There is No Such Thing as Freedom or Rights

In politics, words like ‘freedom’ and ‘rights’ are thrown around all the time, but what do they even mean?

In a natural environment, a man is born free with no constraints to his life besides his own physical ability. He may be part of a group to maximize his potential to survive and thrive, but he does not relinquish his ‘freedom’ in the process. He still has the ability to speak as he wish and act as he wish; the only thing that could stop him are the other men in the group who may challenge his power. And freedom is all about power.

Today, people use terms like ‘freedom of speech’ as if they don’t already possess it; as if they need permission from the government or the society to speak their mind. In a way, they do need permission. While they still have the ability to say whatever it is that they want to say, there are consequences for saying the ‘wrong’ things. Under certain regimes, you can be jailed or executed, and in the so-called ‘free’ democratic societies, you can lose your job and reputation. The concept of freedom can only exist in contrast to these negative consequences.

‘Rights’ is even more pathetic of a concept than freedom. Demanding rights is a statement of powerlessness and a cry for the government to pamper and pander. The concept of rights can only exist through subjugation, because a man who has the ability to determine his own way of life would never beg for rights.

There is no such thing as freedom or rights. They are mere artificial constructs that came about along with our artificial society. They are simply concepts and metaphors used in political rhetorics to inspire the masses. The only thing that matters in this world is power and your ability and will to achieve it.

When people start expressing their need for freedom or rights, at best they are protesting against an external force that impedes their power, and at worst they are throwing a temper tantrum to protest that they’re not being coddled properly. Again, these concepts only exist when people are faced with an external force that tries to limit their power.

The problem today is that all force—and therefore all power—is monopolized by the state. We are made to depend on the state for some metaphorical sense of self-determination which we already possess innately. We citizens living in a supposedly free society barely have the right to arm and defend ourselves. All the while, we’re expected to blindly trust the government with advanced array of weaponry that we are prohibited to own even as they have unlimited surveillance over our activities. Like cattle that are too complacent and ignorant to question their life in a farm, people today don’t question the power their state has over them. They would rather argue and bicker over asinine issues on Twitter and cry and moan about nonexistent oppression as their governments work hard to perfect their methods of social control.

The true scums of today’s world are those who call upon the government’s force to rob, oppress, and ruin men. These usually happen to be women who manipulate the gynocentric system to enhance their own power at the expense of men. For example, one woman successfully got a man fired from his job and his reputation ruined in addition to having him face possible jail time by managing to get the government involved in her Twitter argument with him. This clearly shows that men have no freedom and no rights while the government has total power and control. And that it is women who have the upper hand in their war against men. I won’t even bother going into details of how women manage to extort men and steal their children with the government help.

To conclude, if you have to rely on the government to protect your ‘freedom’ and ‘rights’, you are not free and you have no rights. Those concepts are not even worth thinking about to begin with. It would be absurd to think that we would need permission from the government for the freedom and right to breathe air, so why is it not absurd for everything else?

Always think in terms of power and minimize your reliance on the government. In the end, your only choices are to either choose another government to submit to or fight back.

2 thoughts on “There is No Such Thing as Freedom or Rights

  1. This is an excellent post. And Yes, I just discovered this blog from ROK too.
    Who are we as men, if we remain subjugated to the true alpha in society, the government.
    Society, like a pack of wolves. Seems to organize in a hierarchy that goes as follows.
    Alpha= controllers ot government (the man with the gun stealing from you under the guise of protecting your rights, and guides society for better or worsedepending on the society and timeframe)
    Betas=police, law enforcers, puppet governments
    Omegas=lowest castes of society, subordinate to Alphas
    Most people seem to be Omegas, with a significant portion of the population being between beta and omega.

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