Men’s Facade of Strength as Weakness

‘Men’s greatest weakness is their facade of strength, and women’s greatest strength is their facade of weakness.’ –Warren Farrell

Just as the mighty Achilles had a weak spot, even the strongest of men all share one and same weak spot that leaves him vulnerable for exploitation. That weak spot is man’s innate fear of being seen as a sissy.

Let’s first elaborate on what I mean by a sissy. A sissy is an effeminate man who acts weak and helpless like a little girl would. It is a behaviour state that is harshly looked down upon by men precisely because it runs contrary to what it means to be a man. A sissy is a detriment to the group because his weakness threatens the group’s ability to survive and thrive; therefore, men must ensure to banish them out of the group and make sure that they themselves don’t act like one. Men cannot be weak and they’re not allowed to show weakness.

While much has changed in our modern world, most men still have an innate understanding that sissy behaviours will lead to shunning. That being said, with the disintegration of male groups in modern times, many men only have a vague understanding of what constitutes a sissy behaviour. This leads to a dilemma for a man who is faced with a situation that calls for him to stand up for himself.

For example, a man who is being physically harassed by another man wouldn’t hesitate to fight back. But if it’s a woman whom he is faced with that is harassing him or even outright attacking him, what is he to do? We know that men can’t rely on external help as no one has pity for a man who can’t even defend himself (especially against a woman.) Is he supposed to not fight back and simply take on the insult? Or, is he supposed to fight back and risk the consequence of having white knights jump at him or get charged with an assault? In contrast, women are automatically protected from even the slightest ‘harassment’ as they have the full support of supplicant men around her as a shield.

In spite of the bullshit idea of women’s oppression that feminists like to shove in people’s faces, this female advantage exists and feminists are completely silent about it. Women fully exploit this advantage of being seen as delicate creatures who need special protection from being victimized. And this is where men place themselves at a disadvantage. Men are unlikely to help another man from an attack by a woman for they don’t tolerate a prissy man who can’t even defend himself from a female, and a man is even more unlikely to behave like a sissy and request protection from other men or higher authorities for the fear of losing his face.

Simply put, men are expected to fend for themselves without acting like a brute who fights back while women enjoy the privilege of being protected by men and government just by playing innocent victims. The same feminists who cry for gender equality have no problem with this arrangement at all, and in fact, will not hesitate to ridicule men who seek the help of law for being assaulted. Still in doubt? Just watch this video, there is simply no pity for a weak man.

Fight back and you’re a misogynist who assaults women, seek help and you’re a crybaby—it’s a lose-lose scenario for men in today’s world.

For this exact reason, women have the privilege of being able to both covertly and openly attack men while men are helpless and lost as to how to respond. A woman merely needs to pull out her victim card and scream “harassment!” to make a man lose his job, reputation, and can even have him arrested, all without a single shred of evidence. You must always remember that we live in society where men are nothing but second-rate citizens that can be discarded at any time.

How should men respond then?

Unfortunately, as long as the culture and the laws that rule over us remain constant, there will always be biases against men in general. The only thing you can do is to play by the system and minimize the harm that is done to you as much as possible. When attacked by a woman, instead of fighting back in force, seek legal channels whenever possible and secure any necessary evidence. Use the same language that feminists use to garner support so that you can both ridicule them and take away the power of their words at the same time. Most importantly, always point out double standards and hypocrisies—be a bulldog about it never let them get away with it.

There is no shame in using their own weapons against them—you know that they will not hesitate to do the same and worse. Remember that you are not being weak by seeking proper help or support when you can. There are always men out there who are willing to help you.

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  1. Why are women expected to be okay with being seen as weak? Why would any self-respecting human being want to be a victim? All of your posts reinforce that men = strong, women = weak. How are women supposed to feel about this? How is someone who is born female supposed to feel about being considered a weaker, inferior being? Just expected to accept it, right?

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