The One Factor for Social Change

The One Factor for Social Change

People of today who immerse themselves in the political world always speak of things that “should” be done to solve social issues and spend an inordinate amount of time reading, writing, watching, arguing, and regurgitating their already established opinions. But the matter of fact is this: they aren’t doing anything of significance to influence the world around them. I can’t help but get the impression that the majority of people treat politics the same way they treat entertainment sports or celebrity gossip: simply a way to pass time by getting emotional over things they are mere spectators of. But we should all know by now that bitching and squabbling on the Internet is not going to do anything.

If you are tired of all the political drama and want to do something more substantial than just sitting in front of your computer, you must understand the fundamentals facts regarding social change.

The first thing you must understand is that democracy will not lead to lasting changes. It will tweak things here and there that might effect your life, but overall, it will not lead to a societal transformation. Most likely you won’t even notice any difference in your personal life no matter which candidate or party is in power. Introducing a small daily habit will likely do more to improve your life than electing a leader of your choice—but guess which of the two most people spend their time and energy on. As someone has said before, democracy (and by extension, the System) was specifically designed to prevent changes from happening. You’ll do well to keep that in mind.

The second fact about our world is that change must come radically. If you are seeking slow and gradual transformation of society and culture, you are wasting time. You might as well sit and wait for a tree to grow or float around on an ocean until you arrive at your destination. Except for the gradual changes in culture and the way of life shaped by materialist progress, almost all major societal changes have come through wars, revolutions and scientific breakthroughs that came suddenly and spread rapidly. It should also be noted that these great transformations were often violent and chaotic. Any change you desire to see in this world must therefore materialize through a revolution.

The third is the importance of a focused and actionable goal. The political movement or organization that seeks change must concentrate their efforts on a singular goal that is reasonably attainable. The political force must not be scattered into fighting for vague and unimportant matters; it must direct all its energy towards hitting where it counts, where there will be consequences. Any political action without a purpose or goal is doomed to fail.

The final and the most crucial point is that you must be extreme and fanatical. You cannot be lukewarm and treat your political involvement like a hobby; it is not a game you play outside of your work time. You must dedicate yourself to the advancement of your cause and you must demonstrate it through your actions rather than words. You must become a revolutionary.

And to make all this happen, there is one single factor that must come into play. This is the one source of power that was the beginning point of all successful changes throughout the history of mankind. It is only thing that allows for the possibility of a real and lasting change in any society. This factor is the mobilization of the people.

If you look back at all the turning points in history that brought about major changes, they were all started by group of people who shared a common political drive: the rise and spread of Christanity and Islam, American Revolution, French Revolution, the Bolshevik takeover Russia, the rise of National Socialism in Germany, Ireland’s fight for their country, Algeria’s war for independence, Women’s Suffrage Movement, the Civil Rights Movement, the revolution in Iran that overthrew the Shah, and many more. All of these movements, without exception, were driven to success by capable leaders and their devoted followers. There is no other way to change the world around you.

The method itself is not too important. You can use violent terrorist tactics like Osama bin Laden or lead a peaceful movement like Ghandi and still succeed. But no matter what, you must start by creating an organization with a mission.

Size, too, doesn’t matter. While many people seem to think that it’s important to get the masses onto their side before any action can be taken (a flawed thinking adopted from living under “democracy” all their lives), what matters more is the force of will and persistence.

It should also be noted that mobilization alone doesn’t guarantee change. Countless groups and movements throughout history have been beaten, persecuted, and crushed out of existence. But if you are unwilling to mobilize and fight for your beliefs, you will have no chance to begin with.

Right now, while the masses are slowly starting wake from their slumbers, the vast majority of them can’t seem to take the simple step of mobilizing and organizing themselves into cohesive groups. Even when they do form groups based on shared opinions, far too many of them are disorganized and bereft of a focused objective to strive for. If anything, most seem content to vent out on the Internet and engage in other antiphysical activities that validate their egos.

If you are different from the rest and you want to fight for a real change, then you must take the initiative to form a group no matter how small. You cannot wait for a saviour to come and rally you, you cannot wait for the “right time” that may never come, you cannot expect mere words and ideas to change the world when you don’t even have the courage to materialize them into a real and tangible force.

This is why I have started the Primalist ideology as a movement that will stand out from the rest as a serious organization dedicated to real-life transformation. If you are ready for something new in this degenerating world of ours, read Man’s Fight for Existence to open your eyes and be born again.

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