The Nature of Failures

Failure is inevitable if you want to succeed. Success can only be built from numerous failures. Practice is nothing but constant error correction and mastery is a result of repetitive practice. Failures exist to teach you what is correct and to guide you to the right path.

Failure can come in different forms, ranging from a deliberate decision you make to falling short of your expected performance. Whatever they may be, you can always learn from them. You may not be able to reverse the result or get another chance to get it right, but you will always experience a lesson.

The nature of failure is that it is a realization. Nothing could be a failure if you do not recognize it as such. Knowing that you failed is the first step towards change, so as long as that is your intention. Some people live all their lives being failures without even knowing it. They are unaware of the error of their existence.

The nature of failure is that it exists in the past. Whether it was a wrong decision you made years ago or a mistake that you made just few seconds ago, it does not matter—it has already passed. Once you recognize your failure, your only option is to respond to the best of your abilities. Self-pity, regret, and discouragement are your enemies.

What you do with failure is up to you. You can use it to mope, complain, and put yourself down. Or, you can use it to learn, reflect, and renew your effort to do better.

I myself have failed many times in the past and will probably continue to fail in new and different ways. I have also failed in my failures by not making the best of them.

I failed by trying too many things that I gave up far too easily.

I failed by spending my golden years of youth with mindless entertainment and gratification that brought no value to my life.

I failed by not being bold enough, not being open-minded enough, and by not being focused enough.

I failed by allowing unimportant matters to vex me while neglecting matter that are important to me.

I failed by lacking awareness and by being untrue to myself.

Have I learned my lessons from these failures? Yes, I have.

Have I corrected them? Not entirely. Some failures require more time and dedication to change than others.

Failure to act due to the fear of failure is the greatest act of failure. It is an indication of a scarcity mindset that traps you within the confines of your own mind. Remember that life is not a roadway that splits into ‘right’ path and the ‘wrong’ path. It’s a thick jungle where you explore and create your own path.

Accept failure with an openness and let it guide your heart.

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