‘Man’s Fight for Existence’ is Now Available on Amazon Kindle

Man’s Fight for Existence, the definitive book on Man’s nature and his place in the world, is now available for all.

The book covers various topics including:

  • The nature of existence and the meaning of this world
  • What defines Man both as humans and as males
  • Traits of masculinity
  • Social dynamics of human beings
  • Man’s abilities as creators
  • The nature of creations in both material and immaterial forms
  • Modern society and its ills
  • The consequences of technology and the ever evolving society on human lives
  • How modern society and its materialist, consumerist machinations degrade human existence
  • How modern society reshapes human sex roles and relationships to its dysfunctional state today
  • How modern society exploits and represses men and masculine expression
  • The danger of ever expanding government and corporate power on the human race
  • The degeneration of culture and the health of the people
  • How globalism is destroying people and their cultures to reshape the world for its unipolar order
  • What we can do to fight back

Amazon links for the Kindle editions: US, UK, Canada

Paperback version will be out soon.

If you’re curious about the book and have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments section. I’ll be happy to answer them.

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