Three Signs That You Don’t Want It Bad Enough

Unless you are a completely defeated man without a will for life, you want something more than what you have now. You most likely want to accomplish or achieve number of things in your short life. As a man, you would probably have the masculine drive in you that wants take on challenges to prove yourself. That ambition of yours wants to let itself out onto the world so that your reality becomes synchronized with your desires. This is something no one can take away from you except yourselfalways remember that.

While we may all have desires that we wish to fulfill, not all of us are able to achieve them. And the only difference between those who obtain what they desire and those who don’t is just how bad they want it.

While two people might desire the same thing, one may merely wish it and make cursory effort while the other puts his entire life force into obtaining it. One lacks the willpower to get started while the other builds his without delay. One waits for luck and opportunity to come by while the other creates his. One will be discouraged by failures while the other becomes bolstered by them. Not all human desires are equal. Desires don’t mean anything if they don’t lead to direct and concentrated effort.

The following are three signs that you don’t truly desire what you think you want. If you recognize one of these signs in your own desires, you need to either fix the problem and revitalize your efforts or reassess your own motivations and reasons behind your desires.

1. You Procrastinate and Make Excuses

This is among the more common signs of not wanting enough. If you wait until you ‘feel’ ready, until you have the motivation, or until the right opportunity arises, then you’ll never begin. If you don’t do what you’re supposed to do because you’re afraid to fail and have whatever other obligation you think are more important distracting you, then you don’t want it enough.

When you let one excuse to slip through, you’re opening a gap through which dozens more will enter unabated. Instead of concentrating your entire willpower on your task, you’re inviting excuses to explain away your inaction and lack of effort to protect your petty pride. By protecting your feelings, you’re making yourself weak.

A man on a mission doesn’t wait for the opportune time, he dictates his own fortune. He starts with what he has and does the best of his ability without making excuses. He takes full responsibility for whatever results that follow his action and uses all the stumbling blocks on his path as his stepping stones. He takes action and doesn’t waste time with words.

2. You Complain

If you’re complaining about not having what you want, not getting the way you want it, or how unfair your situation is, then you simply don’t want it enough. Complaining is a sign that you want something, but you’re unwilling to make the effort to obtain ityou expect to get whatever it is that you want easily without any challenge. If what you desire can be so easily obtained, then it’s not a worthy goal to be pursued. If, on the other hand, what you desire is truly great, then it should be no surprise that it takes a great effort to obtain it. But by complaining, you are outing yourself as a weakling who is neither willing nor capable. When faced with an obstacle, the weak willed man asks why in a display of lamentation; the strong willed man instead asks what. What can I do to overcome this situation? What do I have in my disposal? What action must I take now?

3. You’re Not Obsessed Enough

Last, if you’re not obsessed about your goal, then you don’t want it bad enough. If you truly want to achieve greatness, then you must become obsessed to a point where all else fades away to the background. Your entire being must exist for the singular purpose of obtaining your goal. You must be fanatical and unyielding in your belief of your own ability to reach it. Only then does your desire go from being a mere wish to an inevitable future that you advance towards.

This means: No making back-up plans where you may escape when things go awry. No other obligations to hold you down and prevent you from taking action for your goal. No distractions and no petty pleasures do dull your mind and body.

The greatest artistic and scientific achievements of mankind have been accomplished by men who were obsessed with the indomitable will to pursue their goals. Great religions, nations, and ideas owe their existence to men with unbreakable will who defended them with their lives. Human history has been paved by men who were relentless in going after what they desire. The same will be true for the rest of human existence as long as men possess the power to act upon their own will.

The Question of How

Most men already understand the importance of having a strong willpower to achieve their desires, but many wonder where that will comes from how it can be strengthened. They ask as though willpower is some sort of an esoteric quality—as though there is a secret and elaborate way of obtaining it. It’s nonsense to question where willpower comes from. There is nothing cryptic or intricate about willpower. Willpower exists in all of us and it only grows strong when we endure and exercise it through conscious awareness and action. There are no prerequisites and you can start to develop it at any time. Master your willpower and cultivate it throughout your entire existence.

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