Keep Political Correctness Out of Writing

Keep Political Correctness Out of Writing

I once met a Spanish teacher who recalled a story of having received an email from a feminist complaining about how the Spanish plural nouns and pronouns are masculine by default. What did that whiny feminist expect him to do? Change the entire language so that she won’t be offended? This is the sort of political correctness insanity we are faced with today.

For more examples of this, you need not look any further. The English language of today has already been infected with political correctness that disrupts its natural flow and order after much fuss has been made regarding the use of the gender pronouns. Now, both males and females must be represented at all times and there’s even a ludicrous push to introduce made-up pronouns into the language.

As a response to this absurdity, I call for a simple counter: I propose that we put an end to this madness right this moment by reverting back to the normal usage of the language. All the pathetic efforts to be equal and inclusive must stop.

This means: no more of the grammatically incorrect “they” to refer to a single person, no more of the convoluted “himself or herself” or the awful “he/she” and its variations, nor the awkward switching back and forth between the two genders (I’ve even seen some pitiful men use feminine pronouns exclusively). The groveling and kowtowing needs to stop.

Any serious writer should use nothing but the plain old masculine forms as defaults in his work. In fact, no one should beholden himself to the chronic complainers who try to control language through the use of fear and shame. He should, instead, focus his energy on the delivery of his message—what actually matters.

Fight back against the degeneracy that is political correctness by simply being normal and correct with yourself.

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  1. I think one of the reasons that this craziness has gone so far is because the average person thinks giving them an inch will shut them up when all it does is embolden them. We should have been doing what you describe here since the beginning, great post.

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