What is Feminism?

What is Feminism?

Feminists themselves say that they are a movement for gender equality without batting an eye. To them, it is such a normal and simple thing that they can’t believe they have to explain themselves.

But of course, action speaks louder than words. You must understand that what feminists claim their movement is supposed to be and what it actually is are two completely different things.

The plain truth is that: Feminism has never been a movement for equality. Feminism has always been about maximizing women’s power at the expense of men.

The feminists want: special treatment just by crying victim, privileges without responsibility, advantages just for being a female, government protection and funding, and for men to serve their every fickle whims and demands. Simply put, they want a world that revolves around them. And of course, they will deny this. When have they ever admitted to the truth? I would actually be disappointed if they told the truth about their own nature. Instead, I expect them to lie with even greater emotional hysteria and cower behind the word “equality” as usual.

The reason this lie of “equality” is repeated over and over again by them is because no one would accept its hateful and toxic ideology at its face value. Feminism had to be sugar-coated with the ideals of liberation, freedom, and equality so that the general public would swallow it. And so it happened: everyone from naive women and women with chip on their shoulders, to bunch of spineless, groveling men bought into the ugly lie of feminism.

And feminism is a movement that can only exist through lies. Feminism needs deception as much as fish needs water, for its entire ideology is based on twisted facts. And there are no ends to the lies, the double-standards, and the hypocrisy of feminism:

  • Feminists have distorted history to make it appear as though they’ve been exclusively oppressed throughout the ages.
  • Feminists continue to lie about the wage gap, which has already been debunked many times over.
  • Feminists lie about rape statistics to whip up the hysteria of “rape culture” to shame, control, and subjugate men.
  • Feminists complain about how men slut-shame women when women are, by far, more judgemental of each other’s sexual ventures.
  • Feminists complain about how there aren’t enough women in the tech field when, in fact, women are twice more likely to be hired for STEM faculty positions. (Note how they represent this fact in the article: “…they found no sexism in STEM faculty jobs as women tend to be employed for STEM tenure-track positions at a 2:1 ratio.” Yes, there is no sexism because the bias is against men.)
  • Feminists continually drone about violence against women, but they say nothing about the violence against men who are far more likely to be victims in all types of violence. (Why not campaign to stop all violence instead of just focusing on violence against women if they actually care about equality?)
  • Feminists complain about non-existent biases against women, but they remain completely silent to all the biases against men within the legal system from divorce settlements to sentencing for crimes. There are countless examples of women getting away with crimes that men would be punished for which they also conveniently ignore.
  • Feminists whine non-stop about how there aren’t enough women in science and engineering programs, ignoring the fact that women are less likely to opt for it by choice, and also ignoring the fact that women dominate almost all other fields in colleges and universities. To them, having far more women in post-secondary education than men is progress while having more men than women in one specific field is a sign of institutional sexism.
  • Feminists have done nothing to ensure “equality” for men other than to spread toxic lies, treat us all like potential rapists, harass and attack us, and send death threats and rape threats, yet they want us men to take action to do more to help their cause and play a supplicating role in ensuring female supremacy.

And this is only the beginning.

It doesn’t matter how many of the above facts you point out to a feminist, she just will not care. She will rationalize them, downplay them, or just flat out ignore them, but she will never accept them. The only thing feminists will do in the face of truth is to double down on their victim rhetoric and scream “sexism” and “misogynist” to shut you down. Feminists love telling men how to think, talk, and behave, but they will not tolerate an ounce of disagreement from a man even if he was a feminist himself.

You have to understand that these are not sensible human beings that we’re dealing with. Many feminists are manipulative and full of spite, zealously looking for men to blame their problems on. Feminism is akin to a cult where its members vent out their blind hatred through their collective hysteria and emotionally directed delusions.

I cannot emphasize enough just how unimportant the truth is to the feminists. Truth is a mere obstacle as the only thing that matters to them is power. The all-important question for them is: Does this further the agenda of expanding women’s power while diminishing men’s? If the answer to that question is a ‘yes’, the feminists will not be concerned whether it is the truth or not. They will tell the truth if it serves their purpose and they will tell lies if it maximizes women’s power while decreasing their responsibility. Expecting feminists to be honest is as vain as expecting birds to mind where they drop their feces—they simply don’t care.

