Look at Yourself Before You Judge Others

If you’re a judgemental person as I am, then you’ll find plenty of people around you with unflattering traits and characteristics. They can be someone who is just plain stupid or disgustingly obese, a friend who is a lazy slob that gets nothing done, that drama queen at work who complains all the time, your family member who wastes his life away by watching Netflix and playing video games all day, and so on. I’m sure you can think of more examples from your own day-to-day life. The point is that these people exist everywhere with just handful of exceptions—even the greatest of man will have his flaws.

Do you feel disgust and contempt every time you come across these people? If yes, you needn’t feel guilty. While our deranged society mad with political correctness will have you feel guilty for being judgemental, being judgemental is completely normal and human. We wouldn’t have been evolved with it if it didn’t help us survive. What’s important is not whether you are judgemental or not, but what you do with those judgemental thoughts.

The best way to use judgemental thoughts is to use them as a means of improving yourself by initiating a moment of self-reflection. For example, while you are judging someone else’s character, maybe there is something about your own character that can be improved. When you scorn someone else’s lack of discipline and perseverance, you should take care that you yourself are disciplined and persevering in all areas of your life. While you become annoyed and even angered by the flaws and weaknesses of others, remind yourself that you have your own responsibilities to overcome your own flaws and weaknesses.

It’s far too easy to look down upon those who are beneath you and feel better about yourself. It makes it easy to forget that you have yet to master your own life. This is exactly why people get addicted to looking down upon others in contempt—with some going as far as bullying. It gives them a relief from having to focus on their own flaws and shortcomings. Don’t fall into this trap of self-contentment and complacency. It doesn’t matter how big their flaws are or how small yours are. That difference is meaningless. Your judgement of others should be a means for your self-improvement, not a means of petty status comparison. The only way you will become a better man is if you strive towards your goals and set a higher standard for yourself without putting yourself or others down.

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