonor is far more satisfying than merely killing him, and discourages any who would dare to avenge him or replicate his martyrdom.

  2. They are trying to implement in France a law forbiding men to talk to women besides “social events”…
    That is messed up to put rules on human’s interactions, i get real joy when i met a woman in the street and bang her afterwards, i get that adreline push of joy in my brain for not having my balls crushed by the holly governemant.
    It is a proud “Chutzpah” delivered by me to the autorities of France…
    Anyway love those articles it makes the fight easier in doubtful days.

  3. I somehow feel your words resonate with me. When I discovered redpill/manospere information started changing, started feeling that freedom that was always there – my own choice of the path I wanna go. Its spiritual war that is very hard to fight, because my fight instincts go to sleep – I see no enemy, visible threat. Articles like these wake me up. Thanks.

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