The Masculine Trinity of Testosterone

The Masculine Trinity of Testosterone

Testosterone is the one hormone that encapsulates what it means to be a man. It is what gives us masculine desire and drive necessary to push forth in this world. Without testosterone, you would be an empty shell of a man—a man without what the ancient Greeks called thumos. Testosterone, without a shred of doubt, is the very embodiment of masculinity.

There are three realms of man’s life that are both fueled and guided by testosterone: Aggression, Dominance, and Sex. These three interconnected attributes combine to form the Masculine Trinity. Mankind today is the direct result of men’s ability to utilize the Masculine Trinity for their existence.

Let’s take a look at its three individual components separately.


Aggression is the basis from which men establish their individual status and the boundaries of their tribe. And it is testosterone that drives men towards aggression both to protect themselves and to exert themselves. While aggression comes in many forms, violence is its ultimate form from which all others are based upon—it is a way of imposing power and it is also the final answer to all transgressions.

Men have an innate desire to be aggressive and act in violence. While we have been taught by society that violence is abnormal and deviant, our nature tells us the truth. It is men’s default state to be violent. Men derive an emotional high from aggression and have an unquenchable lust for violence. Even the majority of today’s docile men take pleasure in seeing violence through their television and computer screens. Given chance, men will unleash their primal drive for kill; it’s been demonstrated time and time again throughout history. I would go as far as to say that men today are facing a perpetual, nihilistic ennui due to the fact that they are starving from lack of violence.

Besides violence, aggression can also be practiced in non-violent ways in the form of threats and intimidation. People often use the term ‘aggression’ to describe maneuvers in business or battle of words. And while these manifestations may also involve testosterone and be deemed aggressive, they’re not the kind of physical aggression that is being referred here. Those may be closer to man’s pursuit of power through dominance.


All men desire to dominate or at least be part of something greater than themselves to assert their dominance. For this reason, testosterone fuels men’s competitive drive for power. And as with violence, men throughout history have demonstrated great appetite for power and glory, which have led to many triumphs and downfalls—with many lives sacrificed along the way.

Men compete for dominance in two spheres: intra-group and inter-group. Within a group, man vies for the leadership position among his peers to be the Alpha male. And once the group’s hierarchal structure is established, the group competes with other groups for the dominance of their tribe.

To secure power necessary for dominance over others, a man must demonstrate his worth through strength, skill, wit, and charisma. Power struggle is inevitable in any masculine hierarchy and organization. Any tribe without masculine drive for power would be lost.


Man’s sexual impulse is among his greatest drives. Consider the fact that you are a product of an uninterrupted line of sexual reproduction since the dawn of life. Your very existence demands that you perpetuate your existence through your genes.

Man’s desire for sex is such that it can easily consume him and define his very existence. One of the greater challenges that every man must face in his life is to master his sexuality lest he be mastered by it.

While testosterone fuels a man’s sex drive, his sexual success depends on many other factors such as his ability to garner material wealth, his physical strength, his skills related to aggression and dominance, and more. Therefore, a man’s sexual success is a potent display of his value as a man (at least value as determined by his social setting).

Masculine Trinity

The power of Masculine Trinity is that it perpetuates itself due to how testosterone works. With aggression, testosterone gives rise to aggression, and violence in turn gives rise to testosterone. The two are intricately connected and supports one another. With dominance, testosterone induces a man’s desire for dominance, and the possession of power reinforces his high level of testosterone. In fact, just having confident body posture and attitude is enough to increase your testosterone level by up to 30%. And lastly, high level of aggression and dominance induced by testosterone will ensure the sexual success of a man simply due to his aura of masculinity. His sexual prowess would simply be a confirmation of his worth—sex should not be something a high status man must labour to obtain.

Any man who thinks about masculinity must be aware of his testosterone, the spirit of his existence. He who cultivates his Masculine Trinity is bound to actualize his being and enjoy a life of fulfillment. It is a fire to be kindled within you for the rest of your life. Guard it and honour it.

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