We Live in a Culture of Victimhood

When a society becomes too safe, it starts to stagnate. People start to become too comfortable with what they have and fail to appreciate just how easy their lives are. And when life becomes too easy, people become oversensitive and start fretting over petty matters. In other words, weakness creeps in and takes over their psyche.

In our modern world where words mean more than actions, feelings and personal opinions become overvalued while truth and reason get attacked. The weak, the inferior, and the degenerate are celebrated while everyone else is told to feel guilty of their privileges. Combine that with our modern culture’s narcissistic obsession to feel special, and what you get is a culture that promotes victimhood for attention, status, and special treatment. In this sort of culture, you ‘win’ in life by being the loser.

Our North American society pampers and offers preferential treatment for women, blacks, homosexuals (plus other made-up genders), immigrants (regardless of their legal status), and the disabled. And why? Because they are all considered victims of an oppressive society. For them to receive the attention, the sympathy, and the advantages they desire, all they have to do is complain about oppression. If anyone dares to question their demands or even try to reason with them, they can simply pull out the victim card and throw labels like ‘racist,’ ‘sexist,’ ‘homophobe,’ etc. to shut down any opposition. Their power is limitless and they know it. They know that they have the full backing of a naive population ranging from the supplicant, everyday individuals to a loose group of the so-called social justice warriors.

Is it any wonder that more and more people are identifying themselves as one of these oppressed victim groups? And that new ones are continuously being invented and spread around like contagion? Why shouldn’t more people join the ranks of social victims when there are so many perks to it? Women can receive monetary compensations and jail men with false accusations just by crying harassment and rape. Black people can explain away their crimes—while receiving the full support of self-loathing whites—just by screaming racism and hashtagging #BlackLivesMatter on Twitter. Israel continues to receive compensations from Germans who weren’t even born yet when the holocaust happened. Being a victim pays—and it pays very well.

Being a victim is such a coveted status that people resort to fabricating it like how some people obtain fake passports. Because simply being a jew wasn’t enough, one jewish student drew a swastika on her own door to garner sympathy. Another woman faked a rape threat to advance her own agenda. But sometimes, you just aren’t born into an oppressed class, so you must change your entire identity. To this end, some people abandon the identity they were born with and switch to being someone else, like the civil rights activist who faked being black. Even more insane are those who take it to another level by cutting off their own limbs to become disabled (and just in time to reap all the benefits that will come with AODA).

The unwitting oppressors are finally realizing that they are losing the social war by trying to be reasonable. They have decided to switch tactics by claiming victim status for themselves as well. The result is that we now have men’s rights groups spreading around the globe while white people are rallying in Washington to reclaim their civil rights. These new groups use the same rhetoric and tactics as the traditional victim groups. They have realized that if you cannot defeat them, you must join them and play the game by their rules. The victim culture thus becomes a universal zero-sum game where different groups battle amongst one another to prevent the other from taking away the spotlight of victimhood.

The victim culture today is so putrid that it also suffocates the rest of us with an ultra-sensitive political correctness where anything and everything can be misconstrued as being offensive. It doesn’t matter if you were just joking. It doesn’t matter if you don’t actually believe in it. It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to be involved in it. You are involved in it whether you like it or not. You either follow the guidelines that have been forced upon you or you’ll be punished. You must constantly watch over what you say, what you wear, and even what political opinions you hold. If they offend people’s precious feelings, you will be attacked. A scientist was bullied by a mob for wearing an ‘offensive’ shirt while announcing his landmark scientific achievement. The proudest day of his life turned into a nightmare and he was forced to apologize in tears. The CEO of Firefox was forced out of his job for having the wrong political opinion—he is still unable to find a new job. And more recently, a man lost his job and is facing a possible jail time for disagreeing with feminists over on Twitter. That is the kind of insane world that you live in right now, and you better get used to it, because it’s only going to get a lot worse from now on.

When you try to create a world where no one is a loser, you end up getting rid of the winners as well. That is the basic consequence of imposing artificial equality onto an entire population; people start to believe that they are entitled to receive support from everyone else and start making demands to be treated better than everyone else. And when they don’t receive the royal treatment they think they deserve, they start to complain and cry as loudly as they can—and why shouldn’t they? It has always worked in the past.

If you recognize yourself participating in the victim Olympics, it’s time to start asking yourself what you are really looking for. Do you want attention and sympathy or a way to improve your life? If it is the latter, know that victim mentality never helps you in a meaningful way. Great people from Andrew Carnegie to Stephen Hawking didn’t become great by complaining about their poverty or disability; they became great in spite of it.

Focus on improving your life by exerting yourself to the best of your abilities. Ignore whatever you think might be holding you down, whether it be your sex, race, culture, upbringing, disability, or whatever. Being a victim is a conscious choice, not a condition that is imposed upon you. You only put yourself down and denigrate yourself by choosing to focus on what you lack. Also, ignore the cries of the weak who demand your attention and care. Remember that life has no pity for the weak. You must be able to differentiate between supporting those who can help themselves and giving free help to those who decide to be leeches by playing victim.

Our victim culture will continue on the way it has been as long as we allow weakness to infect our psyche and as long as our society continues to cater to those who complain the most.

3 thoughts on “We Live in a Culture of Victimhood

  1. I’m sorry to be so late in applauding this article. I believe the biggest obstacle facing western youth is the siren song of wrapping themselves in the cozy cloak of victimization. It’s a great alternative to accountability, discipline, hard work, earning before spending, patience, making good choices and personal responsibility. If my Auntie’s neighbor’s, friend’s sister in law was molested by her Uncle (may he roast in hell), Then shouldnt I get a check from the State for my disillusionment? I got news for you slip-and-fall victims: You should have worn appropriate shoes on that trip to Walmart and stepped carefully (since it was January and 20 degrees out). Instead you see a check for $20k and a few years of watching daytime soap operas as the gold ring? Shame on you! If you are tired, depressed, hooked on drugs, lazy, stupid or have a sore back? Why is that my problem to finance? I get out of bed in the morning (yes, before 10am) and work hard for my daily bread… I don’t have a yacht or a summer villa, but I am proud to be somebody who puts INTO THE POT, and not a parasite that drains it when able to do otherwise.

    You “victims” are the new darwinian “fittest”, but not for any reason you should be proud of…

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