The Need for Extreme Positions

The Need for Extreme Positions

Extreme positions are not succeeded by moderate ones, but by contrary extreme positions. –Friedrich Nietzsche

No one accomplishes anything by being lukewarm. The world doesn’t change with intellectualism and turgid rationalism. No “moderate” has ever been of significant influence in political and social battles.

In contrary, it is the extremists, the radicals, the zealots that make all the difference in this world. Those who are afraid to antagonize their opposition will never amount to anything. Those who remain neutral for the sake of their ideals are meaningless.

I myself am aware that my writing is biased, but I don’t have time to explain every little exceptions and address every little counter-arguments. If I did, my message would lose its potency. If people want a balanced view of things, they can go read materials of the opposite side and form their own opinions afterwards.

I also don’t have time for political correctness and the losers who try to disparage me. If I cared what other people thought about me, I wouldn’t be writing online to begin with. The haters will try to bring you down no matter what. If you try to appease them, you lose. In fact, having haters is a proof that I’m on the right track.

Today, we men can’t afford to be moderate when faced with extraordinary circumstances. The entire society has turned against us and we have no one to rely on but ourselves. We may not be facing direct violence like in wars, but we are threatened with something more sinister: an entire cultural aggression against our identity as a man. It is the difference between a beast that threatens your life and a cancer within that is killing you slowly without you knowing.

The feminists and other degenerates have played the game perfectly to assert their power over everyone else. They make noise, they use their passion, and most importantly, they use their aggression. This is why they’ve been successful thus far in their war against us. They’ve been winning because they are intolerant and they will continue to win because listless men give in to their demented demands. These rapid animals don’t waste time trying to debate you or to have a reasonable dialogue; they just go on the offensive. And we are expected to be the reasonable ones? We are supposed to show them respect and try to counter their lies, distortions, defamations, and violence by being balanced?

You simply cannot fight irrationality with rationality. This is a fact many people seem to be forgetting when they waste their time engaging their opposites.

You must realize that even if you try to be moderate, your enemies will still call you names, they will still still ridicule you, and they will still treat you scorn because you’re not on their side. If you try to be reasonable with them, they’ll see it as a sign of weakness and exploit it all they can. All they want is to humiliate you and destroy you. When faced with extreme danger, when faced with an unrelenting force, you have no option but to fight fire with fire.

If you go up against your corrupt and repressive government, do you think they’ll show you mercy? Do you really think they’ll care whether your opinion was reasonable or that you consider yourself a moderate? They will be the ones doing the labelling, the society doesn’t care if you think of yourself as being rational as long as you don’t conform to their values. You have to understand that sitting on the fence is no place to be.

Most people prefer not to take the extreme position, and that’s fine. Not everyone has what it takes to fight. But if you are among those who are holding back because you think being extreme is somehow “wrong,” ask yourself: Why do you even have your opinions to begin with? Do you not have conviction over your own beliefs? Do you have your opinions just to tell others what you think? What use are opinions if you’re not going to apply them in life?

There are no “extreme” or “moderate” positions, the only thing that matters is what you want and what you’re willing to do for it. While the worthless individuals watch on the sidelines, I will fight for what I believe is right. The critics can go to hell.

2 thoughts on “The Need for Extreme Positions

  1. I have to agree that sitting on the fence does not solve problems. In fact it adds to it more rather than less. In these Modern times I have to say that there are no radicals or revolutionaires that can bring change to this mismanaged society.

    I think its because people are so afraid to cause attention to themselves that seems to why no one wants to say nothing crazy. For me though I think this goes against what as Americans have fought and died for. The essence of free speech is what makes this country great.

    I understand that some ideas and opinions will rub many people in a bad way but no one said that life is soft or easy. We need to fight for change!

    I think that is also the reason why Donald Trump has been riding sky high this election because he says what many have been saying for a long time. The issue that I see is that why have one person who you do not know represent you when only you know what you want or live the verison of happiness in your mind?

    To be a Radical is to have the audacity to live on your terms! To say what you want without fear of repercussions or threats. If Einstein decided not to write about the theory of relativity and instead just chose to sit on it. WOuld you think we would have gone as far as we could as a society and Science?

    Would the Founding Fathers of this great country be able to build America with the help of England? We would most likely have been under Monarchy rather than Democracy!

    This is what we need real hard core Radicals and these pussy ass SJW’s that defend these pussy ideals so that they do not have to fight or stand up for a real cause!

    Radicalism is such a negative word these days with Terrorism being enacted all around the world. Personally I can understand why some of them do it and can agree with some of the ideas of why they are fighting. But there is a saying that tends to help me see both sides of why Radicals are who they are and why they are considered Terrorists.

    A nations Terrorist is another mans freedom fighter!

    The world changes and radicals help change the world whether its by a Gun, Book or written word they are there to change whether you are ready or not! Nothing lasts forever!

    Great post!

    • As the stress on society increases along with the uncertainty of the world, I expect the “radicals” and “extremists” to be more influential than during the stable and peaceful times.

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