The Art of Obsessive Focus

The Art of Obsessive Focus

You want something grand—a certain goal that is not easy to obtain or achieve. You are willing to dedicate your entire existence for this objective of yours.

What does it take? What will you have to do? But more importantly: just how bad do you want it?

To get anything of significance in this world, to make the progress necessary to live up to your ideal, you need a total and absolute focus. You must become obsessed with your object of desire so that your every waking moment is dedicated to your cause. In other words: you have to be mad.

A man with a burning desire, an indomitable will, and a passion to do whatever it takes doesn’t ask how he can motivate himself. His dedication answers all questions. His focus guides him. His violent drive conquers all obstacles.

For this man, pleasure becomes a distraction. Happiness ceases to matter. He is unable to enjoy anything unless he is living his mission.

Relationships don’t matter unless people who will help his cause enters his life. His singular focus on his goal will garner many followers and enemies alike.

Age becomes irrelevant. Some of the greatest warriors and leaders of the world fought into their 70s and beyond.

And above all, nothing encourages him more than having people tell him that he can’t. He is more than willing to prove them wrong. He won’t defend himself with words, he will simply strike back with results.

For the ultimate goal, there isn’t necessarily an absence of fear, but one is driven to push on in spite of it. No pain is too harsh to cause discouragement for there is no greater pain than not putting more effort.

When a man wants something so bad, he no longer cares if the goal is attainable or not. The mission itself transcends above any thought regarding the possibility of success or failure. With this outlook, the mind is utterly focused and nothing becomes impossible; the entire life energy is concentrated on doing the best that one can. When the outcome no longer matters, neither does life itself.

No price is too high and no sacrifice is too great for this man. There is no law or moral code that will stop him or slow him down. He fears no judgement and he wants no rewards. It’s not enough that the end guides his means; the end and means become the one and same thing for the man in his pursuit.

He learns to enhance his abilities to succeed. He trains to be strong enough to tackle his adversaries. He grows and develops in accordance to the plan alone. His ego melts away for a higher purpose.

This man is a fanatic who finds peace in war. He is restless for action—a chance for him to prove his worth even at the face of certain doom. He would rather die fighting than live with dishonour.

Nothing can affect him. He is beyond embarrassment, beyond condemnation, beyond petty feelings, and beyond the past life that no longer exists. Nothing can hold him down or change his mind anymore. He has nothing to lose and nothing to gain.

This is the ideal man for the Primalist movement. This is the perfect warrior that we should all strive to be. This is who we are.

Nothing else matters other than our fight for existence.

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