The Only Thing that Matters is Your Will and Ability

The Only Thing that Matters is Your Will and Ability

Whatever you want, whatever you desire, whatever you wish to achieve, the only thing that can make them happen is your power. And power is your ability to act upon your will.

Will and ability is all that matters in your life and it is the manifestation of life itself.

Will is your courage, your determination, your passions, your ambitions, the burning desire within that longs to be unleashed.

Ability is your strength, intelligence, discipline, organization, charisma, mastery, and above all, action.

Will and ability must complement each other for life to unfold. If you have more will than you are able, you will be frustrated. If you have much less will than your abilities, you are a man who is trapped on the inside.

You must also keep the fire of your will burning just right. Too much passion will destroy you; have too little and you’ll become weak.

Your abilities must be honed and adaptive to your circumstances. Whatever you’re capable of won’t matter if you don’t have focus and discipline.

Once you have will and ability, nothing and no one can stop you. You are the master.

When your will comes in conflict with someone else’s will, you will battle. Whoever has the greater will and ability will prevail.

There are no rules, no morality, nor any principles to guide you. Man will simply stretch out his will as far as his ability allows. Even if there is a god above who judges your conduct, it only proves that a greater power prevails over the lesser.

There are endless debates about who is right or who is wrong, what is good and what is evil, but in the end, all that matters is whether one has the ability to impose his will upon the world or not. Those with power will do what they want and those without must endure it. That has always been the norm in the natural order.

No matter how much the lesser men cry foul and scream of evil and injustice, if they’re unwilling to draw out their will and ability to fight, they have nothing to complain about. Their protests are merely a sign of their futility.

Even those who are righteous and led by solid moral principles are driven by their will and must have the ability to maintain them. If they do not have the strength to defend or impose their values, they will perish along with their cherished beliefs. Will and ability trumps all.

If you want success and status, if you want the confidence, respect, and loyalty of other men, you must demonstrate your capability as a leader through your will and ability. Even as a follower, you must show that you have the honour and valour along with the potential and skills required to be an accepted member of the group. Men want other men who are capable with a shared will, nothing less.

There is a tendency for those who lack will and ability to compensate through intellectualization. But know that intelligence alone doesn’t matter. In fact, there is a tendency for the intellectuals to complain about those who take action, calling them fools and criticizing every move they make. But guess what? It is those “fools” who are making all the difference in the world, not the intellectuals who burn their lives away sitting in front of a desk. It mean nothing to the world even if you possess a great mind if you cannot unlock that potential through will and ability.

Do not hold back and do not let yourself be discouraged. You are more capable than what you’ve been conditioned to believe. You are more capable than you think you are. As long as you make the effort, you will grow. You’ll never realize your full potential until you push the limits.

Let nothing stop you from striving for the best.

4 thoughts on “The Only Thing that Matters is Your Will and Ability

  1. the only thing that matter is your will and ability…agree but does this make any effective change against things I dont like if I am unable to add other’s will and ability to support my (or say a common cause) which affect others as well.. EX… Governments and their control over individual’s lives… increase of taxes.. violation of individual freedom by framing new laws without asking the governed people… it hurts me.. so i think it hurts many… but this will and ability never gather together to resist.. so the point i want to make is individual strengths are useful when when you are engaging in sports like situation .. you are competing for medals which dont ve any value in themselves.. its just sports…

  2. will and ability are the foundation for action no doubt: I’d also like to add that one thing which really motivates us to work and act is doing this for something higher than ourselves. Spirituality God, some kind of love. is a prime factor for moving the will to act. one which would not have manifested if not for god on my side.

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