The War on Masculinity is Real

At Return of Kings, a meetup was organized worldwide for February 6th so that men who have been marginalized to the corner of internet could meet one another in person. Unfortunately, after much misinformation and blatant lies by the media, a mob was aroused that threated the meeting with violence and harassment. In the end, the meetup was forced to cancel due to safety concerns of the men who simply wanted to congreate and network.

What lessons can we learn from this?

First, we now know the lengths the media will go through to smear and denigrate men. To say that the journalists were incompetent or lacking journalistic integrity by reporting the meetup group as a “pro-rape” or “rape advocates” would be a vast understatement. The uniformity of their brazen lies suggest that their orchestration was a deliberate attempt to discredit and defame us. If they did this to women, homosexuals, or minorities, there would be an outrage, but since the group in question is comprised of men, the only response we get from the public are gloating and sneers.

Second, the level of hatred and violence displayed by the detractors have been repulsive. The mob from all over the world revealed the most disgusting side of humanity as they engaged in shaming tactics, death threats, rape threats, and more not even observed in extremist terrorist groups. The irony escapes these hordes of thugs that they’re shutting down a legal congregation of men through the use of violent threats. Again, if the same was done to women, there would be an international media coverage and an invitation to the UN to discuss the problem of cyber violence, but we all know that men can never be victims in a gynocentric society.

Third and last, we now know for certainty that the war on men is real. It’s no longer some conspiracy, it’s out in the open for all to see. Western societies don’t want men to organize into groups because men in groups represent a force that is independent from the social engineering and of all the toxic influences that our society has to offer. It is necessary for the System to have men remain disintegrated, weak, and powerless. Men need to remain distracted and subservient so that they will continue serving the gynocentric system. To this end they will not stop the shaming, they will not stop the threats, and they will not stop attacking you. They don’t even hide the fact that destroying masculinity is their goal. They want you to feel guilty about your existence and desire nothing less than to put you down. Male identity and masculinity is seen as something to be stamped out in our society, don’t ever forget that.

What are the next steps?

The events of the past few days have shown that we must go underground for now—a group of hardcore members must pave the path to create a network for future operations. Some men have decided to go ahead with the meeting in spite of the official notice of cancellation. This will be a long war and the only way to lose would be to give up. History has taught us that men are able to adapt and resist with great tenacity, and what we are faced with today is something we can definitely overcome. We will fight in one form or another to the bitter end. We will not be stopped.

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