Nobody Deserves Anything

Nobody Deserves Anything

We live in an age of entitlement where people think they are simply owed things just for being. This seems to be especially true in decadent North America where children are pampered by their parents and citizens are pampered by their governments. And the more people are pampered, the more this idea of deserving something gets etched into their minds.

But no matter what, we must remember that no one deserves anything. And I’m not just talking about the whiners and the degenerate slackers who moan for respect and special treatment; even those who do strive and fight to the best of their abilities don’t deserve anything. The whole concept of “deserving” something must be vanished from your minds.

I remember when I was younger how I was lectured and indoctrinated by a degenerate society that everyone deserved this and that. They all seemingly made sense on the surface, but I felt disgusted inside. Something just didn’t settle right in my subconscious mind. I just couldn’t accept the idea I was being fed and I didn’t know why. But now I do.

Just because you’re a human being with a beating heart, it doesn’t mean you deserve what the society has to offer. You’re just a pile of useless mass of cells unless you make something for yourself. If others provide for you and protect you in any other way out of compassion or duty, it doesn’t mean that you are getting something you deserve. They just represent others’ generosity, not your status as someone who can get things without making an effort. You don’t deserve shit.

And exactly who decides to hand out these merits? Who decides what people get to deserve something or not? It’s clearly not the people themselves if this bullshit needs to be enforced onto the population. The only answer is the state. So, in the end, it is all about having the state control us and regulate entitlements. Because we are so ignorant, the government is supposed to tell us who deserves special treatment and while forcing us to give those poor people what they “deserve.” Do we really need the state to have even more control over our lives?

Instead of crying about what you feel you deserve, if you want anything in this world, you must earn it. Does everyone deserve respect? No. You earn it by being someone who is respectable. Do people deserve freedom and rights? Hell no. Whatever “freedom” and “rights” you have, you must be able to defend it and assert it. You want power and success? Do your best and don’t give up, you’ll increase your chances of attaining them. But that still does not mean that you deserve it; the game of life doesn’t always award you for your efforts. In fact, you don’t even deserve to live. You live because you can. You live because you fight for your existence, not because you or others think you deserve it.

As soon as you start to think in terms of deserving something, you will wither down and become weak. As a man, you must take what you want using your will and ability; nothing else matters.

The reason why our society is so degenerate is precisely because of this sense of entitlement. Look what our society teaches us: disabled people deserve respect, gays deserve respect just because, trans people deserve respect because they have it so hard, women deserve respect even if she’s an irresponsible whore, minorities deserve respect because they were/are victims, morbidly obese people deserve respect even though they made their beds, everyone deserves respect regardless of who they are and what value they possess. Once you reach that point where respect is handed out to everyone without a condition, the very concept of respect becomes meaningless. When everyone deserves respect, no one can become respectable. This applies to everything where the word “deserve” is used.

We must defy this idiocy that is being forced down upon us. And as a pledge, I will not be expecting anyone to offer me things. I’ll be grateful if I get help and support, but I will never believe that I deserved them. But that also means that I will not be granting anyone anything just because they think it’s their innate right. People are going to have to earn whatever it is that they want from me if they want it so bad. This equalist lie of the whole of humanity deserving respect must be torn down and burned.

Just say no to the entitled beggars. Kill the voice inside you that says, “I deserve…”

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  1. Universal suffrage leads to a welfare state and state handouts (those, who promise more of them wins the popular vote). They, in turn, disincentives net tax contributors (and make net tax beneficiaries more and more impudent – after all, it’s not a CHARITY from a REAL PERSON they receive, but a guaranteed payment from an abstract organisation – a state; it is their right, their entitlement for being voting citizen). This eventually leads to national insolvency and the end of the state.

    USA and Europe, economically, have a tremendous margin of safety (including stellar credit rating that allows them to borrow endlessly, passing the burden of repayment toward the next generations) built by the industrious people of previous generations. But the end will be the same – just look at the history of a USSR, a radical left, egalitarian, “post-national”, “post-racial”, post-family state. It managed to stay afloat for 70 years. Entitlement society might outlive any of us, but the reality will take it toll.

    You can’t fight the tide. But you can be prepared. The only thing it takes is to see the reality through imaginary concepts of what the state tries to sell to you. This will not make life any easier for you though, and will probably make it harder.

    • Do you really think the USSR dissolved for any other reason than American was more powerful and asserted its will ?? Capitalism didnt trump Communism. One force overcame the other. And I can guarantee you people inside the eastern bloc had a far LESS sense of entitlement than those in the west.

      • > Do you really think the USSR dissolved for any other reason than American was more powerful and asserted its will ?

        Well, last time I checked both North Korea and Cuba were still ruled by radical left dictators, so yes, I’m pretty sure about it.

        As for feeling of entitlement among Eastern Europeans – you don’t have to tell me that, I happen to be Russian living in the West.

        • I’m not being obtuse but I don’t see how you proved your point ??

          I thought you might be slavic by the name allright.

    • Exactly. An even more recent example is my country of birth, Venezuela. 40 years of corrupt social democracy morphed into a communist dictatorship, now in power for almost 20 years. The result is that the country sits on top of the world’s largest oil reserves, its potential wealth is enormous, however people are starving, infrastructure is crumbling, and the country is submerged in an orgy of violent crime that could probably be better described as a low-intensity civil war.

  2. Hey Corey just recently came across your blog after seeing many of your articles on ROK. Just wanted to commend you on a great site with some terrific advice for real men out there looking to take control of their lives and be epic. Totally agree with this article-the world owes us nothing but way too many whiny pussy males and females have come to expect all the entitlements without much merit. I hope through these channels to find more like minded men who truly get it and want to rise above the herd.

    Keep up the great work!

  3. You could easily write a book on this subject and include both my generation (X) as well as Milennials. You earn. You take. Everything given to you without your asking or without your effort leads to entitlement as well as a low grade narcissism, which leads to an entire class of people screaming “I deserve…”.

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