Strength Comes From Intolerance

Intolerance has a bad name in our society. It’s a pity because it’s one of our most potent source of strength.

From an individual man to his group, intolerance serves as an indispensable tool to stamp out weakness and instill cohesion. It is essentially a guard against internal and external threats to your strength.

Of course, intolerance should not be the default mode of existence for any man or group. Tolerance and Intolerance are opposing forces to be used wisely depending on the circumstances. But the problem today is that our societies have become drunken with the idea of tolerance to a point where we are living in a state of decay.

We tolerate personal weakness, thereby rendering ourselves fragile and without passion. We tolerate hypersensitivity, causing today’s youth to turn into over-grown children. We practice tolerance in society and culture and welcome blight and degeneracy as a result.

Unbridled tolerance always has long-term repercussions.

It is not a coincidence that the two religions that dominate the world today both survived and expanded through intolerance. They would never have become as great as they are now by tolerating deviations that run counter to their core beliefs. The same is true for ideologies throughout history that were able to achieve great power and unity in short periods of time. Say whatever you may of their evils, but it is through sheer brute force and merciless persecution that they were able to secure their own existence against both internal and external threats.

Mastery depends on intolerance. The military trains men by filtering out the weak and by building a cohesive unit of soldiers. Lack of discipline is not tolerated. Lack of courage is not tolerated. Lack of honour is not tolerated. A warrior is carved out through strict elimination of all the things that is unbecoming of a warrior. Even in arts, the individual artist must not tolerate creating or performing anything short of his vision of excellence. His ideas may come and go freely, but he himself is rigid in his dedication for his art.

A strong body depends on intolerance. Men who develop their strength and endurance does so for they do not tolerate being weak. They just can’t accept failure and the thought of losing to someone stronger is unacceptable for them. The only tolerance they allow is the abuse their body takes.

Intolerance is especially necessary when conditions are scarce and environment, dangerous. Tolerance, on the other hand, can only thrive as a result of abundance, peace, and harmony.

To be strong in this world, you must fight back against the culture of tolerance that we are drowning in.

Be intolerant of your own personal weaknesses. Don’t make cheap excuses for your lack of grit and courage.

Be intolerant of comfort and petty pleasures. You don’t grow in comfort and unearned pleasures bring no glory.

Be intolerant of anything and everything that steals your time and attention away. Life is short and there is much to do.

Be intolerant of negativity and toxic individuals. You can improve your life much more by avoiding the bad than chasing the good.

Be intolerant of our society’s message of forced equality and acceptance. This mad social experiment is bound to collapse under its own weight, you must be resistant and ready for the unforeseen disasters that lie ahead.

By all means, continue to practice tolerance whenever it is necessary, but don’t neglect your strength-affirming power of intolerance.

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