The Fall of the Manosphere

The Fall of the Manosphere

I saw it coming and it can no longer be denied: the manosphere is dead and we have killed it.

The manosphere is dead from within. It is a mere shell, a collection of websites with no focus and no direction. It has gone stale and it has been hijacked by right-wing rabbles who are resembling the feminists and social justice warriors more and more with each passing day. Sure, there are still lot of resources that may still be useful to young and unexperienced men who have been abandoned by the society, but that’s it. The manosphere has stopped evolving and it is now in the stage of degeneration, serving as a beacon for all the lowlife dregs who just want to vent out their anger and jerk each other off.

The manosphere has become no better than the feminist publications with all the negative garbage they pump out using click-bait headlines and outrage-inducing themes. Most of these materials serve no purpose other than to attract visitors to generate cash. (I must admit I’ve done the same during my time writing for Return of Kings and, to a lesser extent, this blog as well). Really, who cares what insane statement a feminist made or if Lindsay Lohan now considers herself a Muslim? In turn, the readers themselves no longer visit the sites to help their lives, but to engage in outrage reading to pump up their sense of moral superiority to pass time. The whole gig has become nothing but a pathetic circus for men to entertain themselves with, stewing in their own frustrations.

The manosphere should have evolved into a proper movement for men or at least a recognizable force to be reckoned with. But instead, victim mentality started to germinate in the form of MGTOW, a sorry bunch of men poisoned with negativity and hate. This contributed to the division within the manosphere which already was a minority among the male population. But MGTOW is not the only group guilty of this. All sorts of men from the “save the white race” bunch to the “I hate leftists” rabbles engage in similar pity-seeking, hate-spewing, anger-masturbation that leads to nowhere. If all you do is go to websites to absorb negative information and spew out your own negativity in return, what exactly are you doing with your life?

But above all, Trump is possibly the worst thing that has ever happened to the manosphere. The manosphere should have been a movement for men by men, but it was practically hijacked by Trump’s election campaign when dissatisfied men of all strata were swooned like teenage Justin Bieber fans. The knight in the shinning armour gave them hope for change and they all jumped on the bandwagon thinking that Trump will grant them their wish of defeating feminism, fighting against political correctness, restoring national identity, and whatever else they have in their political wish list. Instead of remaining neutral in the unwinnable and pointless political drama, hordes of men latched onto Donald Trump, becoming the intolerable pride leeches.

With the new political dynamic brought on by Donald Trump, it was practically inevitable for the same group of men to fall into the Left vs. Right trap. Everyone should know by now that this false dichotomy is nothing but a distraction to keep the masses fighting amongst one another in a never ending struggle. A struggle where the only winners are those at the top. And this is where we are now: bunch of unorganized men being distracted by useless drama that has command over their short-sighted and petty minds.

Perhaps I’m being petty and egotistical as well, expecting men to think and do what I believe is the correct path. This is why I have largely removed myself the drama and currently in the process of re-evaluating my role. But whatever I may think, it does not change the fact that the manosphere is lost. It has been fragmented, it has no clear direction, and it has no future. This only signifies that there is an opportunity for a new movement that is both bold and purposeful to stand out and take charge as the beacon for men’s future.

For the time being, I urge any and all readers of mine to disengage from all the nonsense that is spewing from the other websites that offer nothing of substance. If you want real change, your best bet is to do something on your own. If not, it’s still better for you to cleanse your mind of all the garbage that gets passed around in the sphere. And on that note, I would like to announce that I will be inactive for the time being. No concrete decision has been made for what will come in the future.

4 thoughts on “The Fall of the Manosphere

  1. I enjoy your blog, I am no doubt older than you audience at 49 I have 4 grown children and and
    6 grandchildren with a 7 th in its way.

    I have 4 kids 3 different women and raised them all I have been married for 25 years and manage the house hold income and make more money than my wife, I have been a manual laborer all my life and
    never spent one day on unemployment or laid off.

    I grew up in a time when men learned to be men from adversity and tough times, not from reading books, despite having a father in my important
    years. You grew tough because you had to be.

    I like the young guys like you who seem to be wise beyond your years. Love your book!

    Keep posting the older dogs like the strength your putting out!

  2. It’s funny, the more I become at ease in my skin, at ease in my ability to bring women pleasure and joy en masse, at ease in my confidence in the, now actually visible, abundance of women that vie for my attention, the more I find myself not giving a shit about the old masturbatory-type tripes I once did.

    Head lines that used to draw me in whole heartedly and served as the source of my bloviations every day like, “NEW REVELATIONS ABOUT THE HILLARY SCANDAL!” or “CAN YOU BELIEVE IT! ANTIFA JUST BEAT UP ANOTHER VET!” don’t even phase me anymore. I just don’t give a shit BECAUSE I am now living a life of ACTUAL abundance.

    While the world burns, I’ll be right here in the middle of the dance floor, dancing (like complete shit) with the 5 hotties in the club, that the meta-masturbaters are too busy to dance with because they want to point to each, “hey look! the world is on fire!” and jerk each other about how much they hate Obama and his henchmen. Seriously, who gives a fuck. Mr. Primal Bro is hitting the nail on the fucking head here.

    tl;dr? Readers here that this tune resonates with, stake a claim in a direction in life, cultivate a life of abundance, and turn off the news, for there are girls to enjoy! You’ll find the more you focus your life on your mission, the more the petty schmuck noise that emanates from this planets every hole (news, Madonna’s new tit job, Miley Cyrus trans-op, etc.) is merely a distraction and undeserving of your concern and attention.

    You get one gas tank of attention, where will you use your gas?

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