Modern Society Degrades Human Existence

Modern society degrades human existence more than any of us realize. Most people are blind to its detrimental effect because they’ve been conditioned from birth to view their living conditions as being normal. And you can be sure that there is nothing normal about the way we live our lives in this concrete jungle of ours.

Human conditioning starts from a young age when boys are trained at schools to sit still like girls while having their youthful energy shamed and suppressed. Instead of exploring the world with curiosity and exerting their physical body for growth, they’re trapped inside classrooms to be spoon-fed with information. Often, when the behaviour of these boys become ‘problematic’, they are diagnosed as having a learning disorder and are prescribed powerful drugs to keep them in control. Then when these same boys enter adolescence, their parents complain that all their sons do is play video games and waste time in front of a screen.

Modern society traps people indoors and away from sun, soil, and air. Humans today are utterly disconnected from nature and live in a state of staleness. Instead, many prefer to distract themselves with the countless number of mind-numbing entertainment that are available. Just how much of our lives do we spend sitting and watching images to stimulate our dull lives? Recent studies show that average Americans spend more than 11 hours a day on electronic gadgets. Do these machines exist for us, or do we exist for these machines?

Our bodies are decaying due to modern conditions. For all the technological advances that have been made, humans on the average are actually declining in health and strength. Much of what modern life has to offer require long hours of sitting and standing with just enough mobility to relocate from one stationary location to another. Our bodies are shielded from both the nourishment and the harshness of nature that mold us to be strong. The modern diet, which has been completely transformed by the food industry for profit, is a complete travesty. Obesity only seems to be getting worse and one in three Americans are expected to suffer from diabetes by 2050.

Modern society destroys human relationships and identity. When you are one amongst millions, you are invisible. You are but a unit in a society. Today, individualism is promoted above any and all social values precisely because of how conducive it is to the consumerist culture that we live in—frivolous purchases are purely egoistical ways to promote status and indulge in pleasures. Modern humans—especially those in cities—only maintain superficial connection to others, for people are merely objects for fun and utility. Much of human relationship is that of pecuniary transaction bereft of long-lasting intimacy. Human identity itself is also all about material wealth and social status rather than any meaningful group identity. Race, culture, and nationhood are all being shunned in favour of universality. People without identity are easier to exploit and control.

We live in artificial social conditions that are continually promoting cultural androgynization. Men are becoming emasculated and feminine while women are becoming masculinized and given preferential treatment over men. As a result, men become lost. Men suffer in life and relationship because there is no guidance on what men should aspire for. Young men behave in erratic ways because the society offers no leadership for men, because the society shuns masculinity. But instead of seeing the problem as lack of guidance, masculinity itself is blamed and demonized, exacerbating the problem further.

Just few decades ago, modern society offered some level of economic security and a way for men to raise a family that he could call his own. But now, even those foundations are insecure with worsening economy and unreliable women, the two things that are fundamental for any society.

Modern society acts as a bubble that distorts perceptions of reality. When you live in a city for long enough time, your worldview can become warped so that an event on the other side of the world can be seen as more important than the matters within your own life. You lose your sense of presence and time as you are bombarded with useless information. You start to get a false sense of security by living in artificial conditions that defy the natural order. Most people seem to be unaware of just how quickly things can change in society. Peace and prosperity is but a temporary state.

Modern society is the tumour from which humans depend their existence upon. They mistake their dependence for necessity. They don’t realize that they are the subjects of a society and its system, and no longer the masters of it.

The modern society may be toxic, but it cannot restrict you. It cannot stop you from becoming aware. Once you come to a realization, you can choose to minimize its harm. You can choose to escape.

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