What is Primalism?

What is Primalism?

The basic idea behind Primalism is the promotion of our natural state of being as the highest ideal that we can strive for. And towards this realization, we must recognize that our current way of life dictated by our modern society, is in conflict with our natural state. Whether it be the unhealthy foods and lifestyles that we’ve adopted to or the emasculating and oppressive instruments of control implemented by our governments, the modern society we live in conspire in many ways to degrade us and exploit us. Therefore, Primalism seeks to resolve this conflict in a way that preserves and honours our primal nature: by fighting back against the modern world.

Primalism, unlike other political philosophies, develops around the nature of man. Unlike others that emphasize a certain political structure or an ideal to abide by, humans themselves come first and foremost with Primalism. The top priorities of the Primalists are health, strength, masculinity, self-determination, total freedom, and re-connection with Nature. There are, of course, many other issues, but they must be subordinate to the primary needs of mankind.

Next, Primalism is both a philosophy of life and a political ideology. This means that Primalism is a movement and not just a way of thinking or some self-improvement initiative. To be a Primalist, one must think, live, and act as one. But above all, we must mobilize for an active struggle; we cannot simply remain on the defensive and hope for a favourable outcome to emerge on its own. We Primalists will take our destiny to our own hands—we will never submit.

The Primalist philosophy can be made clearer by listing all the things that we stand against. We are opposed to:

  • Any social or cultural force that attempt to limit our freedom, oppress our masculine nature, or turn us into slaves for governments and corporations.
  • Modern technology that infects our societies and does everything it can to undermine human existence and that of Nature.
  • The abuse of the elites of our society who use the System to control us and exploit us for their own benefit. This also includes institutions and social bodies such as the banking systems, military-industrial complex, and entire nation states.
  • The destruction of our environment caused by the ravenous hunger for food and resources as well as the gross perversion of Nature’s equilibrium with explosive human population growth.

Important to note is that Primalism is an ideology unlike any other seen before in human history. We are beyond the petty bickering between the so-called Left and the Right. We don’t waste time crossing our fingers in hopes that some politician will magically make the world a better place by navigating through the democratic mumbo-jumbo. We are not dreamers who want to resurrect the dead past or create some impossible technological utopia. We are going to be real and practical.

The information that I have listed here so far has been very general for Primalism is still a new ideology. As the movement grows, so will its sophistication. But I will tell you now that we will be formless and adaptive. Our core philosophy will remain unchanged, but we will take whatever form necessary to survive and thrive.

If you want to learn more about the ideas behind Primalism, read the manifesto here.

2 thoughts on “What is Primalism?

  1. I will raise only one issue, about explosive population growth. I thought that was a myth, perpetuated by the likes of globalists (George Soros), to discourage Caucasians in Europe and America from reproducing at sustainable rate. Meanwhile, those of Middle Eastern or African descent are reproducing at rates that will make Caucasians a minority in the countries in which they were formerly a majority.

    The minority groups in Europe and America that are largely dependent on the system will continue to vote for the system that provides for them. Even though that system wants them to stay poor, and dependent on them, simply so they can continue to stay in power

    • Rivers are drying up, entire villages are being displaced, people die everyday from pollution, natural food sources are dwindling, the environment is being wrecked, and so on. Our population is already beyond sustainable capacity and we’re going to add few more billions in the next few decades. But if race is all you care about, I have nothing more to say to you.

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