The World Will Always Change and Will Change Rapidly Without Warning

The World Will Always Change and Will Change Rapidly Without Warning

When you look at the pitiful state of the world today, it’s easy to look and think that things will continue be the same and progress on the same path that it always has.

Progressivism seems to be spreading more and more with homosexuality and transgenderism becoming increasingly normalized in our society and others. Feminism seems to have already engulfed much of the industrialized societies and is continuing on its path to emasculate and degrade men’s very existence all over the world. Governments above us have incredible amount of power over our daily lives and their ability to monitor, track, and control our behaviours is becoming increasingly sophisticated and effective. Will there ever be a stop to these forces?

We know the answer to that question by looking back in time at our history.

Throughout history, great men and their empires that were seemingly invincible all eventually faced their downfall. Everyone from Julius Caesar to Napoleon, the ancient Egypt to the Mongolian empire, all once mighty and powerful, have passed away into history as mere memories and relics.

No entity can exist forever. Time will always bring about change.

In our modern society, change often happens rapidly and unexpectedly. The French Revolution appeared out of nowhere when the social conditions were ripe for change. No one predicted the stock market crash of 1929 after a golden age of technological advancement and sustained prosperity. No one foresaw the meteoric rise of Fascism in Europe and the fascists themselves didn’t expect their premature and dramatic extinction.

Social violence in the form of war, genocide, revolutions, and repressions have all erupted suddenly without warning in our modern world. In 20th century alone, look what Russia and China has gone through. Look at what happened to Germany or Cambodia. Look at the ethnic violence that emerged after decades of peace in the Balkans and Rwanda. The millions of faceless victims had no idea what was coming.

Although our industrialized societies of the West have benefited from the prolonged peace and prosperity since the end of WWII, I believe that we are going through rapid demographic, social, and technological changes that will bring about myriad of upheavals in the near future. Those who are complacent and compliant will not see what is coming to them. They are far too ignorant and blind to see that society doesn’t progress in a linear form.

There will always be change in our world and those changes will not always be what you expect or what others hope to see. The best thing for us to do is to be prepared. Prepare to survive and exist, and prepare to either live in or instill a new order. Change will come.

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