One Small Action Is The Catalyst For A Big Change

If you want to make a big change, you must start small and simple.

We live in a culture obsessed with quick fixes and big results. The consequence? People start doing things they planned for themselves only to quit when they realize that the expected quick results aren’t showing. Then they complain about the fact that successful people are just ‘lucky’ and moan about how the unfair the world is. They will go back to being average and disgruntled until the next thing comes around with the same promise of quick fix for their life problems. And the cycle continues.

Average and low-grade people stay stuck in their lives because they choose to. They don’t want to change because changing is hard. Besides, it’s far easier to rationalize and make excuses to continue living the way they always have and do the same things that they’ve always done.

Great people, on the other hand, have a certain irrationality to them. They are people who are sick of being average and refuse to accept their bullshit life conditions as being normal. They refuse to let things stay the same. They are so fed up that they’re willing to do whatever it takes to make changes and turn their lives around. Their restlessness is their desire to thrive.

The problem with most people is that they are incapable of completely transforming their own lives without hitting rock bottom first. This is because the average person is incapable of conjuring the force of his will until his very existence is under threat. While it’s enticing to think that you may be able to unleash this hidden force within you whenever you choose to, it’s mostly impossible unless you already possess the discipline and drive necessary to do so.

So, instead of suddenly forcing yourself to become a person that you’re not, condition your body and mind step by step in the direction that you want to go. You will discover that your goals can change over time and you don’t always follow the path that you thought you would.

Also remember that change is a continuous process. And that process it is not linear; you will have your ups and downs. But if you are solely focused on the end result, it is inevitable that no matter how much progress you make, you will continuously feel inadequate about not already being at the summit. Instead of having a goal-oriented mindset, you must strive for a process-oriented mindset where you focus on growth and let the results surface on their own.

Start now by focusing on one small change you can make in your life. Think of something that is important to you personally that would enable you to grow as a person. It’s best to have a big and abstract goal in mind first, and then to think of a starting action that is small and tangible. Once your chosen action is established, the steps are quite simple: Make the small change, turn it into a routine, and build on from there. As you continue to make the dedication of putting in action day after day, you will develop the discipline that will enable you to take on greater tasks in the future.

Here are some ideas on changes that you can start today:

  • Get rid of your television (or Netflix)
  • Stop playing video games
  • Stop watching porn
  • Cut out all processed sugar from your diet
  • Dedicate at least an hour a day towards developing a new skill
  • Read or write something everyday
  • Make direct eye contact with everyone you interact with
  • Start saying ‘no’ to time drainers
  • Practice meditation
  • Go out of your way to do something that you’re afraid to do on a daily basis

Remember, start with just one action. Keep at it and it will automatically become the catalyst for the overall transformation of your life. This works because everything that you do in your life is intricately interconnected with your whole being. Discipline in one area will translate to discipline in all other areas of your life. With time, the results will be inevitable.

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