The System

The System

What is the System?

I have referred to the so-called “System“ several times throughout my articles. You may have had a general idea about what I was referring to based on the context, but I think it’s now time to go into details regarding its nature.

I use the capital letter ‘S’ to refer to the System to emphasize its unique entity and position of power in our modern world where it is continuously tightening its grip over the entirety of mankind. To understand its immense and complex identity, you must first understand that the System is a complete combination of multiple sub-systems that dominate every aspect of human existence. This includes centralized governments, the banking system, multi-national corporations, the media, the military-industrial complex, and so on. All systems, both visible and invisible, are part of its totality. It is beyond a single nation state, and as a global system, has its influence over nearly all the peoples around the world.

Next, you must understand that the System is practically independent of human control. Sure, certain powerful figures may have more influence over the System than the rest of the population, but it remains a being that functions and grows on its own, undeterred by human interference. One way to think of it is to see it as a virus. A virus doesn’t have a conscious entity of its own, but it functions independently to do the basic sets of behaviour it was designed to do: infect, replicate, and spread. The System does the same thing except as a global socioeconomic entity that grows perpetually by subjugating humans under its control. The individual human beings within the System are like individual cells that make up an organism. Every man within the System functions as a cog in the machine by doing his job, paying taxes, engaging in consumption, and by reproducing future members to replace himself. The more humans there are to extract, produce, and consume, the faster it grows. And all that the System wants is growth without bounds, growth above all else.

The most visible faces of the System are the multinational corporations and the technocratic governments. The former works hard to pave way for material expansion and promote the cult of consumerism while the latter ensures that all of this take place smoothly by keeping the people under control and by enforcing social and cultural standards that are most conducive to the System’s primary directive of material expansion. It’s no secret that these two entities work hand-in-hand to maximize their dominance over the population in much of today’s industrialized societies.

And what does the System have in store for the human race? Simple, it wants humans to function like machines in their jobs; it wants to spread junk food and other types of processed and modified foods that generate wealth while wrecking the public health; it wants to implement a culture of status anxiety where people buy things out of insecurity or avarice while doing everything they can to garner attention for fame; it employs government forces to spy and repress the people; it initiates globalist forces to bring about chaos and destruction to whatever nations and peoples that refuse to submit to its control; and so on. Even with all these happenings, most people are simply too ignorant and indifferent to the conditions that they live under. Some even enjoy the hedonism and the lavish lifestyle they can afford under the System and see no reason for a change.

There are, however, many people who do find severe flaws with the conditions that they live under, but they point to the System only to misidentify it or recognize just a single facet of it. Those on the Left, especially the communists, see the System and cry out “capitalism” and “imperialism.” Those on the Right see it and talk of the evils of “big government” and “socialism.” The environmentalists see the destruction of the natural world wrought on by our modern society. The traditionalists see efforts to dismantle the old order while diluting cultural and racial plurality. And many more who are less aware are only able to identify individual problems that arise from their respective societies without understanding the fundamental cause of it all. None of them are entirely wrong, but what these people fail realize with their limited understanding is that they’re all pointing to the one and same entity that is the System, the monster with many faces.

Meanwhile, some see a conspiracy of elites who want to control the world, whether they be the Illuminati, Rothchilds, those behind the NWO project, the Jews, the reptilians, or whatever. But by using the Savage razor, we know that it doesn’t matter who may or may not be running the System. It is the effect that matters, not the cause. As mentioned above, the System runs itself as an independent body without the need for human overlords. It alone is the master of its own destiny that merely uses powerful men to control other men. And regardless of who may be at the top, the System is not a beast that can be defeated by cutting off its heads, for it will simply grow them back.

In the end, what’s important to know is that the System dictates every aspect of your life whether you are aware of it or not.

From a young age, you’ve most likely have been forced into an educational institution to be conditioned and domesticated without any option to refuse it. That had been the first step towards turning you into an obedient subject who passively sits to absorb whatever is fed to you by the System, training you to be a “productive” member of the society. You’ve also been bombarded from a young age with advertisements that target your desires, hopes, and insecurities to turn you into a consumerist slave. Many don’t realize that they’ve been trained like an animal in a cage to buy unnecessary things for the momentary pleasure and to flaunt their status. As you mature, you will have been prompted to work for the government or a corporation (unless you are able to form your own business that still serves the System) to keep the giant machine running—for the rest of your life. You are merely an economic unit. You are to obey, work, and consume for each and every day of your measly life until your last breath. That is your fate in the System.

What are the consequences?

The System has number of implications for the human race.

Because the System sees human beings as mere resources to keep itself running, people who serve the System become dehumanized as mere economic units. Not only that, but the System works hard to engineer human thought and behaviour to conform to its needs.

The System subjects the human race to antiphysical mode of existence that runs contrary to the primal nature of man. The System needs to exploit men’s labour and use them as drones to keep its machines running at full speed and beyond. Men must be confined in factories, office buildings, and be surrounded by machines for much of their lives to continue slaving away for the System. These same men are then paid money to engage in material and antiphysical consumption to numb themselves of their meaningless existence, to chase one pleasure after another, to buy one consumer good after another, to absorb the countless forms of media that merely stimulate their senses, and to continue living just for the privilege of being able to experience false reality through electronic screens.

