Shut Up About the White Genocide

Shut Up About the White Genocide

There’s been a recent trend of victim-playing by a marginal group of people on the Internet who cry that white people are facing discrimination, marginalization, and even genocide. While these individuals may have some legitimate concerns, their utter lack of organization, an absence of clear and tangible goal, and their insufferable loserdom makes them a hopeless and toxic rabble.

First, I want to start by saying that this is not a criticism of the white race in general. I don’t waste time with such childish generalizations and I stopped caring about race long time ago. Race really isn’t as important as some people want to believe and, as I’ll explain later, it’s often a sign of insecurity on the part of the sad souls who carry such burden.

The White Identitarians

To start with, the vast majority of those who obsess the most about race are losers who need to compensate for their shortcomings by attaching themselves to a greater identity. These are whom I refer to as pride leeches. These individuals are usually people who made absolutely no contribution to the advancement of the race they’re so proud of. They weren’t there to fight all the wars, they weren’t there to flourish the art and culture of their race, they had zero input in all the explorations and scientific discoveries, they had zero input in the Industrial revolution, nor did they battle through the harsh times of famine and economic depression. They have done nothing to advance their race. Yet, because they were merely born white and inherited the material world their forefathers had created, they feel they have the right to go on the Internet to promulgate the greatness they never achieved. As an anecdote, one of these individuals I saw on the Internet admitted to having a miserable and lonely life—and he spent inordinate amount of time complaining on the Internet how hard things are for a white man—but I guess he got some comfort in being able to advertise that he belonged to the most superior race.

It really doesn’t matter even if the proponents of the white genocide theory and white race superiority are big, strong, smart, educated, or financially successful (usually, they lack these qualities) because they fail at their own measure of what a strong race is. Just ask how many white children they have and you’ll hear them pout all sorts of excuses. The plain fact is that the vast majority of them have no children and won’t be having any in the near future. It is a complete joke that they want to complain about white “genocide” when they don’t even reproduce themselves. That fact alone should be enough to make it impossible for anyone to take them seriously.

White Genocide?

It’s important to understand exactly why white population is facing such a decline, something the white genocide theorists only do at a superficial level and just enough to justify playing the victim. First, the demographic issue needs to be divided into two: low birthrate (of whites) and immigration (of non-whites).

Low birthrate has number of factors, but above all, the most important factor is the high level of social development as represented by material wealth and education. The more educated the female population are and the more the people dedicate themselves to their materialist existence, the less children they are likely to have. This is a demographic trend that can be observed in many developed non-white nations including Japan, so it’s safe to say that the low birthrate of white population is hardly a result of some sinister “depopulation” agenda.

The second issue, immigration and multiculturalism, are mainly results of their nation’s decision to place economic growth above maintaining a native demographic landscape. It really is nothing but a lazy shortcut to maintain their desire for infinite growth without really thinking about their future. So while the white nationalists may be angry at their governments for not protecting the borders and maintaining a healthy number of native population, the plain fact is that most white people simply do not care about race enough to demand a government that keeps their country white. And if that is the case, it’s absurd to suggest that there is a conspiracy to reduce the white population, especially when white couples are not taking up the financial offer by their governments to have more children.

The plain fact is that the white keyboard warriors who bitch about genocide are able to do so comfortably in the safety of the Internet because they have the privilege of never having had to experience a real genocide like the one Armenians had to face a century ago. They don’t even know how pathetic they sound with the way they abuse the word “genocide.” Believing in a conspiracy that there is a plan to reduce and replace white population is like believing that there is an active conspiracy to make Americans obese and unhealthy. You can’t get a demographic trend, some words taken out of context, and conclude that there is a genocide project. Reproducing and setting your immigration policy is your responsibility.

The Blame Game

Even if it is true that there is a conscious human effort to reduce white population around the world, it doesn’t take long before all the noise about white genocide turns into a petty blame game with no end in sight. Even though there is no organized effort to kill off white population (the sordid situation in South Africa is the only place where one might say this is happening, albeit in a small scale) and even though no one is using force to stop white people from reproducing with one another, the white genocide theorists will always find someone or something to blame for their problems. The three most popular scapegoats are: the Jews, the Muslims, and the Leftists. And they are not just chosen for ideological reasons, they are needed to vent out anger and frustration.

