Millions of Wrangling Egos of the Internet

Millions of Wrangling Egos of the Internet

The more I use the Internet, the more I realize how sickening the whole thing is. It is just so unnatural and so degrading for the human spirit that it is simply revolting. For this reason I am currently seeking ways to minimize its use and possibly disconnect from it permanently.

Now, as a tool, there are obviously benefits that you can take advantage of—there’s no doubt about that. So, the problem with the Internet is not necessarily in its utility, but with the other users you come in contact with: the ocean of petty egos.

Because almost any nobody with a device can connect to the world wide web, the Internet naturally becomes the ultimate safe-space for all the dregs and low-lives to dump their negativity while trolling for attention. It is the purgatory of modern technological society.

Wherever they allow users to post their own words—blogs, social media, forums, the comments section—you can be sure to witness the following:

  • Venting out one’s opinions to satisfy the petty ego.
  • Arguments arising from insignificant matters.
  • People pouncing at the chance to tell someone how stupid and wrong they are.
  • Insulting and putting others down to feel better about oneself.
  • Spewing hatred for those who are considered “enemies.”
  • All sorts of attention-seeking behaviours from soliciting sympathy to trolling.
  • Taking pleasure over the misfortune of others (really, how does it improve your own sorry life?).
  • Seeking popularity in the form of upvotes, likes, and compliments.
  • Circle-jerking with people who share your worldview.
  • Attacking people for not sharing your worldview.
  • Pride leeches cheering from the Internet or fighting with the rival leeches.

We witness this degenerate behaviour because our modern society is sick and repressive. It is sick because it makes people insecure by design, and it is repressive because it limits our life to its materialistic designs. The System needs people to feel like they are insignificant and never good enough, which is why millions of people take refuge in the Internet to seek ways to alleviate their feelings of insignificance. These people don’t even realize that they’re being driven by their petty egos. They are addicted to using the Internet to magnify their sense of self-importance because they are nobodies in the real world with no real power.

During almost the two decades that I’ve used the Internet, I’ve witnessed people get into heated arguments over their taste in music, interpretation of films, the existence of god, whether the phone they own is better than the rival’s, and the endless political arguments that never have any consequence in the real world. And yes, I’ve also been in some silly back-and-forth arguments for hours with few scumbags (but I guess I was the stupid one for engaging them in the first place). You have to understand that these demented individuals are more interested in shouting at the world about how right they are than having any constructive discussion to learn something. They just want their egos to be validated because they got nothing else to prove for in the real world. They are ill and infectious.

These fragile egos go even further. It’s not enough for them to simply seek admiration or promote their stubborn opinions, they have to put others down so that they feel better about themselves. They have to categorize others as being the bad or stupid ones so that they can contrast themselves as being the good and smart. I’ve seen people jeer and disparage others for the crime of having certain hobbies and interests. I’ve seen people spit criticism for someone who just made a video to help others. And I’ve also seen people cheer the death and murder of other human beings they don’t even know. I can go one and on with thousands of more examples of the worst of humanity, but I’m sure you’re already familiar with them. These people are sick and they do all this because they can hide behind the anonymity of the Internet like the cowards they are. Throwing cheap jabs and unprovoked slander is what they do. Their hollow egos demand that they continue on and on with their toxic negativity. There is no end goal for them for the petty ego swallows everything in its endless desire to consume.

As tempting as it may be, it is best not to interact with these individuals of petty ego who want your attention to feed their own insecurities. Let them say completely moronic things, let them cry and pout, let them think they are smarter and better than you are. Resist the urge to prove just how stupid and wrong they are; they won’t change. Resist the urge to be defensive when they provoke your ego; they want your reaction. Don’t engage them and don’t give them your time. You can’t let your own petty ego to get drawn into an online drama. You have better things to do with your life.

To learn more about the ways in which our society distract us, read Man’s Fight for Existence.

3 thoughts on “Millions of Wrangling Egos of the Internet

  1. Corey, I think this is one of your best articles right now. I couldn’t have thought of any better way to convey these clarifying points. I especially like how you characterize the internet as ‘the purgatory of modern technological society’. Just on point! I thank you for reminding me, that it is completely useless to let myself get angry or frustrated about all the people who seem to succumb to these new trends and time wasting activities. We just have to let it go. Peoples opinions we can’t change. Some will recognize on their own, that the internet it mostly harmful to body, mind and soul. However, others wont. They are lost and will never reflect on the immense fake construct, that they wrap themselves up in, on a daily basis.
    Again, I really appreciate your work and that you put out this great content.

  2. I’m glad you liked it. And yes, you have to come to the realization on your own by becoming aware of your own behaviour. It’s not always easy to see that you’re doing exactly what you hate seeing others do.

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