Laws and Government Authority are Meaningless

Laws and Government Authority are Meaningless

Today’s modern, globalist society is an abomination to mankind.

When a society and its ruling government expands above and beyond its organic purpose, and is acting against the best interest of the people, it no longer deserves its place. They were already artificial constructs to begin with, so when they throw away their final and only excuse to exist, then the people who are awake no longer have any obligation to serve them.

A society that allows women to freely ruin men’s lives through lies and false accusations is not a society that you should consider fair and just.

A society that allows girls to falsely accuse young students of rape to a point where one teen ended up committing suicide is not a society that you should respect.

A society that kowtows to the whims of deranged feminists is not a society for men. You must disassociate from such toxic environment and keep yourself clean.

When a woman can physically assault a man and only receive a slap on the wrist, in spite of having 17 previous assault convictions, the society is making it clear that women are more important than worthless men like you. You have no reason to believe that such society has your interests in mind.

When you have a society that is actively promoting sexual deviancies and other forms of depravity as being normal, there is no reason for you to go along and accept it as well. The hubris of those who push such agenda is deplorable.

When your society is actively emasculating you so that you will be weak and impotent, you must act against it by exercising your masculine trinity threefold.

A society that pushes young and impressionable children into institutions that rob them of their creative powers and energy, while training them to be passive and compliant, is a society that must be rejected totally.

When you have a society that allows educational institutions to fraud students with useless degrees while crippling them with debt, you have absolutely no moral obligation towards that society.

When you have a society that restricts your freedom to a narrow choice of incompetent and corrupt parties, you are allowed to revolt against such system. You don’t need anyone’s permission to take such a rotten organization down.

When you have a society that restricts your masculine expression and keeps you perpetually repressed using fear and shame, your primal drive should be directed to push back against such force.

When your government spies on you with impunity and with total disregard for your privacy, it is not a government whose authority you should trust.

When police thugs can harass you, assault you, and even murder you in cold blood without a consequence, you have no reason to believe that they are there to protect and serve you. No, they exist only to control you and keep you living in fear.

A government that forces men to give up their children and pay alimony to their former spouses is a criminal organization engaging in abduction, blackmail, and extortion. It is your obligation to treat the government with the same contempt it treats you with.

When a government engages in cover-ups and censorship to hide threats to public health, that government is engaging in a war with you.

When a government doesn’t even let you defend yourself with basic firearms while it possesses advanced arsenal ready to be used against you, nothing should hold you back from resisting its powers.

A government that treats you like a potential threat while doing everything it can to maximize control over its people is a government that needs to be destroyed.

A government that enforces the acceptance of multiculturalism and homosexuality in complete disregard for the will of the people is an overlord that imposes its values upon you. Remember that you were never given a choice as to whether you wanted the changes or not; they were forced upon you.

When your tax goes to a government that uses that money to pamper the leaches of society, you don’t need to acknowledge that government as being legitimate.

When your government spends hundreds of billion dollars of your tax money to bailout banks and corporations, they are nothing short of thieves who need to be punished. They themselves won’t hesitate to punish you for doing much less.

When your government lies to you to go to a war against a foreign country, it is inexcusable for you to support its actions by remaining silent.

When your leaders are cowards, liars, and outright criminals who are selling the country out for the globalist agenda, you can disregard all its authority.

When your country treats you like a disposable drone or a cattle, your response should be to assert your existence and fight back in defiance.

When you have a country full of people who are addicted to entertainment and consumerism while being slaves to technology, you no longer need to recognize these people as fellow human beings. They are the enablers that allow the government to continue abusing its power. They are complicit in its activities.

Today, the laws don’t mean anything, they are merely means to justify using force to dominate your life. Government authority, too, is not only repressive, but antithetical to your very existence. You can’t be a criminal when fighting against a society run by criminal forces. The government has no authority to declare your actions unjust and wrong when they themselves are unjust and wrong. You don’t owe anything to this putrid society that continually seeks to degrade you.

You have the choice to either continue submitting or fight back. Sooner or later, you will be forced to make harder choices whether you like it or not.

4 thoughts on “Laws and Government Authority are Meaningless

  1. Amen brother.
    “Sooner or later, you will be forced to make harder choices whether you like it or not.”

    This is is the crux of the matter and why I see a lot of piss weak dudes getting shafted MUCH MORE in the coming years of this degenerative culture.

    White knights and their assorted faggotry have either directly engaged in, assisted or enabled the process of increasing laws and social norms to fucking DESTROY the lives of other god damn men.

    These cowards deserve every peanut filled turd flung their way and every soaring fist to fly outta nowhere and knock their motherfucking teeth out!

    More men are waking up and more signing off from this shit bred society. Not doing ANYTHING to help women any more. As against a man’s nature as this is, a necessary action to allow this way of life to collapse under its hideous weight.

  2. Some say government is a necessary evil. I believe if something is evil, it just isn’t necessary. Governments exist to safeguard and police the people, but people make up those governments, so there’s no way it can work.

  3. Interesting article. What would you suggest as a course of action to change the current situation?
    “People who are addicted to entertainment & consumerism…slaves to technology…are complicit in their activities.” That seems to be the central problem.
    Most men are just mere shells of what they could be. They are sleepwalking their way through life until they die and are forgotten. They lack the will to step up and take action.
    Caesar crossed the Rubicon.
    “Nothing great was ever achieved without danger.” – Machiavelli

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