It’s about time that we, men, start to form groups of our own to determine our own destiny.

After much delay, I have decided that there is no perfect time to start a movement. I have decided that the time is now.

If you have read my articles and my book, and understand the core principles of Primalism, then you are qualified to join us.

We are currently small, but we will continue to grow and we will grow exponentially. It is inevitable.

I have other projects that are coming up that will surely expand the movement greatly.

If you are ready, go to the contact page and send me an email with a basic of information of who you are and what motivates you to join us. Just remember that we are only looking for serious members who are ready to inflict change in this world. You will be expected to dedicate yourself to the group. If you cannot make that commitment, then this is not for you.

Once you send me an email, I will provide you with further instructions.

I hope to see you soon,



  1. Your comprehensive and deep analysis of our technologically advanced civilisation are very much in line with my own, and I find you write with skill. For the time being, I will continue to follow and contemplate your movement.

  2. Where were you Corey for this long period of time I visiting your website often and then you did not contributed any article to return of Kings too I was worried what happened to no article no message dead silence.

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