This is a New Beginning

This is a New Beginning

It doesn’t matter what your past experience has been. All the embarrassments, failures, and suffering you’ve been through has no power over you unless you decide to give it power by evoking them. It may be true that life hasn’t been all that fair to you and that you’ve been repeatedly trashed on by other people and by this degenerate society of ours, but they no longer matter. You may feel angry, humiliated, and depressed, but they all stop now. It doesn’t even matter how many times you tried to change things around and ended up with disappointment instead. The only thing that matters now is that from this point on, things will change for your life. This is a new beginning.

The painful truth that you’re not willing to admit for yourself is that your life right now is too comfortable for your own good. Angry at the world? You should be angry at yourself. You tolerate all the garbage this world throws at you because you’re so used to it. You accept your current mess of a life because you’re too afraid to change. You may whine about not getting things you want and getting things you don’t want in life, but the plain truth is that you’re not doing anything about it because your current life is too comfortable. Too comfortable to say no to bullshit and too comfortable to go after what you want with an incendiary zeal. You are where you are now because you chose to be. The new beginning starts when you decide that you are fed up with your stagnant comfort.

So how do you change? You start by acting. Plunge in and do something radical and also do the small things to build your momentum.

Radical Change

It doesn’t really matter what you do, as long as it’s something radical, it will give you a chance to change your life. Radically change your fashion and looks. Switch to a different group of people to interact with. Completely alter your personality. If things don’t work out, change again. Apply the same principle to the things you hate. Hate where you live? Stop complaining and move to a different country. You hate your life but you spend several hours every day watching television and playing video games? Throw them out of your life and do something else with your time. Hate how people treat you? Start responding to them differently than you normally would. If you do the same thing as you’ve always done, you’ll get the same result that you’ve always got. If you don’t do something different, you will be stuck with your condition. Also remember, if the change is not making you feel uncomfortable, then it probably isn’t radical enough. You must feel the discomfort of moving out of your comfort zone if you wish to change.

Building Momentum

Not all things can be changed in a single sweep. Sometimes you need to develop the discipline by starting with something small. Put your willpower into your efforts to change and build up a habit. These small habits will eventually grow to turn your life around. If you don’t have any ideas on what to work on, start with the three essential areas of your life: 1) Your health and fitness 2) Knowledge and useful skills 3) Social and sex life. It has never been easier to find free guides online to help you with these.

Always be aware that you are running out of time. Change is a continuous, lifelong process and the sooner you decide to change your life to meet your expectations, the better it will be. This is your new beginning.

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  1. Wow… this post is spot on.
    If you accept what the world is throwing at you, that is your own fault.

    Everyone becomes depressed because they don’t fight back! Especially men! Masculinity is so hated in our society because if men would embrace it they would stop being victims and slaves.

    I am certain that the New World Order – The Globalists are fighting against masculinity because masculine men would kick these power hungry devils from their throne.

    Fight back, be violent, and embrace your masculinity, otherwise, you will be abused & depressed.

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