We Are All Prisoners of Modern Society

We Are All Prisoners of Modern Society

You, I, and everyone else… We are all prisoners without even being aware of it.

We were born in this prison with its technological webs, pecuniary oppression, and materialism. We were never even given a choice whether we wanted to grow up here or not. We weren’t even allowed to be in Nature and be nurtured in its order. No. We were destined to serve the System before we were ever even conceived.

As soon as we arrive in this world, we are exposed to the modern artificiality of the System. Our artificial environment dictates our health with all its chemicals and sanitation. Everything from allergies to cancer is epidemic in today’s world as a result.

And as soon as we can be controlled, we are conditioned and domesticated by the society through its various institutions. We no longer grow up in a tribe, but a much greater structure that exerts control over every aspect of our lives. We are trained until we become weak and submissive. We are made to doubt our own powers. We are to suffocate in fear and live a life of perpetual anxiety.

We are exploited like farm animals for the benefit of giant social structures. We must worship the state, we must make consumerism our religion, and submit our existence to making money and spending it. We are nothing but cogs and economic units in this farm called society. We are slaves.

In this prison of ours, we are always watched. All our activities are tracked and recorded. In certain cities, it’s impossible to go out and walk in the streets without having hundreds cameras stalking you and following your every move. And the more we engage in modern technology, the more intimate details of our lives we unwittingly share with the powers that control us.

We are told to worry about our performance in school, our wealth and status, our body and attractiveness, and so on. We are made to believe that our value as human beings are based on these shallow and artificial measures. Even if they may be based on our natural instincts, those instincts are manipulated so that we continue to buy, buy, and buy. We are to feel insecure by design.

We are constantly taught that this is wrong or that is inappropriate until we become neurotic. We are made to think and act with much self-restraint so that others will accept us or at least not see us as being “weird” or different. We have to be mindful of what other people think and ensure that we don’t act in any way that makes them feel “uncomfortable.” We are turned into a herd of sheep.

Men are not allowed to be men in this feminized society of ours. Boys are made to follow the girls as models for their own behaviour and they are taught to repress their natural drives fueled by testosterone as they grow up. The society hates nothing more than men who are masculine, independent, and tribal. Men need to be crushed and battered until they submit as drones.

In this prison of ours, the prisoners need a way to vent out their frustrations and anxieties. So, they compete with one another to see who’s better. They need to show off in various ways to feel more significant than everyone else. Some use money, some use popularity, some use physique, some use their so-called intellect, some use their identity, and so on. Whatever they need to do to make themselves feel relevant, they will do.

The prisoners also need to put others down so that they can affirm their own superiority. The prisoners fight one another over resources, culture, and beliefs. As long as they battle one another, as long as they are venting out their repressed anger out onto one another, the society remains intact. The prison walls will stand as long as men prefer fighting each other rather than thinking of ways liberate themselves.

Others, those who want to avoid competition and fight, engage in various methods of numbing themselves. They douse their minds with entertainment and substances. They express themselves in arts to compensate for their lack of freedom in the real world. The more oppressed they are by the society, the more they retreat into their fantasies whether it be books, video games, or anything else that are mere representations of reality. They must do everything they can to forget about the fact that they are living in a prison.

Most people do not want to fight back against the structures that control them because they’ve grown to believe that it is normal and necessary. As long as they get to enjoy a bit here and there, as long as they keep their minds perpetually occupied, as long as they can dream and hope for something better, the people do not care that they are imprisoned.

The people go about living their hollow lives because they don’t know any other options. And once they get locked into their routine, they will not muster the will to change. They have no reason to change anything. That is, until the System grows increasingly unstable due to its hubris.

As the System starts to crack under its own weight, the people will wake up. The people will demand life in its truest form. Life that is raw and unfettered from society. Man will be unleashed.

To learn more about how our society controls and makes us weak, read ‘Man’s Fight for Existence‘.

3 thoughts on “We Are All Prisoners of Modern Society

  1. > As the System starts to crack under its own weight, the people will wake up.

    You imply that the system WILL crack under its own weight. I am not to sure of that. Even if it does, people do not care much for larger more metaphysical problems; they will always prefer to fight the immediate symptoms of the systems damage to mans physical and mental health. More drugs, more distractions, more redundant problems to focus on.
    The few people who question the system itself will be shunned and destroyed, if they get too vocal with their complains and unusual POVs. Because of the human intrinsic desire for more comfort and easier lives. Only 1 in 1.000.000 will even reflect on the possibility of primalism.
    However, the few individuals who will join this movement will be very high value people, we should remain optimistic. We need to get vocal about the beauty of primalism instead of criticizing the system. People don’t want to be told their are wrong, but they sure like to hear about stuff that could make them more happy and fulfilled.

    Great Article

    • You are correct in some ways. I expect people who “wake up” to join other movements like Alt-Right, Communist, Nationalist, Anarchist, and so on. Our job would be to show them that there’s a better alternative.

  2. Communism is worse than capitalism. Capitalism you have the choice to compete or settle. I think society we all hate is socialist which some think is what our capitist homes have become.

    Personally i agree with this post. Its a prison of morality when you constantly worry whether you ‘should’ because what will people think? My life took a drastic turn last year which wad horrific but now the pain is lifting its like so too is the cloud of this bullshit society.

    As long as you dont harm others. Do what you want i reckon.

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