What is Existence?


It is the only thing that we can be certain of.

It is all.

All of existence can be divided into three general categories based on how they maintain their existence. The three are Matter, Life, and Creation.

Matter is our vast physical world that grows continually through entropy.

Life originates from Matter and it continues on its existence in the form of genes. Life continually reinvents itself through evolution.

Creation is the result of Man’s imagination and labour. They range from physical to ideal, practical to artistic, and actions to ideas and beliefs.

The area that I would like to focus is in Life itself.

Our lives have only one meaning: To perpetuate existence through survival and reproduction. This means that we are driven by two separate instincts that govern our lives. The first is the survival instinct, which serves as the basis for the second which is the instinct for life. Once the two instincts are satisfied, men strive for creation and higher meaning—although throughout history many men have devoted themselves to above and beyond with disregards for their natural instincts.

There is no clear divide between the instinct for survival and the instinct for life. In fact, the latter is the continuation of the former. Together, they become our primal instincts. Life exists because of its primal instincts and it will continue to exist by it.

When we neglect to exercise our primal instincts, we naturally suffer from existential hollowness. Perpetual comfort will lead to stagnation and all of worldly pleasures are but ephemeral. This is because comfort and pleasure are but rewards to strive for; they were not meant to be perpetual state to be maintained. Instead, men will to exercise their primal instincts through adventure. And it is within every man to desire actualizing his Masculine Trinity. Whatever empowers his potential for existence—be it health, wealth, power, sex, adventure, family, tribe, legacy, and so on—it brings joy and satisfaction to a man. That is the meaning of men’s existence.

However, much like a burning flame, existence of life must be maintained in a controlled manner. If too weak, it will perish. If expanded too quickly, it will burn everything around its surroundings before being extinguished itself. The innate nature of life to expand is checked by other lifeforms and nature herself to maintain the equilibrium.

Many ponder upon the questions of life: Why are we here? Why do we exist? What is the meaning of life? What is the point of asking these questions when the answers are already within us? Instead of asking questions regarding your life, you must instead ask how you will honour your own existence with what you know about primal design.

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