And I don’t believe that feminists themselves understand their own nature. I am convinced that they are delusional to a point of believing in their own lies. Their rational mind is either not functioning properly or have been hijacked by their unstable emotionality. They seem to be living in their own bubbles that cannot be penetrated by the truth, and their weakness and fragility to the real world only serves to cement their group-think. It’s no wonder they believe in something as ludicrous as the “Patriarchy” even as they live in a society that pampers them like children.

Who are the feminists and what kind of society do they want to create?


Besides being serial liars, feminists are also cowards, slanderers, cry-bullies, man-haters, and professional victims all in one. They are cowards who only attack men whom they see as easy targets and only with the full knowledge that they can do it safely without repercussions. They slander men to get them fired from their jobs or imprisoned (one of which backfired only to have the feminist go cry to the police and media for help). They are cry-bullies who shut down freedom of speech and freedom of assembly by crying victims. They are unabashed man-haters who openly discuss killing men with hashtags like #KillAllMen. And they are professional victims who make money through their victim charade and hatred. These are the same people who expect us to keep a straight face while believing that all they want is “equality.”

And the reason they save their most vile hatred for the men’s rights groups (which I’m not part of) is because they see them as competitors for the victim olympics. How dare do men ask for rights? There is only a finite supply of victim-privileges given out by the society and the feminists can’t stand having competitors who threaten their monopoly—this is a zero-sum game to them.

These same feminists whose entire movement is based on playing the victim will mock any men for adapting to the social situation and using the same tactics as them. Suddenly, when they see others playing the victim, the ludicrousness of it all becomes apparent, but they can’t seem to hold up the mirror to see their own ludicrous existence. Perhaps like Medusa, they implicitly understand that it will be fatal.

Know that feminists are noxious and emotionally unstable individuals who use their equally demented ideology to vent out their rage out onto men. All men are nothing but scapegoats for all their personal failures. They don’t see men as anything but objects to ridicule, exploit, and put down. I would go as far as to call feminism a terrorist movement.

The irony is, they don’t even seem to be aware that their entire existence is possible because of all the powerful men in governments and corporations who support them in their war against men. Do they really expect to be able to harass and attack men on their own without taking advantage of the system and other supplicating men? But as I’ve said in the beginning, hypocrisy is a fundamental trait of feminists. They will continue to attack men as they get support from them at the same time. There is no irony or contradiction here.

And what do these feminists want exactly? To understand the kind of world these feminists want to create, you only have to look at the direction the feminist infested societies are heading towards.

We already live in a society that expels men from universities without an evidence or due process with a mere accusation of rape. We live in a society where women can destroy a man’s career, reputation, and life just for arguing with her on Twitter. We live in a society where a man will be charged for rape just for walking past a woman. This is the kind of world we already live in, and the feminists are campaigning to make everything even worse for men just for the crime of being men.

The future that feminists have in store for us is one where men are simply drones who do everything to serve women’s needs. Men will be expected to watch what he says, what he thinks, what he wears, how he sits, and even how he takes a piss. Every little thing about a man’s existence must conform to what feminists think is right and acceptable while women will be completely free from consequences and criticism. That’s the future the feminists have in store for us men.

Will feminists ever be satisfied?

No. Since their true goal is not equality, they will never be satiated no matter how much they’re given. You give into one of their demands and they will conjure up ten new ones. They’re continuously on the search for new things to get offended by, new ways to police and restrict men, and new ways to define sexism and rape to perpetuate their eternal victimhood. This is a movement with a bottomless pit that will devour any and all notion of human decency.

From all my experiences interacting with feminists, I have decided that the great majority of them are either emotional vampires who drain your energy to feed their own egos or just complete human trash who exist only to put men down, thus making up for their own insecurities. I don’t understand why so many men on the internet bother arguing with these sick individuals only to feed the drama and attention they seek.

Feminists have destroyed the relationship between the sexes and have made the world an ugly place to live in for both men and women. And like any other extremists, they have even attacked the group they’re supposedly advocating for: other women, for not accepting their dogma. Feminism is a social disease that only came into being as a result of our gynocentric social structure and the subsequent loss of male authority. Women will only respect men as much as the amount of power that they possess—they always have and they always will.

I don’t think feminism will go away anytime soon as long as the current socio-cultural system remains intact. Feminists will remain with us as long as their daddy government supports their movement. In the meantime, I think the best way to fight back against feminism is to ignore their tantrums and keep telling the truth so that decent men and women around the world can see it for the disease that it is.

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  1. it’s not a ‘social disease’ – IT’S A MENTAL DISEASE… of guilt trip laziness… meh, who cares, it’s not like tits are brains… obviously! : )

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