There is No Justice in Our World

There is No Justice in Our World

Many people still live with this illusion that the world is fair or that it should be fair. But any battle-hardened realist will chuckle at such notion. He will dismiss such childish idea because he knows better. He knows that the world possesses no good and evil, right or wrong, god or hell. And because of that, he knows that the romantic idea of justice is just that: an idea.

We don’t live in a just world where the ‘good guys’ always prevail against the forces of evil. No, the world is not some Hollywood film or a storybook where you get a guaranteed happy ending. People don’t get rewarded from the heavens for their good behaviour nor do they face punishment for the bad. This notion of paradise or damnation in the afterlife, karma, and so on are nothing but wishful thinking. In the real world, kind and innocent people suffer all the time while destructive and selfish individuals thrive without guilt or punishment.

To believe in this ridiculous idea of justice also requires you to believe in a lie: a corrosive lie that there is such thing as the duality of right and wrong. No one and nothing dictates what is “right” or “wrong” save for Nature itself that punishes any life that deviates from its order or defies what is healthy and strong. And in every human conflict both sides believe they are on the side of right while their enemies are on the side of wrong. If morality is not absolute, then there can’t be any divine judgement. The only factor that will determine whether an individual or a group faces ‘justice’ or not is whether someone has the will and ability to deliver it himself.

It must also be said that seeking justice is a sorry behaviour designed to validate the petty ego. While our culture canonizes those who obsessively fight for justice with seemingly selfless dedication, the reality is different. Wanting justice is one of the most selfish human expression there is. It’s really not much different from other ego expressions such as seeking approval, becoming slighted by insults, wanting to feel better about oneself, and so on. As someone once said, deep love of justice is the heaviest burden you can carry. You make yourself suffer by attaching yourself to the idea.

Know that fighting in defense of your own existence is not the same as fighting for justice. One is a necessity while the other is an attempt to satisfy your ego. The distinction must be made clear. If you choose to fight, fight to defend yourself, your family, and your tribe, but don’t engage in silly moral outrage and hold needless resentment that never gets resolved. If you’re fuming with indignation over insignificant matters, it’s your fault. Don’t try to fix the world as a compensation for that fact that you can’t sort out your own life. And if you do happen to face a direct attack, it is best to deal with it then and there instead of failing to deal with it and allowing it to live on within you.

As a personal anecdote, I’ve faced numerous instances of “injustice” where I was unfairly treated for no real reason with the perpetrators often getting away with their crimes without facing any consequence. Some people just love to put you down and assert their dominance over you; they love to watch you squirm and suffer. They have their own petty egos to feed and they will use and abuse you. And these people chose me as the target not because I did anything bad to deserve it but because they knew they could get away with it. Do you think any of these scumbags will ever face punishment for what they’ve done? Do you think these psychopaths will ever feel guilt and remorse later in their lives? No and never.

As a young boy I was naive enough to believe that the world will be kind and fair to me as long as I behaved well and led a moral life. I didn’t do anything to harm the world, so I expected the world to leave me unharmed. You can’t imagine the soul-crunching devastation I experienced when I was proven wrong. Just few years ago, after going through my adolescence with cynicism and hostility after my initial disillusionment, I decided to change by being kinder and more forgiving. I tried to mend relationships that had gone awry, I was more selfless and sharing with others around me, and I opened up in vulnerability by placing my trust on other people. And guess what? I was betrayed for it. People saw my attempts to be nicer and forgiving as a sign of weakness. They exploited my trust and repaid whatever I had given with treachery. Where was the so-called justice in all that?

Even my life is just a tiny example compared to all the countless injustices around the world that are taking place right before our eyes. Take a look at what’s happening around the globe. Do you see any justice? People who did nothing to deserve suffering are starving, infected with diseases, and are being devastated by wars while people who had done nothing to deserve their wealth are living a life of unrestricted hedonism. Those who cause some of the worst human suffering and destruction have been—and are—getting away with their crimes all the time. How can anyone keep a straight face and say that the world is just?

Last, those who believe in the system are lying to themselves. You should never expect the justice system to be on your side. In fact, it never works as it should. Law only exists to keep the people under control; it doesn’t exist to make the world a fair place. Those who control the institution will dictate what is just or not, not some universal moral code that doesn’t exist. In the real world nobody cares about you unless you have power and influence. There is no pity for the weak losers. Anyone who believes that righteousness and the civil power of law will prevail are delusional idealists, nothing more.

Since there is no such thing as justice in this world, you only have two options: accept the world as it really is or act upon your own conviction. Simply put, you either learn to forgive and move on or you use your own hands to smash the cunt’s fucking skull open. If you wait for justice to magically appear on its own, you’ll end up a laughing stock and a bitter fool. You can complain and cry all you want, but nothing will happen because you refuse to make something happen like the coward you are.

Forget about the pointless concepts of justice, morality, and the rule of law; the world only cares about what you are willing to do. Most of what you want to see corrected in this world are all nonsense that you’re most likely unwilling and unable to do anything about. It’s best to just expunge them from your mind instead of holding onto them and suffer for it. Focus on what you can do and do it without any reservation. That is your ultimate freedom.

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  1. The concept of justice was invented by people who were to lazy to fight for their share. They use justice as a reason so that stuff will be handed down to them. I take nothing for granted and I expect nothing from anyone. The only rule, that I believe in is the rule of power. Every existing life form on planet earth is trying to exert power over other living entities. I think we need to accept this constant struggle and let go of any expectations. Nobody is entitled to have shelter, food, clothing; not even to be born. People who find themselves with some (unfair) advantages should not feel guilt or try to even out the playing field, for this is against the law of nature. It is all about acting on other or being acted upon. Now this doesn’t mean that humans should not express acts of kindness, charity or generous behavior towards one another, but it should not be assumed by anyone. Life by its own definition is struggle for power and domination. Nothing wrong with that.

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