The System has destroyed relationships by turning all forms of human intimacy into transactions. We are now made to see other humans as objects for material gain, objects for attention and validation, and objects to feed our own egos. The System needs to destroy the tribe and family to turn all individuals into atomized economic units who desire to feed their own narcissism through consumption. To this end, women were “liberated” and given “equality” so that they can work for their own material gain, while husbands were replaced with governments, destroying entire generations of families in the process. Gender antagonism that arose as a result is the System’s doing. The System will destroy anything human if it means increased material growth for itself; it does not concern itself with human atomization or broken relationships.

The System has also gone onto erase human identity as well. Human racial, cultural, and religious identities run contrary to its prime directive of material expansion, so they were destined to be destroyed by the System. The industrial countries have been flooded with foreign immigrants at an unprecedented level for this project. The concept of “equality” was introduced to make all human beings equal before the System—equal to work and consume for maximum efficiency without interference. As it stands, the nation states and the cultural and ethnic identities within them remain the greatest obstacle for the System’s complete subjugation of all peoples. To fight this, the System has been constant in its efforts to accelerate the spread of globalization by creating international economic and political entities such as the European Union and the recent TPP while selling the idea of multiculturalism to the masses to disintegrate their local identities. Progress has been slow with constant resistance, but the System will not give up its goal of a new world order where national boundaries no longer exist while the entire human race is but domesticated livestocks under its firm control.

The System, through governments and corporations, now exercise overwhelming authority over the people whom are simply viewed as objects to be controlled and manipulated. People are being tracked and spied on with every new technology they use. Text messages, emails, internet browsing history, purchase history, are only the beginning of what the System tracks. Fingerprints, voice, faces using facial recognition technology, movements using mobile devices, political opinions, and just about anything regarding an individual citizen is now being recorded by the governments and corporations who themselves zealously guard their own privacy while offering zero transparency. And the people do not care as they drown more and more in all the technological innovations they had welcomed with open arms. They are willing to submit their innate rights to freedom for security, comfort, and convenience.

And what about force? The System prefers not to resort to such methods to enslave people, but it will not hesitate to use them if necessary. Those who preach about ending violence don’t even realize that they rely on men who do use them to enforce their current conditions. The System, again, through the government, possess an overwhelming monopoly on the use of violence. The citizens themselves are barely able to defend themselves and possess any sort of basic weapons, which means that they’ve been robbed of the only thing that guarantees their self-determination. Meanwhile, they’re expected to blindly trust their criminal governments with drones and police forces that are resembling an occupying army more and more everyday. Those who are blind do not care for their own independence and that’s exactly as the System intended it to be.

Under the System, men will not allowed to be men. The System finds masculinity the most unruly and troublesome obstacle for its prime directive; men and their drives are something that needs to be repressed, re-channeled, and stamped out. Group of men with tribal identities pose the greatest threat to its existence, which is why the greatest of efforts are made to decimate everything to do with men and male order. The only acceptable outlet for men to express their masculine energy is by serving the System as police and soldiers—the rest are degraded into bumbling and weak fools.

In the end, the quality of human existence suffers under the System. People’s health and life satisfaction are degrading as a result of living in modern societies where they lose their primal spirit; students and workers are stressed out from the daily grind; millions of men are living isolated lives while becoming addicted to video games; children in the UK are spending less time outside than prison inmates; depression and other mental illnesses are becoming epidemic; people’s health are suffering as obesity and related health issues are becoming the norm; destroyed marriage and forced immigration are causing demographic upheavals; more and more people are being hooked on drugs whether they be illicit or pharmaceutical; everyday more people are becoming slaves to technology and can barely stay focused for mere twelve seconds; and much more. The negative impact of living under the System is quite exhaustive, but the people, to the end, can’t seem to grasp that all these problems have a common source.

The System and the human race

Some readers may be baffled at this point; they might be wondering if the so-called System isn’t just our civilization itself. The answer to that is both yes and no.

The System is our civilization that has gone rogue. It is the rationalization of mankind that Max Weber had warned us about. And whatever benefits people may be enjoying under the System is bought on time; they will all eventually expire, and soon. The material wealth and comfort, the safety and security, the advances in medicine that were supposed to maintain our longevity, and many more that people take for granted, will all disappear. The System cannot maintain its growth in a sustainable fashion; the population growth of the world is staggering and there just aren’t enough resources to sustain the people’s increasingly voracious appetite.

The System will fall eventually. And when it does, people will be shocked and absolutely baffled for they have never envisioned such scenario to come to being. The chaos and violence that will erupt will be sublime, but when it does happen, it will be a re-awakening for the human face. The old will be done away with for the new, the weak that have benefited from the System will perish, and a new order based on the principles of primal human nature will thrive. Mankind will regain its independence from the putrid artificial reality that it had been forced into. Man will rise again.

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  1. The system has caused people to over be over rational which is not healthy for the mind e.g extremely logical scientist not having no faith and always wanting proof which is their downfall. Everything happening in the world is just a process moving forward because we are constantly evolving, i believe the world is young we still have alot to learn about ourselves and how our perception of reality affects us and how we interact with the external world. We should all aspire to obtain the outlook of objective reality and fully coming to terms with life and integrating all the external and internal impressions within us to thrive.

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