Men Can Only Be Pushed So Far

Men Can Only Be Pushed So Far

In contrast to what the society thinks, men in general are actually quite tolerant. Unlike women, most men don’t like to complain and whine to have their way. Instead, we men have a natural proclivity to bear the harshness that the world throws at us. Men endure and overcome.

Bitching and moaning about how tough things are and how things are unfair makes men look weak, and when a man is perceived as being weak, he will lose the respect from both other men and women. Nothing is worse than such dishonour. So, men of today’s society, many of whom don’t know when they should stand up for themselves or how to draw the line, will allow themselves to be pushed around because they don’t know any better.

Even many stronger men, who stand their ground when faced with adversary in their personal lives, become disinterested when other men and men as a population are exploited and suppressed. They don’t believe that it is their duty to stand up for their sex; they’re too preoccupied with their own lives to care. In fact, most men don’t ever care about what happens to another man because it’s considered none of their business—those scenarios are perceived as isolated cases and they don’t identify themselves with other men.

And guess what? The above reasons are exactly why men have been knocked around so successfully. Men, unlike women, don’t like to make a fuss and they don’t like to go cry for someone from above to step in and intervene. Because of this, men make it easy for the state, its institutions, and the females to control them. They let others place restrictions on them, they let themselves be attacked for who they are, they allow themselves to be smeared in the media, and they sit and watch as other men face consequences in all forms for bogus crimes.

I think this is why many men commit suicide or go on a killing spree. When cornered and threatened, an animal response with the fight or flight response. It is no different for men who feel hopeless about their life situation: they will either choose to run away from their problems by killing themselves or lash out in rampage as their pent up anger explodes. Men don’t know how to push back, so they’ll be shoved to a corner until they can’t be pushed anymore. All men have their personal limits.

But why should this be the norm? What if there was an alternative? What if men got together to say that enough is enough? What if men showed support for one another in times of trouble instead of letting individuals take on social problems by themselves? What if men decided to push back together against the forces that try to undermine them (beyond just bitching on the internet and sharing tips on individual safety)? Would things be different? I sure do think so.

Besides degeneracy, most of the significant social changes do not happen gradually. To use Karl Marx’s analogy, pressure on a population will heat up for a while before it starts to boil over as a force. Social changes happen in leaps as it is with revolutions and reactions. There is already a prediction that the current anti-male trend will not last long without consequences. The repercussions will either destroy feminism to save the society or have it be destroyed along with society. When it comes, it will happen swiftly and those who view the “progress” of the world as being linear will be in utter shock. And if men were to mobilize, it would be possible to accelerate this process so that it will happen within the next few years.

No matter what the future hold for us, the most important thing is to group with like-minded men and be prepared for anything. Men have been far too tolerant for far too long, but that will change rapidly once the pressure reaches a boiling point. And once that happens, the world will see what men are capable of. People of the world will witness a new order.

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  1. Regarding men showing support to each other. It doesn’t work this way. It’s a common knowledge by now that in the pre-domisticated-Beta world only 40% of men procreated. Which probably means that biologically we are wired for violent and harsh in-sex competitiveness. Those on top are not interested in below-the-median (and let’s be clear – those below human median are overwhelmingly men – as are those on the very top). They’re not going to help them out.

    Collective action at the very bottom is impossible. Man that whines is not man, and that destroys every effort. What we can do, – what we always did, – is fight our way to the top, individually. Build your body, build your confidence, build your business, build your gang – and the world will turn into a beautiful place to live at.

    This doesn’t mean men can’t do a thing for each other. If you are a grown men, find a couple of boys around you – especially single-mom raised ones – and teach them a couple of things. Teach them to say ‘no’ clearly, to maintain their borders. Give them some pride. Make sure they learn something dedicatedly to perfection – as perfection and dedication are male things in this world. Teach them that men way is uphill, so they got to be strong. Teach them that women way is downhill – they surely start on top, but unless they change this easy downward trajectory in their mid-life, they go straight to abyss.

    • Excellent comment, things are turning out just like the way you describe it. A unified front of men may just well be a pipe-dream considering men are more likely to group over other causes besides having a Y chromosome.

      Also, I would like to know where you got the information on only 40% of men procreating in the past so that I can do some research on it for future articles.

      • > Also, I would like to know where you got the information on only 40% of men procreating in the past so that I can do some research on it for future articles.

        Well, the link you listed says that:
        “Genetic research has shown that before the modern era, 80% of women managed to reproduce, but only 40% of men did.”

        I saw this number of times over the years from various sources.

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