I’m not some politically correct progressive who has a knee-jerk reaction to racism, but I do think much of this anger is misdirected to shy away from the real problem and to avoid taking responsibility. And the real problem is that white people have fallen into a degenerate culture of materialism and hedonism. The vast majority of young white people simply are not interested in having children and developing big families. They would rather party, travel, go to school, make money, and enjoy life than take up the burden of raising children. But even with all these facts, there will be those who continue blame Jews and their Cultural Marxism for corrupting white nations, making vague connections between Leftism and the declining white population. If that is so, then they will have to explain just why white societies are so weak and susceptible to manipulation by harmful influences while the supposedly less developed races aren’t.

If the issue of declining birthrate, multiculturalism, and evaporating identity are to be addressed, then there must be accountability. The truth must be faced: you let your women be drunken sluts, you can’t even protect your own borders, and you are all cowards for not fighting the government that has nothing but contempt for you. You can blame all you want and constantly live with your fantasies, but nothing will change because you are stuck in the cycle of status quo. You know you’re angry, but you don’t do anything about it.

What to do instead

It’s easy to just sit and criticize, so I’ll also offer alternative actions to be taken for those who see this as a serious issue rather than a hobby to distract themselves from their deficient lives.

1. Get off the Internet

Really, stop wasting your time. Bitching online and typing angry messages about all the people you hate won’t stop “white genocide.” Don’t be like the loser I mentioned above who would whine on the Internet on a daily basis about how hard it is for him to find a white woman for a relationship (while refusing to get off his computer and out his house). Remember that it’s always easier to complain than to take responsibility and do something about it.

2. Have at least two children

If the demographic decline of your race is really your biggest concern in life, then it really goes without saying that you should focus on having as much children as possible. It’s not my business to tell you how, but you can’t complain about “genocide” when you don’t even reproduce.

3. Forget about the bigger picture

If you think you can ever change things through national elections, you’re wasting your time. Watching all the white-nationalist, pride-leeches swoon over Donald Trump like teenage girls during his election campaign was a truly pathetic display. He doesn’t care for the white race and he will not do anything to save it. His wall was more of a metaphor than anything which he used to get himself elected. If you desire to shape the world, you must forget about the circus show and make it happen yourself. Real changes never come by the means of democracy.

4. Focus on your local community

As an individual or small groups, your best bet on preserving your race is to focus on the local rather than the whole. Build your community, support those in your area, and assert local power. Not all changes happen top to bottom, so learn to be more engaged in local politics (this will be a much harder task if you live in large cities). You should leverage your abilities to create changes where you can instead of pouring your attention to whatever catches your attention but may not be able to exert any influence.

5. Form active groups

Last and most importantly, active groups—whether in the form of political organizations or militias—need to be formed as the basis for any strong defense force or a movement for a future revolution. You must remember that the government is always the greatest enemy of men. On that note, I think the recent rally in Charlottesville, even with all the chaos and violence it caused, was an example of a step in the right direction. At least on this occasion they decided to come out in the open to assert themselves instead of hiding behind their computer screens.

I would like to note that the five actions above don’t necessary have to be limited to those who are fighting for the white race. They may and should be implemented by anyone with a serious political intention no matter what their views are.

To learn more about our changing world and how resistances form, read Man’s Fight for Existence.

2 thoughts on “Shut Up About the White Genocide

  1. >>>And the real problem is that white people have fallen into a degenerate culture of materialism and hedonism. The vast majority of young white people simply are not interested in having children and developing big families. They would rather party, travel, go to school, make money, and enjoy life than take up the burden of raising children. << easy conditions create weak men -> weak men create harsh conditions -> harsh conditions create strong men.
    The article was on point, Corey!

  2. being part Irish and Scottish (6 generations ago) ,
    we were defined as non white until about 1900…..the whole concept of “Race” more than 5000 years after the various tribes of the world started to mix very freely is beyond nonsense

    “Whiteness” isn’t real. Ultimately, race is a social construct, and “white” is just some dumb shit that people made up a long time ago to build a fence around their idea of self-supremacy. The Irish didn’t suddenly calm down, put down the Guinness, put their noses to the grindstone and work their way into an exclusive club. They had the same historical trajectory in America as the Polish, Italians and Jewish people. Their melanin-less skin just afforded them an opportunity to blend in that black people will never get.

    The “great white race” is as real as a mermaid riding a unicorn on the back of a dragon while listening to dope lyrics from Lil Uzi, and that’s why white supremacy is so stupid. People who perpetuate that bullshit should be paid the same attention as alt-right advocates, Hoteps, flat-earthers and anyone who owns an Iggy Azalea album.

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