The Toxic Nature of Loser Mentality

The Toxic Nature of Loser Mentality

Loser is a vague word people use to describe a certain personality trait. But beyond using it as an insult, I think it’s important to identify exactly what it entails so that we can avoid its infectious nature ourselves.

Who is a loser?

I would say that a loser is someone who is weak or disadvantaged in any form that behaves in a maladaptive way to his life circumstances. By this definition, the person who struggles and fails, but continues to persevere is not the loser; the real loser is the one criticizing and making fun of him who is trying. The loser has no control over his own life, so he must try to control others; the loser has nothing to show for, so he must put others down to feel good about himself; the loser believes that his circumstances are fixed, so he must rationalize his lack of efforts and make everyone else accept his loserdom.

Losers will spite you for being more successful. They can’t accept that other people are trying because it reminds them of their own weakness and lack of will, so they must insult and attack to defend their fragile egos. Losers are also masters of blaming and making excuses. They’ll come up with dozens of intricate reasons for their loserdom, but they will not make an ounce of effort to change for the better. Instead, the losers will complain and whine, and they’ll do this by acting angry and aggressive to hide their fears and insecurities. They think they can put up a facade of being tough, but their emotional outbursts tell another tale.

Losers need to play a zero-sum game to feel good about themselves. Since they believe that their life position is fixed, they need to bring down others whom they perceive (but won’t admit) as being better so that they can stop feeling inferior. Being toxic and infectious is their nature and they actually find pleasure in making other people feel as bad as they do (you should also be aware that there are more subtle ones that seek your sympathy without an actionable solution). The losers will actually devote significant part of their existence tainting other people’s reputation and disparaging others instead of focusing on building something positive for themselves. These people are poisoned with victim mentality and want revenge for their own shortcomings. They are at a perpetual war with all things good and decent in the world.

Some of the more visible people with loser mentality are:

  • Man-hating feminists
  • Most members of the MGTOW
  • Internet trolls and other various political groups on the net that can’t seem to stop spewing hatred
  • Those who are most adamant about telling others to accept them for who they are (eg. pro-homosexual and fat acceptance movements)
  • Mentally unstable social justice warriors who try to control your life when they can’t even control themselves
  • Mass murderers

But above all, the number of men today who are infected with the loser mentality is deplorable. I can accept some level of loserdom from females as they are generally the weaker sex, but to see it in other men makes me sick. The MGTOW, for example, seem to revel in their complacency and don’t seem to realize that they bitch just like the feminists they hate. For how much they claim to repudiate the female sex, their favorite topic of discussion is about how much they hate women and how evil they are. Their constant obsession tells me that they haven’t really gone their own way as they claim.

Male-feminists are another example of losers who express their emotional weakness in a different way. These men supplicate to women and show deference to the opposite sex in hopes of winning some acceptance from them. They don’t fight their inferiority directly against the female sex they worship, but they take their anger out on other men who refuse to degrade themselves like they do. The male-feminist losers feel elevated when they bash other men for female approval. Some will go as far as spitting out hatred for their own sex as a show of their loyalty to their female masters. These are some of the most sickening and degenerate individuals to have ever existed in modern times.

No matter how tempting it is to try to help them or even reason with them, it is best to avoid interacting with these individuals. Almost all will respond unfavourably no matter how you approach or communicate with them. The losers have already declared you an enemy, so they are not inclined to listen to you. The losers have already decided that their life cannot be improved, so they will react with pettiness and petulance to anything that suggests taking personal responsibility. Even when you talk to them with the best of intentions and courtesy, the losers are so thin-skinned that they will get offended and use the interaction just as another opportunity to spread their emotional trash and negativity onto you.

The Antidote to Loserdom

If you find yourself guilty of any of the above traits without becoming emotionally triggered, you’re already on the right track. Lot of losers can’t even admit that they have a problem that needs to be fixed. Only very few men have gone through their lives without engaging in some form of loserdom, so it is not something you need to feel bad about—what you’re willing to do about it is what counts.

The first thing you must do to escape loser mentality is to believe that your circumstances can be changed for the better if you make the effort. If you continue to believe that your life is fixed and cannot be changed, you will trapped by your own limiting thoughts. You must make a daily effort to escape your station no matter how little progress you see. You must fight even without knowing the outcome of the battle.

Second, you must disengage from all things that reinforce your loserdom. This includes others losers you might associate with (losers tend to congregate with other losers), any form of media that feed negative information into your mind, and any form of lifestyle that keep you complacent and weak. Instead, develop a vital focus to enhance your life.

Third, stop acting like a loser. Grow a thicker skin, learn to take constructive criticism, have some accountability, stop complaining and insulting other people out of jealousy. How about getting off the internet to enjoy real life? How about doing something productive to make your life better? Try avoiding all the loser behaviours I listed above and see what happens. Try mastering your petty feelings rather being mastered by them. Being a loser has nothing to do with your life circumstances, it is a choice you make.

I will not hesitate to call out losers and other degenerates like the ones I mentioned above so that men can learn to not become like them. Be wary of this disease of the soul and keep yourself guarded—it can infect you any time no matter who you are.

5 thoughts on “The Toxic Nature of Loser Mentality

  1. This is a great post Corey and sums up much of what I have felt. Especially in regards to the whinier side of the manosphere. Losers are losers. Doesn’t matter what form they take or what ideology they spew whether it’s Communism or wallowing in pity both come from the same frame of mind.

    Likewise winners will always be winners. For a man to be a winner he has to cut out all losers. It doesn’t matter if they supposedly share his identity, if they are friends, or family, or whatever. Winners cannot be with losers. People who roll around in their negativity only want other people to roll in the mud with them. Their like pigs they don’t want to get clean they just want you to get dirty.

    Whenever I see people with a doom and gloom mindset I know that they aren’t going to get far. In every society people have prospered. In every time those who really want it will get it. Sure it may take more work in sometimes than others but that doesn’t matter to the man who has the right mindset. I hate whiners, complainers, and excuse makers. Because I was once one and I know the cancer that they are.

    As men we either rise or fall. And it’s all on us. No one is going to save us like a woman or a child. As men we either face up the challenge of our day no matter how great and rage against it or we fall to the wayside to become dust. There is no middle ground or middle road for men. Men are active forces. Sink or swim, live or die.

    Would really like to see more articles in this vein, this was great reading.

    • “As men we either rise or fall. And it’s all on us. No one is going to
      save us like a woman or a child. As men we either face up the challenge
      of our day no matter how great and rage against it or we fall to the
      wayside to become dust. There is no middle ground or middle road for
      men. Men are active forces. Sink or swim, live or die.”

      Nicely put. Whining is for women and children. I suspect our education system and culture is playing a huge part in turning young men into weak little bitches. The internet is also augmenting the problem.

  2. Yes I’m over whining that I had two inventions stolen. I found getting even is the best strategy. Don’t get mad but get even.

  3. Instead, I’ve cashed in my retirement and I’m starting my own business. I deliberately view technology and deliberately improve vastly upon it. I agree that to just complain is pointless. Nobody gives a flying fuck how hard a person works if he falls flat on his face it’s his fault. If he’s stolen from its his fault. I’m going it alone having disowned my own family as they were to negative about my ambitions. MGTOW, true MGTOW don’t care about what people think (unless we’re misrepresented). If I chose to avoid women sexually, that’s my prerogative. If I choose to invest in myself by risking my own retirement funds that’s my choice. I’m truly going my own way. Please don’t put us all in the same basket as those who have given up!

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