Schadenfreude and Validation

Schadenfreude and Validation

In every corner of the manosphere, you’re bound to find men engaging in two activities: relishing in schadenfreude and seeking validation for their anger.

Schadenfreude usually appears in the form of making fun of the demise of a feminist or a reckless woman and enjoy watching them reap what they sow. A man who frequently engages in schadenfreude may rationalize that what he’s actually doing is educating himself, but that is nothing but self-justification.

Validation for anger, on the other hand, appears in the form of venting out frustration from the past or current humiliation, or sharing damaging experience one has suffered through. It is natural for people to want to share their emotional pain, and the internet has become the primary medium for men today to express themselves.

But my question is: do these two do anything to improve the lives of men? Besides some antiphysical satisfaction, what do they even accomplish? The answer is that they do absolutely nothing to advance a man’s life.

Now, I’m not saying that seeking schadenfreude and validation for one’s emotions is necessarily a bad thing; I engage in them too. But if that’s all you’re doing without taking care to make tangible improvement in your own life, you are doing yourself a disservice. And I believe that there are many men who do this than they would like to admit.

Yes, you’re hurt and you’re angry. Yes, you’ll gain some satisfaction in seeing “justice” or karma prevail from time to time. Yes, you want to complain about how bad things are. It’s understandable why men feel this way and why they do these things, and I’m not trying to invalidate their experience, but that can’t be the end. If your identity in the manosphere solely revolves around your resentment, you’re no better than those whom you claim to hate.

If you truly despise these individuals, you shouldn’t let them neglect your own life by focusing on theirs. If they’re dictating your life in any way by poisoning your thoughts and emotions, they’ve already got a choke hold on your mind. And unless you have your own life straightened out, you shouldn’t be judging others to begin with.

They say that the best revenge is living well. Forget all the human trash of this world you know from your personal lives or through the internet, these people don’t deserve anymore of your attention. Instead of letting them plague your mind, focus on your own life. If you need to talk about your negative experiences, by all means, let the community support you, but don’t get stranded and don’t let the source of your anger define you. You deserve better than that.

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  1. Great article Corey. Agree 100%. While it is entertaining to watch the occasional train wreck of Feminism overall it does nothing to improve my own life. The focus should be on improving your own life not hating on other. Focus on what is good.

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