Preview of the Upcoming Book: ‘Man’s Fight for Existence’

I first got the idea to write my book back in 2013 when a flood of ideas came to me as a revelation. I knew I had a profound vision of the world that I wanted to share with everyone, but I had no experience in writing and my language skills were far too inadequate. Each time I tried to write, I would get stuck immediately. The ideas I wanted to express were too complex for my skills.

So, instead, I decided to practice first by doing other writing through blogs and writing two short books on completely different topics. In the mean time, I recorded my ideas for the book on a notebook and my ideas evolved over time with more revelations coming to me.

After two years, I felt the time way ripe for me to start writing the book. It was still a struggle, but I started to make progress. I originally planned to take my time and come up with the ultimate book on life and world. I imagined it would be around 500 to 1000 pages long and would take about five years or so to complete. I planned to read dozens of books to come up with more ideas that I would incorporate into my book. But then, early in 2016, a sense of urgency stuck me. I now felt compelled get this book out  as soon as possible. I decided that it could be shorter and more concise and still hold all the core ideas without cluttering it with words. I knew I had the skill to say in a single sentence what others would in pages. I also changed the frame of the book from a philosophy to a manifesto. This book was now planned as an impetus for action.

After almost a year of struggle, the book is now almost ready for publication. I sacrificed a lot to write this and I sincerely believe that it will be the most important work of philosophy and politics of our times.

The Book

The cover has already been finalized:

To describe the image briefly, the three circles you see represent the three planes of existence: Matter, Life, and Creation. You can see the DNA in the circle of Matter that opens the path to Life, and Man in the circle of Life who opens the path to Creation, and the mechanical tentacles on the circle of creation representing the System. Green and black were chosen as the primary colours to represent the contrast between what is natural (or primal) with what is artificial and, therefore, destructive to nature.

The book is divided into three parts: Part I – The Nature of Existence, Part II – Man Under the System, and Part III – Resistance.

Part I will discuss the philosophy of existence as all that is in the world and it will also touch upon the nature of Man and his creations.

Part II will discuss the nature of the System and its implications for the human race, present and future.

Part III will lay out the core tenets of Primalism and the steps for resistance.

The book is scheduled for a December 18th release in Kindle format and the paperback version will be out shortly afterwards.

If you have any questions about the book, feel free to ask in the comments section below.

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