More and More People Are Accepting Primal Lifestyle

Industrialized societies thus far have been advancing towards efficiency and productivity while new technologies have been developed to make our lives more comfortable and pleasurable. But along the way, we have forfeited qualities that make us human in essence.

Because of this rapid advancement of technology, we have been forced to adapt and change our lifestyles to fit the artificial environment that we have created for ourselves. The consequence of this grand shift is apparent and have been laid bare for us to witness in the form of mental, physical, and existential decline. As one example, humans have been suffering for several millennia since the transition to agriculture and it’s only been in recent times—and only in select parts of the world—that we have been able to reverse many of these consequences. And even then, modern processed food has only ended up creating new health problems for us.

And now, as advanced societies have developed to a point of luxury and people have a better knowledge of themselves and their environment, a new trend has been sprouting out. You’ll have noticed that much of new developments today focus on clean and renewable energy, creation of green spaces, and so on. The technology of the future tries to make us work with nature rather than exploit it.

Many average people have taken the cue as well and are promoting various lifestyle changes that honour our natural state of being. These lifestyle changes try to revert much of the negative effect that have been made as a result of living in a modern and artificial world. Here are some examples:

Paleo Diet

Paleo diet is based on the simple idea that we should be following the diet that we have been evolved for. While there are many theories and ideas on how to best optimize your diet this way, the general approach is to increase the intake of healthy meat and fresh fruits & vegetables (organic) while reducing or completely eliminating food high in carbohydrates, genetically modified food, processed sugar, and processed food in general, from your diet.

Considering the modern-day epidemic of obesity, heart disease, and other ailments, the Paleo diet stands as the obvious alternative to lead a healthier life. It also stands as a model example of how superior Primal lifestyle is in comparison to the modern-day lifestyle by showing that you can simply enhance your life by going natural.

Going Barefoot

Barefoot walking, running, and training is thought to reduce injuries while allowing you to run faster with increased comfort. While companies like Vibram produce shoes which look like gloves for your feet, there are people who simply advocate going pure barefoot. When your feet are not trapped inside your shoes, they are able to practice greater flexibility and allow you to be in intimate contact with the ground you’re walking on. Some people even claim that your feet can allow you to remember the specific terrain you walk on.

Going Shampooless

Shampoos have only been around since the 1930’s, but today, it already seems like one of those products that you can’t live without. An increasing number of people, however, have decided to experiment foregoing the use of shampoo in favour of rinsing their hair with just water and perhaps some natural ingredients like baking soda or olive oil.

The idea behind going shampooless is that shampoo is a chemical detergent that not only cleans the hair, but strips away your natural oil and causes damage in the process. When your scalp loses all its natural oil from shampoo use, it compensates by overproducing the natural oil and turns your hair greasy in just few days. This prompts you to continue using shampoo again and again for the profit of those who manufacture them.

Most of those who go shampooless (many have gone years without using one) stand by it and exalt its virtues of healthier and more beautiful hair that doesn’t smell.

Minimalist Lifestyle

Minimalism is another recent fad that has been gaining a momentum. The idea is to reduce your material possessions to lessen your worries about material things that are not essential so that you can focus on things that are truly important in life such as health, friendship, knowledge, experience, etc. It is not merely an act of getting rid of objects, but a process of freeing yourself from our materialist and consumerist culture. Life feels free once you’re no longer a hostage to your own possessions.

Awareness of the Negative Impact of Sedentary Lifestyle

While transportation, comfortable office jobs, and entertainment media have been promoted as progress during the past decade or so, it seems no one in the past was able to foresee the negative health impact of modern sedentary lifestyle. The act of sitting for several hours a day is the silent killer that most people don’t seem to be aware of, and it has only been in recent times that the full extent of its harm have been revealed. Sitting is so harmful that even regular exercise fails to negate its harms.

Because of how entrenched our culture is with the machines and devices we use, there hasn’t been an adequate solution to this problem other than to be more active whenever possible.


There are few others that I haven’t mentioned above, such as sunlight lamps made to simulate sunlight, sandbag training that simulates primal hunters carrying games, calisthenics and functional exercises in place of gym machines, natural remedies in place of chemical drugs, etc.

I predict that in the near future, we will witness a greater acceptance of these Primalist lifestyles that promote enhanced health, ability, and well-being with many more new ideas on the way. And they will only advance faster as our knowledge expands and technology develops to reverse the damages of the previous developments.

That said, it is up to the individual himself to decide whether or not to adopt the Primalist lifestyle. The vast majority of the people will still continue to abide by the current norms of society and will be resistant to change. Expecting technological breakthroughs and social education to fix all wrongs is folly. Only you get to decide your own life.

If you do decide to embark upon this journey, do a bit of research and try your best to experiment on your own. See if you can discover new ways to enhance your being. There is still much more to discover about ourselves that we may not be aware of.

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