Masculine Power and Feminine Power

Masculine Power and Feminine Power

Men and women have their own separate strengths that have been ordained by nature.

The powers that the two sexes possess differ widely in their forms and expressions, and it is this difference that separates masculinity from femininity as well as what makes the two sexes compatible with one another. For men, the powers are physical in their manifestations whereas for women, they are emotional.

Man possesses physical prowess. He is strong and forceful—he puts himself through danger to fight and endure. Men are hierarchal and desire to dominate. Securing resources and defending land is what they must do. Man is also a builder and a crafter—he visualizes and creates out of his imagination. Man understands the world in physical terms.

Woman, on the other hand, is gifted with emotional sensitivity and sexual power over men. Women know how to manipulate the passions of others—especially that of men. They know how to entice men by stirring their souls so as to make them offer their services and sacrifice themselves. A woman can both bless a man with affection and crush him with betrayal.

The differences between the sexes can be observed in the way they project power: men are direct and explicit whereas women are indirect and implicit. Just note how often men get into physical violence in conflicts whereas women tend to be conniving and coy, often getting men to do their dirty works for them.

This is not to say that men and women are only capable of exercising the power of their own sex. Men are just as capable of being Machiavellian and women are just as prone to becoming physically aggressive. The same is also true in choosing not to use one’s powers: a man may choose not to use force and even repudiate violence in all forms just as a woman will shy away from abusing her manipulative abilities. Humans are capable of adapting and developing their various strengths as needed.

Both sexes understand that their powers are vital for their existence, so they will cultivate them as well as they can, learning from experience and deliberately practicing their abilities.

The power is also in the expression in itself, so men will often create a facade of strength to garner favourable responses while women exaggerate their tenderness for her own advantage. If men have a weakness, they will hide it. Women, on the other hand, will hide their true nature and their capabilities.

As much as the differing powers make the sexes compatible with one another, if the power is not balanced, one sex can easily take advantage of the other. And if circumstances discourage co-operation, with eroded shared values, the relationship can also turn antagonistic.

Modern Day Implications

I think the biggest problem with feminism and the entire notion of gender equality really comes down to the undermining of the compatibility of the two sexes through artificial interventions. The focus today seems to be to level the physical and material power of the sexes by elevating the females while pushing the males down, all the while ignoring the female power that remains in place. Consider, for example, the far reduced demand for male strength in today’s world of artificial comfort. Women find less and less need for men as technology develops and governments and corporations fill their roles. Meanwhile, women are being forcefully integrated into traditionally male occupations and male-exclusive spaces. Even in areas where physical strength is unneeded, such as math, physics, and technology that are populated by men due to the mental advantage that comes from their physical nature, quotas are enforced to include more women regardless of their abilities. There are no equivalent quotas to include men in female dominated fields.

Meanwhile, our ever restrictive society is doing all it can to control the thoughts and behaviours of male population because masculine power is tangible while female power isn’t. This is why school boys who play by wrestling one another are castigated while girls who bully other girls (and boys) through rumours go largely unnoticed. There has been recent developments in Britain where they are trying to enforce hate crimes that are solely directed against men. And this comes only shortly after a feminist woman was able to openly call for men to be put in concentration camps. This sort of discrepancy is only possible with an open war to reduce men’s power at large in an effort to control them like pests.

The continuing androgynization process that many Western nations and other nations around the world are going through will not only make men more like women and women more like men, but it will also render men weaker and powerless. The recent advent of the various manosphere groups all represent different responses to this gross imbalance in power between the sexes. The red pill is mainly the truth regarding women’s sexual power that had remained hidden thus far; the pick-up community focuses on leveling the playing field by outwitting them in their own game; the MGTOW deny women of their power by not playing the game at all; men’s rights groups address the social and legal inequalities between the sexes that are biased against men; and finally, various other traditional groups attempt to return the relationship between the sexes into a state of balance like how they used to be. And when a man from North America finds a foreign wife or moves to a foreign culture, he is also seeking a balanced power in relationships or escaping to a culture where the relationship is more normal. All men are doing what they believe is the best possible response to their situation.

As long as we live in a society that condones the abuse of female power and even encourages it while systematically repressing masculinity, more and more men will get fed up. Men cannot be pushed around forever.

I personally don’t find the feminist-infected Western nations redeemable and I think any man who even thinks about saving them are foolish. A country, a culture, a civilization that treats its men like garbage do not deserve to exist and it will not last long. I look forward to the day when the entire rotten structure crumbles down.

4 thoughts on “Masculine Power and Feminine Power

  1. You mentioned that the male power is physical. That men are bold and upfront. But are they? Are we, really? I say, modern Western mid-class male city dweller is usually an anxious passive-agressive weakling. It does sound rude, but – hey, we are supposed to swallow bitter truth, aren’t we?

    Modern western men are weak. Weak men were always treated with contempt – both by stronger men and by women alike. Sure, we can tell ourselves that there’s a massive government we are against, that thanks to the government the power balance is on a female side and all that. But it seems to me that most of it is auto-anxiety and bitterness.

    Women love Kings and Warriors. Those, who create order from chaos around them, and those, who put and maintain borders. And when they love, they submit willingly and without second thoughts. This is how they are wired. Sometimes Kings are Tyrants, and sometimes Warriors are Sadists, but women just can’t tell the difference until the burn, or so it seems.

    But most of us are not like that these days. Most of us are Weaklings and Masochists. Playing constant self-sacrifices, drinking our emotional pain, making a virtue out of it. Wake up! You persuaded yourself that you have no chances to succeed before made a single attempt.

    How does that happen? Part blame Christianity and idea of self-sacrifice as The Virtue. Others blame industrial revolution that terminated father-son bond through introduction of full-time day jobs on distant sites. Yet others – heavy tolls in World Wars and Sexual Revolution that left so many boys being raised without fathers, never switching from boyhood to manhood.

    We can blame women (contrary to the popular believe, not all of them are care-free narcissistic hags, and one in five suffers greatly being striped of meaningful relationships by some ideology she never actively defended). We can blame the government. We can waste our energy on bitter whines about starting our own society with blackjack and hookers. None of that will get us any better or will fix the problems.

    And no. None of us is able to opt-out from the society completely and just let it die.

    • You’re right about today’s feckless modern men in the West. What I speak of in terms of strength is the ideal, the primal nature of both sexes.

      Blaming is a waste of time. Men either need to take things into their own hands and fix the problem or let it all fall down.

  2. I dont need any physical power to call the police on any guy i like and report false stories of noise and violence, i can pick anyone and do this until his hot girl leaves him alone, in fact after 3-4 calls they end up been fingerprinted and put on a domestic violence list, once this is done they are doomed to find a place to live or job, from there once the women leave i simply walk up to their faces and tell them to go down on me or i will CALL THE COPS and claim they raped me.

    works like a charm!

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