Welcome to Primal Existence

For those coming from my old site, ThePrimalMale.com, welcome to my new domain.

With this new website, I am marking a departure from the so-called manosphere to focus on the Primalist ideology that I’ve laid out in my book, Man’s Fight for Existence.

As a result of the shift in focus, there will less materials on self-improvement and the usual circle-jerk articles that are now littering the Internet. The focus here will be to inspire change within self and the world. The goal is to build this website to become the hub of the Primalist movement that will overthrow the current world order. I will try my best to have one article published every Monday, but I will not be publishing filler articles of low quality. What I decide to publish will be done so because it has value that you can’t find anywhere else.

The old articles from Primal Male will either be recycled or be done away with. I don’t think many of them will be compatible with what I want to focus on from now on. This post, too, will disappear some time in the future when it becomes irrelevant.

I only want serious followers who are dedicated to the Primalist movement, so the way I develop this site will reflect that philosophy. I’m currently using a free theme that is clean and close to what I envision, but I will get a new and better theme in the future.

Please be patient and visit weekly to check out what’s new. I promise I will deliver what you men thirst for: a chance to fight and exert yourselves against modern degeneracy.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to Primal Existence

  1. Howdy, I’ve been reading your articles and I did buy your book (haven’t finished it atm).
    I’d like to request you at least archive everything you’ve written because I come back from time to time to re-read some of them. Have you read any of Tim Ferriss’ works? Sometimes he seems like a snake peddler but I have taken a liking to his book the tools of the titans and the quote from Arnie under the cover is gold.

    Thanks for sharing your insights, here’s to the future.

  2. Ha! I’m down. A natural aversion to chains (or even strings) lead me to crash and burn in the 80’s. Heinlein didn’t help, training me to freedom.
    I opted out, as much as it is possible. Take nothing, give nothing.
    Dolly Freed’s “Possum Living” was helpful.

    Just say no. (Corollary- Do everything yourself. Now there’s a challenge)

    Plenty of Nature available that nobody wants, no access to modernity.

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