There Are Too Many Worthless Men

Most men living in advanced, Western societies may enjoy living in their safe and comfortable environments, but they do so with a price. In exchange for their material privilege, they must accept the diminishment of their collective value and submit to the kind of systemic emasculation only possible in a gynocentric society.

Men are responsible for their own lives and their own existence. The society will not care if a man failsthere is no victim card for a man. Women will not care either. If anything, they will be doing their best to take advantage of men and use them as utilities to further their own ends. They simply do not care for a man who is a loser. There will never be mercy for a man who can’t take care of himself. As a man, you cannot depend on society or women.

In a society where men’s physical strength and ability to fight is only a source of entertainment or a commodity to be exploited, almost all men will lose their value. Without their masculinity, men are just clowns and servants who entertain and service women. All other low-value men are useless and invisible for women. Women openly distrust and disrespect men because those men no longer have power in society.

Far too many men are worthless slobs who don’t even take care of their own body. Far too many men are passive and distracted consumers of digital media in the form of television, films, and computer games. They seek pleasure, but not strength. They seek fun, but not discipline. These men have no identity and no drive. These men are both cattle and human trash.

Men have been purposely battered down into passivity and made to be submissive from a young age through schooling. The culture dictates men’s lives and change how they think, speak, and behave so that they can better serve the gynocentric System. Masculinity must be squeezed out and exploited.

In such conditions, man must create value for himself and live for himself. He must become independent of the forces that conspire to drain his Thumos. He must guide his own destiny and not be guided by the anti-male society that wants to control him. He must bend the rules and play against the System. He must live dangerously and be willing to make sacrifices. He must be better than the countless other men who have no value. He must fear his own mediocrity and rage against all that tries to stop him.

Always aim to be better than who you were the day before. Always aim to be better than the next man. Show the world what you are made of.

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